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Waite, Robert G. L.:  The Psychopatic God. Adolf Hitler
Book Number: 20510
New York: Basic Books, 1977. First edition. Large 8vo. hardcover. 482pp. index. = b/w plates, colour frontis. very good/very good d/w.
Keywords: Adolf Hitler germany nazi party waorld war two 2 second
Price: $15.00
Lutzer, Erwin W.:  Hitler's Cross : The Revealing Story of How the Cross of Christ Was Used As a Symbol of the Nazi Agenda
Book Number: 23801
Chicago, IL, U.S.A.: Moody Press, 1995 8vo. hardcover. 216pp. b/w illus. fine. / very good+ d/w.'
Keywords: Cross of Christ Was Used As a Symbol of the Nazi Agenda
Price: $15.00
Gallo, Max:  The Night of the Long Knives
Book Number: 26240
Souvenir Press 1973 8vo hardcover 310pp, b/w illus. good, tape marks on endpapers, / good, chipped d/w.
Keywords: Air Cage Wastberg Per
Price: $12.00
Jones, J. Sydney:  Hitler in Vienna, 1907-1913 : Clues to the Future
Book Number: 26385
New York Stein & March 1983 8vo hardcover 350pp index, b/w illus. very good / good, loose, clipped d/w. From The New York Review of Books: The liveliest of {the recent books on Hitler}, and the one that will probably have the greatest interest for the lay reader, is Sydney Jones's account of Hitler's years in Vienna from 1907 to 1913. It is almost as much a book about the city as one about the young man from the provinces whose artistic ambitions it rebuffed. . . . In creating a sense of the atmosphere of the Austriancapital and contrasting its intellectual excitement and hectic vitality with Hitler's drab and lonely existence, he helps us to understand how his first political ideas--his contempt for the Austrian empire, his pan-Germanism, his loathing of a working class that parroted Marxist slogans, and, above all, his belief that the Jews were the source of all evil--grew out of disappointments suffered and resentments accumulated in a city that must have seemed to him to be heartless, unappreciative of talent, and ultimately degenerate and corrupt.
Keywords: Biography Hitler in Vienna 1907 1913 Clues to the Future Jones J Sydney
Price: $12.00
Ailsby, Christopher.:  Waffen-SS : Hitler's black guard at war
Book Number: 30043
Gordon, N.S.W. Universal International 1997 4to hardcover 176pp index, colour & b/w illus. very good / good d/w with faded front edge & tears to top edge.
Keywords: Waffen SS History Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei Schutzstaffel History Germany History 1933 1945 Waffen SS Hitler's black guard at war Ailsby Christopher
Price: $18.00
Brook-Shepherd, Gordon:  Dollfuss
Book Number: 32325
Macmillan, London, 1961. 8vo. hardcover. 296pp. index, b/w plates. very good. / very good, lightly chipped d/w.
Keywords: nazi party hitler germany world war two second 2
Price: $25.00
Mollo, Andrew:  Pictorial Record of the SS 1923-1944
Book Number: 36903
Bonanza Crown Publishing Group 1979 4to hardcover 192pp index, b/w illus. very good / good d/w torn on top edge.
Keywords: Pictorial Record of the Ss 1923 1944 Mollo Andrew
Price: $12.00
Book Number: 41893
DENT 1979 8vo hardcover 317pp index, b/w illus. very good / good, rubbed d/w.
Keywords: world war two second nazi germany hitler BERLIN BUNKER O'DONNELL JAMES P
Price: $12.00
Kershaw, Ian:  Making Friends with Hitler: Lord Londonderry, the Nazis, and the Road to War
Book Number: 42324
Penguin Press, 2004 8vo hardcover 488pp index, b/w illus. very good+ / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: world two second history military war Hitler Lord Londonderry the Nazis and the Road to War Kershaw Ian
Price: $18.00
Ailsby, Christopher.:  The Third Reich. Day by Day
Book Number: 42588
Brown Partworks 2001 4to hardcover 192pp index b/w illus. very good+ / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: Nazi Germany History Hitler war Third Reich Ailsby Christopher
Price: $18.00

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