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Stroud, Robert, The Birdman of Alcatraz:  Diseases of Canaries.
Book Number: 5016
Neptune City. T.F.H. 1933. Ist edn. 8vo. Hardcover. Pictorial paper covered boards. 239pp. Index. B/w diag. Very good condition. No d/w.
Keywords: The Birdman of Alcatraz canaries diseases birds
Price: $18.00

Graham, Frank & Ayres, Christopher:  Gulls: a Social History
Book Number: 5026
New York: Random House 1975 First Edition. Square 8vo. Hard Cover. 179pp. B/w illus. Index. Very good / good= d/w with two small tears.
Keywords: birds seagulls gulls
Price: $12.00

Breeden & Slater:  Birds of Australia
Book Number: 23712
Sydney, Angus and Robertson 1984 Revised edition 4to. hardcover. 144pp. index, colour & b/w illus. very good. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Birds of Australian
Price: $25.00

Simpson, Ken:  Birds in Bass Strait
Book Number: 26872
Sydney Reed for B.H.P. 1972 4to hardcover 112pp index, colour & b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Birds Bass Strait Sea birds Broken Hill Proprietary Company Birds in Bass Strait Simpson Ken
Price: $8.00

Schurmann, Tedd:  Australian Bird-watcher's Diary
Book Number: 31294
Rigby 1984 4to hardcover 97pp index, colour illus. very good, foxing to endpapers / very good d/w.
Keywords: Australian Bird watcher's Diary Schurmann Tedd
Price: $12.00

Chisholm, Alec H.:  Fairy Wrens
Book Number: 45651
Cheshire, Melbourne, 1948 8vo. illustrated wraps. 38pp. b/w illus, One colour plates. Very good, a few small tears to cover edges.
Keywords: Fairy Wrens australian birds
Price: $12.00

Pizzey,Graham (ed.):  Graham Pizzey introduces stories of Australian birds
Book Number: 36797
South Yarra, Vic. Distributed by Gordon & Gotch 1983 8vo hardcover 218pp, b/w illus. very good, owner's inscription on fep. / very good d/w. Bibliography: p. 216-218.
Keywords: Science Biological Sciences Zoology Graham Pizzey introduces stories of Australian birds Pizzey Graham (ed )
Price: $12.00

Wilford, Judy:  A burble of birds
Book Number: 37958
J. Wilford, Armidale, N.S.W. 1992 Small 4to. hardcover. colour illus. very good+. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Passeriformes Australian birds
Price: $10.00

Gould, John:  John Gould's Birds of Great Britain
Book Number: 38125
Bloomsbury, London, 1988 Large 4to. hardcover. 239pp. index, colour illus. very good. /very good d/w chipped at bottom of spine.
Keywords: Birds Great Britain england ireland scotland
Price: $55.00

De Ross, Les:  Keeping aviary birds in Australia
Book Number: 39403
Lansdowne 1979 8vo hardcover 96pp index, b/w illus. very good, good d/w. Includes Aviary Plans and designs.
Keywords: Keeping aviary birds in Australia De Ross Les
Price: $8.00

Pollard, Jack (ed.):  Birds Of Paradox.
Book Number: 42595
Melbourne: Landsdowne, 1967. Small 4to hardcover 246pp b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Birds Of Paradox australian
Price: $15.00

Shephard, Mark:  Aviculture in Australia: Keeping and Breeding Aviary Birds
Book Number: 42703
Reed 1994 Small 4to. hardcover. 380pp. index, colour & b/w illus. very good. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Breeding Aviary Birds australia
Price: $25.00

Audubon, John James with Foreword & Notes by Alice Ford:  The 1826 Journal of John James Audubon
Book Number: 46852
University of Oklahoma Press, 1965 8vo. softcover. 409pp. index, b/w illus. Very good, book has slight bend.
Keywords: natural history birds art drawings
Price: $14.00

Adams, George Martin:  Foliage Birds Australian Birds and Their Favoured Plants
Book Number: 51088
Frenchs Forest N.S.W.: Popular Books, 1984, Folio. laminated boards, hardcover. index, colour & b/w illus. very good, cover edges faded.
Keywords: Foliage Birds Australian Birds Favoured Plants
Price: $14.00

Obmascik, Mark:  Big Year - The Extraordinary Story of the Greatest Bird-Watching Competition of all Time.
Book Number: 54827
Bantam February 1, 2005 8vo softcover 309pp very good. In one of the wackiest competitions around, every year hundreds of obsessed bird watchers participate in a contest known as the North American Big Year. Hoping to be the one to spot the most species during the course of the year, each birder spends 365 days racing around the continental U.S. and Canada compiling lists of birds, all for the glory of being recognized by the American Birding Association as the Big Year birding champion of North America. In this entertaining book, Obmascik, a journalist with the Denver Post, tells the stories of the three top contenders in the 1998 American Big Year: a wisecracking industrial roofing contractor from New Jersey who aims to break his previous record and win for a second time; a suave corporate chief executive from Colorado; and a 225-pound nuclear power plant software engineer from Maryland. Obmascik bases his story on post-competition interviews but writes so well that it sounds as if he had been there every step of the way.
Keywords: Nature/Ecology Big Year Obmascik Mark
Price: $8.00

Forshaw, Joseph M. and William T. Cooper (Illustrations):  Parrots of the World
Book Number: 56369
Melbourne: Lansdowne, 198. Revised 2nd edition Folio. hardcover. 616pp. index, colour & b/w illus, b/w maps. very good+ / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: Melbourne: Lansdowne, 1981
Price: $325.00

Dodwell, G. T.:  The Complete Book of Canaries
Book Number: 55942
Merehurst, London, 1986. 4to. hardcover. 144pp. colour illus. Very good. / Good+ d/w chipped at top of spine.
Keywords: Canaries canary birds
Price: $8.00

Slater, Peter:  A Field Guide to Australian Birds. Non Passerines
Book Number: 57805
Adelaide Rigby 1983 8vo hardcover 428pp index, colour & b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Birds Australia Birds A Field Guide to Australian Birds Slater Peter
Price: $18.00

Immelmann, Klaus, Illustrated by Neville W Cayley:  Australian Finches in Bush and Aviary
Book Number: 58492
Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1965 8vo. hardcover. 216pp. index. colour & b/w illus. very good. / Very good, lightly chipped d/w.
Keywords: Australian Finches in Bush and Aviary
Price: $20.00

Forshaw, Joseph M.:  Australian Parrots
Book Number: 58590
Melbourne: Lansdowne, 1969 Folio. hardcover. 306pp. index, tipped-in collour plates. very good+. / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: birds parrots australia
Price: $150.00

Christian, Michael Stuart:  Budgerigars. a Complete Guide for Breeders and Fanciers.
Book Number: 59850
Viking O'Neil, Australia 1989 4to. hardcover. 138pp. index, colour & b/w illus. Very good+. / Very good+ d/w.
Keywords: Budgerigars birds breeding keeping
Price: $18.00

Tudge, Colin:  Consider the Birds: Who They Are and What They Do
Book Number: 61555
Allen Lane, London, 2008. 8vo. hardcover. 482pp. b/w illus. Very good+. / Very good+ d/w.
Keywords: birds
Price: $22.00

Garnett, Stephen T. and Garbiel M. Crowley:  The Action Plan for Australian Birds 2000
Book Number: 61646
National Heritage Trust 2000 4to. Softcover. 673pp. Very good. A resource for catchment boards, Landcare, Conservation and other community groups, local government, schools and landholders to use for future conservation and re-vegetation projects in their area. In doing so, they will contribute to the national effort to ensure the survival of native birds and their habitat.
Price: $25.00

Dengate, John:  Attracting Birds To Your Garden In Australia
Book Number: 62001
New Holland, Sydney, 1997. 4to. hardcover. 208pp. index, colour illus. Near Fine. / Very good d/w.
Keywords: brids australia native garden gardening ploants
Price: $16.00

Perry, Philip:  Birds Of Australia
Book Number: 62143
Colour Library Books, Godalming, 1991. Folio. hardcover. 156pp. index, colour illus. Near Fine. / Very good d/w.
Keywords: australian birds
Price: $20.00

Rutgers, A.:  The care and breeding of budgerigars
Book Number: 62379
Blandford Press.,London 1958. 8vo. hardcover. 220pp. b/w illus, colour plates. Good, cover edges faded. / Poor, torn d/w.
Keywords: budgerigars birds breeding
Price: $15.00

Simpson, Ken. & Nicolas Day,:  The Birds of Australia: A Book of Identification 758 Birds in Colour
Book Number: 62841
Lloyd O'Neil, South Yarra, Vic, 1984. 4to. hardcover. 352pp. colour illus. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Keywords: inedtifying birds australian native
Price: $25.00

Goodsir, Don. Illustrated by Oliver, Tony; Oram, Nicola:  Fascinating Australian Birds
Book Number: 63048
Brolga, Melbourne, 2008. 8vo. softcover. 139pp. index, colour illus. Near Fine.
Keywords: birds australia
Price: $18.00

Low, Rosemary:  Lories and Lorikeets: The Brush-Tongued Parrots
Book Number: 64082
Inkata Press, Melbourne, 1978. Large 8vo. hardcover. 180pp. index, colour ilus. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Keywords: australian birds pets raising
Price: $15.00

Skemp, John Rowland:  My Birds
Book Number: 64095
C.L.Richmond & Sons, Devonport, N.D. 1970. 8vo. hardcover. 96pp. b/w illus. Very good, foxing to endpapers. / Very good d/w.
Keywords: tasmania australian birds
Price: $18.00

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