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There are 27 books in this catalogue.
Bonner, Elena:  Alone Together
Book Number: 4180
Collins London 1986 large 8vo. Hardcover. 270pp. Index. B/w plates. Vwery good condition, remainder "star" stamp bottom outside page edges. Very good d/w, with minor wear to top edge. The wife of Andrei Sakharov tells for the first time the harrowing story of their life in exile in the city of Gorky.
Keywords: Andrei Sakharov spies kgb soviet physicist nobel prize russia spy secret exile gorky
Price: $10.00

Heiss, L.:  Askania-Nova, Animal Paradise in Russia; Adventure of the Falz-Fein Family
Book Number: 4822
The Bodley Head London, 1970 8vo. Hardcover. 175pp. + b/w plates. Very good / good, chipped d/w.
Keywords: russia zoos zoology animals russian ussr soviet
Price: $8.00

Yeltsin, Boris; translated by Catherine A. Fitzpatrick:  Midnight Diaries
Book Number: 6370
London. Weidenfield & Nicholson. 2000 8vo. hardcover. 398pp. index. + b/w plates. fine. / near fine d/w.
Keywords: russia soviet union boris yeltsin kremlin
Price: $18.00

Tokaev, G. A.:  Comrade X
Book Number: 23611
London: The Harvill Press, 1956 8vo. hardcover. 370pp. index, 370pp. + b/w plates. very good foxing to endpapers, owner's details on fep. / fair d/w with insect eaten edges.
Keywords: russian history soviet union kremlin
Price: $15.00

Feifer, George:  Justice in Moscow
Book Number: 26287
London Bodley Head 1964. first edition 8vo. hardcover 353pp very good. / good d/w with insect eaten front edges, ' ' '
Keywords: Justice in Moscow russian history courts
Price: $10.00

Daniloff, Nicholas:  Two lives, one Russia
Book Number: 29211
Boston Houghton Mifflin 1988 8vo hardcover 307pp, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w. A detailed account of Daniloff's five-year search for his Russian heritage and arrest and imprisonment by the KGB in the fall of 1988.
Keywords: Daniloff Nicholas 1934 Journeys Russia (Federation) Moscow Soviet Union Komitet gosudarstvennoi bezopasnosti Journalist Two lives one Russia Daniloff Nicholas
Price: $12.00

Sakharov, Andrei D:  Sakharov Speaks
Book Number: 29229
London Collins : Harvill Press 1974 8vo hardcover 245pp. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Soviet Union Sakharov Speaks Sakharov Andrei D
Price: $12.00

Ebon, Martin.:  The Andropov file : the life and ideas of Yuri V. Andropov, general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Book Number: 29748
New York McGraw-Hill 1983 8vo hardcover 284pp index. very good / very good d/w. Bibliography: p. 279-280.
Keywords: Andropov IU V (IUrii Vladimirovich) 1914 1984 Heads of state Soviet Union Biography Soviet Union Politics and governmen The Andropov file the life and ideas of Yuri V Andropov general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Ebon
Price: $10.00

Portisch, Hugo:  I Saw Siberia
Book Number: 32487
London Harrap 1972 8vo hardcover 210pp, b/w illus. good, fep clipped / very good d/w. Translation of So sah ich Sibirien.
Keywords: Siberia (Russia) Description and travel I Saw Siberia Portisch Hugo
Price: $12.00

Borodin, N.M.:  One Man in His Time
Book Number: 32693
London: Constable, 1955. 8vo. hardcover. 344pp. very good, light foxing. / good d/w.
Keywords: soviet union scientists russia science
Price: $15.00

Wasilewska, Eugenia:  The Silver Madonna - The Odyssey of Eugenia Wasilewska
Book Number: 39318
George Allen & Unwin 1970 First Edition 8vo. Hardcover with d/w both very good. Maps on end pages. 216pp. dispossessed by Russian's at age seventeen, the author was then sent to Siberia for slave labour. She escaped through the Russo-German battlefields.
Keywords: Siberia Slavery, Russia, World War,
Price: $18.00

Katkov, George:  Russia 1917. The February Revolution
Book Number: 40069
Longmans 1967 8vo. hardcover. 489pp. index, b/w illus. very good. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Russia 1917 February Revolution russian history
Price: $15.00

Radzinsky, Edvard:  Rasputin: The Last Word
Book Number: 40765
Allen & Unwin 2000 8vo hardcover 524pp index, b/w illus. very good+. / Good+ d/w creased on top edge with smal tears at top of spine. Grigory Efimovich Rasputin, Russian peasant, monk and mystic, exercised extraordinary and malign power over the last Tsar and Tsarina of Russia and their haemophiliac son. His drunkenness, sexual excesses and nepotism - not to mention rumours that he was a German agent - led to his murder by a group of noblemen in December 1916. Mad monk or mystic, sham or shaman, few figures from contemporary history have captured the imagination like Rasputin. The enormous influence that this half-literate priest exerted over Tsarina Alexandra is one of history's great enigmas; one which the author of this text sets out to unravel. Edvard Radzinsky gained access to a range of hitherto undiscovered material, in particular the proceedings of a Russian government investigation in 1917 which includes a wealth of interviews with people who had dealings with Rasputin. His murder is described from a new angel, re-examining the various conspiracy theories and describing the moments leading up to the murder against the backdrop of pre-Revolution Bacchanalia in the imperial city. nnAbout the AuthornEdvard Radzinsky, is after Chekhov, Russia's most frequently staged playwright, and his plays have won him international acclaim. A trained historian, Radzinsky spent twenty-five years on research and writing his life of Nicholas II, THE LAST TSAR, which was an international bestseller. His most recent book is a life of Stalin. He is also known in Russia for his work in television, having twice won the TEFI award, most recently for his series on Napoleon.
Keywords: Biography Rasputin The Last Word Radzinsky Edvard
Price: $12.00

Bailey F. M.:  Mission to Tashkent
Book Number: 40936
Folio Society 8vo. hardcover. illustrated paper covered boards with cloth spine. 269pp. index, b/w illus. fine. / very good slipcase.
Keywords: russia china soldiers military
Price: $18.00

Payne, Robert:  Ivan the Terrible
Book Number: 41181
Crowell 1975 8vo hardcover 502pp index, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w with small tear top front edge. This definitive biography offers abundant details on the life of Russian Czar Ivan IV, including his violent moodswings and his callous cruelty.
Keywords: russian tzarist history Ivan the Terrible Payne Robert
Price: $12.00

Lucas, Edward:  The New Cold War: How the Kremlin Menaces Both Russia and the West
Book Number: 43381
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC February 4, 2008 8vo softcover 352pp very good. Putin's Russia silences its critics and bullies its neighbours. The murders of Journalists have sent a grim warning to others who might challenge the regime. The Kremlin uses energy blockades, trade sanctions, cyber-attacks, riots and Soviet-style disinformation against the countries for the former Soviet empire that try to resist its growing influence. It has threatened to target its nuclear missiles on America's allies in Eastern Europe and resumed regular intrusions into NATO airspace. Kremlin companies are stitching up Europe's gas market, striking separate deals with individual countries. it is not only playing divide and rule in Europe, but also sidelining America, its most formidable opponent in the last Cold War.
Keywords: The New Cold War How the Kremlin Menaces Both Russia and the West Lucas Edward
Price: $15.00

Bailey F. M.:  Mission to Tashkent
Book Number: 43808
Folio Society 8vo. hardcover. illustrated paper covered boards with cloth spine. 269pp. index, b/w illus. Very Good+
Keywords: russia china soldiers military
Price: $15.00

Patneaude, Bertrand M.:  Stalin's Nemesis: The Exile and Murder of Leon Trotsky
Book Number: 48617
Faber 2009 8vo. hardcover. 340pp. index, b/w illus. Very good, spine slightly slanted. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Stalin Murder Leon Trotsky rusia russian history soviet
Price: $22.00

Poolman, Jeremy:  The Road of Bones: A Journey to the Dark Heart of Russia
Book Number: 54072
Simon & Schuster, 2011. 8vo. hardcover. 342pp. Near Fine. / Near Fine d/w. The Road of Bones is the story of Russia's greatest road. For over 200 years, the route of the Vladimirka Road has been at the centre of the nation's history
Keywords: Vladimirka Road russia history
Price: $12.00

Sutherland, Christine:  The Princess of Siberia: The Story of Maria Volkonsky and the Decembrist Exiles
Book Number: 54315
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, New York 1984 8vo Hardcover in d/w. 250pp near fine. After their husbands were exiled to Siberia, she and the other exiles' wives protected their men from the harsh prison authorities, and arranged for the dispatch of maney, clothing and medicines. Maria was admired for her work in the community, and built the first theatre in Siberia. She was immortalised by Alexander Pushkin.
Keywords: Careers The Princess of Siberia The Story of Maria Volkonsky and the Decembrist Exiles Sutherland Christine
Price: $15.00

Rounding, Virginia:  Catherine The Great: Love, Sex, And Power
Book Number: 56114
St. Martins Press, New York 2006 8vo. hardcover. 566pp. index, colour illus. Very good, remainder dot on bottom edge. / Very good+ d/w.
Keywords: russian history royal family royalty catherine the great
Price: $15.00

Figes, Orlando:  Just Send Me Word: A True Story of Love and Survival in the Gulag
Book Number: 56112
Allen Lane, London 2012 8vo. hardcover. 334pp. colour ilus. Fine. / Near Fine d/w.
Keywords: russian russia soviet union history gulag prison camp
Price: $15.00

Anatoly Marchenko:  My Testimony - The first detailed report on Soviet prison camps today
Book Number: 58411
Penguin 1971 8vo. Softcover. 430pp. Provides a detailed account of both his time in labour camps and prison, as well as a wide-ranging look at conditions there.
Price: $8.00

Mowat, Farley:  Sibir; My Discovery of Siberia
Book Number: 58523
McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1970. 8vo. hardcover. 313pp. index, endpaper maps. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Keywords: siberia russia travel
Price: $25.00

Dimbleby, Jonathan:  Russia. A Journey to the Heart of a Land and its People
Book Number: 61874
BBC Books 2008. 8vo. softcover. 564pp. index, colour illus. Very good.
Keywords: russia russian history
Price: $18.00

Yutang, LIn:  The Secret Name: The Soviet Record 1917-1958
Book Number: 62402
Heinemann, London, 1959. 8vo. hardcover. 234pp. index. Very good, Very good d/w.
Keywords: russia communism
Price: $12.00

Sullivan, Rosemary:  Stalin's Daughter: The Extraordinary and Tumultuous Life of Svetlana Alliluyeva
Book Number: 65029
Fourth Estate, London, 2015. 8vo. softcover. 741pp. index, b/w illus. Very good.
Keywords: russian history biography
Price: $15.00