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There are 61 books in this catalogue.
Allen:  Modern Railways International Review
Book Number: 3230
 London 1981. 1st edition.4to. 160pp. Illustrated in b/w. vg in vg. D/w.
Keywords: railways
Price: $12.00

Graves, Richard:  Speed Achievements: Land Sea and Air
Book Number: 7295
London. Bloomsbury. 1998. First. Edition. Square 4to. Hardcover. 208pp. Index. Colour & b/w photos. Fine. / Very good d/w.
Keywords: speed records automobiles cars land water boats planes air space shuttle
Price: $18.00

Cordell, Michael.; Photos by Peter Solness:  Red Express, The Greatest Rail Journey- From the Berlin Wall to the Great Wall of China
Book Number: 20955
Sydney. Simon and Schuster, 1990 4to. hardcover. colour photos. 255pp. index. very good/very good d/w.'
Keywords: trains rail journeys russia china travel photographs ussr soviet union
Price: $12.00

Drake, James. (publisher).:  Drake's Road Book of the Grand Junction Railway (1838)
Book Number: 22901
UK., Moorland Reprints, 1974. Small 8vo. hardcover. 147pp. + b/w plates, fold-out map, fold-out fares table, b/w illus. very good+. / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: Drake's Road Book Grand Junction Railway trains british english england britian
Price: $25.00

Sanders, Brooks:  A History Of The Future Of Trucking
Book Number: 23708
USA. Freightliner Corp. 1996 Oblong 4to. hardcover. 144pp. colour illus. very good+. / very good d/w.
Keywords: trucks trucking history transport
Price: $18.00

Green, Roger:  The Train (Small Oxford Books)
Book Number: 27178
Oxford University Press, 1982 8vo hardcover 112pp index, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Poetry Drama Criticism The Train (Small Oxford Books) Green Roger
Price: $8.00

Adam-Smith, Patsy:  Romance of Australian railways
Book Number: 38193
Adelaide Rigby 1976 4to hardcover 246pp b/w & colour illus. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: trains Transportation Railroads Romance Australian railways Adam Smith Patsy
Price: $12.00

Hudson, Jan:  The Sex and Savagery of Hell's Angels
Book Number: 38373
New English Library 1969 8vo. softcover. 127pp. good, page edges browned, bookseller stamp inside front cover, owner's stamps on title pages, light stain on cover.
Keywords: motorcycles gangs Hell's Angels
Price: $11.00

Marshall, John.:  The Severn Valley Railway.
Book Number: 38536
London: Thomas 1989 8vo. softcover. 223pp. index, b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: Severn Valley Railway trains
Price: $8.00

Blake, Les:  Covered Wagons in Australia
Book Number: 42979
Rigby 1979 8vo. Hardcover in d/w, very good. 64pp. Illustrated thoughout with in-text b&w photo's. Through the pages of this bok roll the stage wagons, the Prairie schooners, the tabletops of the days when wool was king of the inland tracks, the German wagons and cheesecutters of the selectors, the camel wagons and the bumboats of the far north. Not just a book on Wagons, but on Wagon builders, Drivers, stockmen, boys with dogs, picturesque language, Pioneers of Australia moving large consignments over our vast continent.
Keywords: Wagons, but on Wagon builders, Drivers, stockmen, boys with dogs, picturesque language, Pioneers of Australia
Price: $22.00

Bacon, Roy:  Illustrated motorcycle Legends. Harley - Davidson
Book Number: 44853
PRC 1995 4to hardcover 96pp colour illus. very good+ / very good d/w.
Keywords: Illustrated motorcycle Legends Harley Davidson Bacon Roy
Price: $18.00

Posey, Sam:  Playing with Trains: A Passion Beyond Scale
Book Number: 48303
Random House September 7, 2004 8vo hardcover in d/w. 217pp near fine. Former sportswriter and Grand Prix racer Posey captures the obsession with model railroading in this joyful combination of memoir, cultural history and love letter. Those who owned electric trains as kids will delight in Posey's retelling of his early love of Lionel trains, as well as his recounting of such details as the fact that Pope Pius XII, "in full ecclesiastical garb, posed with Lionel equipment in the Vatican." After his loyalty switches to smaller HO-scale trains, which at first seem more economical for a set he wants to build for his young son, the author soon finds himself confronting the essential truth of HO life: "people with HO layouts rarely bought their accessories, they made them." Most of the book's first half recounts the construction of Posey's 16-year masterpiece, a recreation of the Colorado Midland Railway. The author's concise descriptions of his various models are enthralling and often funny, such as the model of his friend Paul Newman's impeccably clean Newman's Own food company headquarters; Posey playfully makes it into a harmful sewage polluter with lazy, card-playing workers, one of whom "looked suspiciously like Newman himself." The book's second half is equally absorbing, as Posey meets with, profiles and discusses model railroading with some of the nation's top modelers.
Keywords: model trains railroads Playing with Trains A Passion Beyond Scale Posey Sam
Price: $15.00

Austin, K. A:  A pictorial history of Cobb and Co: The coaching age in Australia, 1854-1924
Book Number: 49094
Adelaide Rigby 1977 Small 4to hardcover 219pp index, colour & b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Nonfiction Automotive Traffic Safety A pictorial history of Cobb and Co The coaching age in Australia 1854 1924 Austin K A
Price: $20.00

British Leyland Manual:  Midget Mark 1, 2 & 3 and Sprite Mark 2, 3 & 4 Workshop Manual
Book Number: 49944
Intereurope September 1971 4to softcover 122pp very good. Illustrated with diagrams and instructions. This Workshop Manual is a specially factory edited copy of the Original British Leyland Workshop Manual. All data and specifications for the Australian built Sprite and Midget are included.
Keywords: BLMC Midget/ Sprite Workshop Manual No Author
Price: $40.00

Moran, Joe:  On Roads. A hidden history
Book Number: 53764
Profile Books Ltd, 2010. 8vo. softcover. 312pp. index, b/w illus. Near Fine.
Keywords: roads british transport history
Price: $8.00

Thomas, David St John:  Railway Season
Book Number: 54070
Francis Lincoln Publishers, London 2011. 8vo. hardcover. 192pp. Colour drawings. Very good+, minor rubbing to bottom cover corners./ Fine d/w.
Keywords: trains railway
Price: $15.00

Garfield, Simon:  The Last Journey of William Huskisson
Book Number: 56722
Faber and Faber May 19, 2003 8vo softcover 244pp very good. How did the opening of the world's first passenger railyway turn from a glorious morning into a tragic afternoon? This book is an entertaining tale of ambition, genius, rivalry and legend, plotting the eight-year struggle to build a railway with a cast of engineers, politicians, actresses, surgeons, socialites and breathtaking machines. It is a loud and evocative snapshot of the times, but above all it is a human story of one man's shocking and very gory demise.
Keywords: history of technology railroads The Last Journey of William Huskisson Garfield Simon
Price: $8.00

De Fontgalland, Bernard:  The World Railway System
Book Number: 57058
Cambridge University Press, UK. 1980 8vo. hardcover. 314pp. index
Keywords: trains rail railways
Price: $10.00

Stringer, Michael:  Australian Horse Drawn Vehicles
Book Number: 57388
Rigby, Australia, 1980. Oblong 4to. hardcover. 280pp. index, b/w illus. Very good, light foxing to endpapers. / Very good d/w with small water mark on rear corner & some light creases to top rear edge.
Keywords: horses carts coach coaches transport australia australian
Price: $55.00

Colquhoun, Kate:  Mr Briggs' Hat - A Sensational Account of Britain's First Railway Murder
Book Number: 57433
Little, Brown 2011 Trade paperback. 339pp. On 9 July 1864, after an evening with relatives, Briggs caught a train. Little did he know he was travelling into history.
Price: $14.00

Quested, Andrew:  The Holden Racing Team
Book Number: 57484
Lothian, South Melbourne, 2003 4to. hardcover. 222pp. colour illus. Very good+. / Very good+ d/w.
Keywords: Holden Racing Team cars motor motoring
Price: $30.00

Ellery, Max - Vehicle Repair Manual:  Commodores 1978 - 1986 VB VC VH VK 6Cylinder & V8 Engines Repairs, Restorations, Bodywork, Electrical, Mechanical
Book Number: 57650
M R Ellert Publications 1997 4to. Softcover 420pp. Very good. Step-by-step photographic instructions.
Price: $15.00

McKillop, Robert F. (editor).:  Railfan's Handbook New South Wales.
Book Number: 58470
Australian Railway Historical Society, 1998 8vo. softcover. 80pp. b/w illus. Very good+.
Keywords: rail railways trains australia New South Wales
Price: $12.00

Emmerson, Andrew & Beard, Tony:  London's Secret Tubes : London's Wartime Citadels, Subways and Shelters uncovered
Book Number: 58563
Capital Transport, London 2004 4to. hardcover. 190pp. colour & b/w illus. Near Fine. / Near Fine d/w.
Keywords: london trains railway underground tunnels tube
Price: $30.00

Bartholomew, Ed & Blakemore, Michael:  Railways in Focus - Photographs from the National Railway Museum Collection
Book Number: 58569
Atlantic Publishers, Cornwall, United Kingdom, 1998. 
Keywords: trains rail railways england british britian steam locomotives
Price: $28.00

Chant, Christopher.:  The World's Railways. The History and Development of Rail Transport.
Book Number: 58573
Grange Books. UK. 2000 Oblong 4to. laminated boards, hardcover. 447pp. index, colour illus. Very good, owner's inscription on fep. Very heavy book extra post may apply.
Keywords: trains rail railways history
Price: $25.00

Waller, Peter:  From the Footplate: Eurostar ; A driver s eye view of the channel tunnel.
Book Number: 58614
Ian Allan Publishing, Shepperton, UK, 1998. 8vo. softcover. 112pp. b/w illus. Near Fine.
Keywords: trains railways euro tunnel channel rail tunnels
Price: $15.00

Oaks, John:  Sydney's Forgotten Military Railways
Book Number: 58615
Australian Railway Historical Society NSW Division 1997 8vo. stapled wraps. 30pp. b/w illus. Very good+.
Keywords: sydney rail trains military history
Price: $25.00

Robbins, Michael:  The Railway Age
Book Number: 58617
Mandolin, Manchester University Press, 1998. 8vo. softcover. 181pp. index. Very good.
Keywords: Railroads Railroads Locomotives Steam Engines
Price: $8.00

Manning, Ian:  The Open Street: Public Transport, Motor Cars & Politics In Australian Cities
Book Number: 58618
Transit Australia Publishing., Sydney, 1991. Large 8vo. softcover. 112pp. index, b/w illus. Very good.
Keywords: trains rail railways buses australia sydney melbourne trams
Price: $15.00

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