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Gresham, W. R.:  Speak Up With Confidence
Book Number: 23833
Sydney, Murray, 1964. 8vo. hardcover. 83pp. near fine. / very good, faded d/w.
Keywords: public speaking
Price: $8.00

Konopka, Gisela:  Social Group Work: A Helping Process
Book Number: 33187
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Prentice Hall College Div 1983 8vo laminated boards, hardcover 236pp index. very good, pen mark on fep.
Keywords: Social group work Social Group Work A Helping Process Konopka Gisela
Price: $15.00

Ford, Betty:  Healing and Hope: Six Women from the Betty Ford Center Share Their Powerful Journeys of Addiction and Recovery
Book Number: 33488
New York G. P. Putnam's Sons 2003 8vo hardcover 275pp. fine / near fine d/w. Healing and Hope is a book for anyone struggling with addiction or who knows someone who is. It chronicles the experiences of survivors, women who have fought to reclaim their lives and break free of the addictions that have held them prisoner for so long.
Keywords: Biographies Memoirs Specific Groups Women Healing and Hope Six Women from the Betty Ford Center Share Their Powerful Journeys of Addiction and Recovery Ford Betty
Price: $18.00

Beaumont, J. Graham (edited by):  Brainpower : unlock the power of your mind
Book Number: 33610
Surrey Hills, N.S.W. RD Press 1990 4to hardcover 256pp index, colour & b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Intellect Perception Brain Popular works Brainpower unlock the power of your mind Beaumont J Graham (edited by)
Price: $12.00

No Author:  From the Heart of a Gentle Brother
Book Number: 35719
High Mesa Press 1987 8vo softcover 191pp. very good, date written in pen on fep. Bartholomew will inspire you to love to the best of your heart's ability, to be accepting of all parts of your life, and to remember that there is a Power that exists, without question, and it helps to guide your life.--This text refers to the nnnnPaperbacknedition.
Keywords: Religion Spirituality New Age Self Help From the Heart of a Gentle Brother No Author
Price: $8.00

Worwood, Valerie Ann:  Aromantics
Book Number: 35728
Macmillan 1987 8vo softcover 176pp index, illus. very good. A companion volume to 'The Fragrant Pharmacy', this book explains the use of essential oils for an enhanced love life, as well as being an aid to relaxation and general well-being.
Keywords: Aromantics Worwood Valerie Ann
Price: $14.00

Finley, Guy:  Intimate Enemy
Book Number: 37144
St. Paul, Minn. Llewellyn Publications 1997 8vo softcover 233pp very good, Book covered in clear adhesive plastic. The enemy behind your life problems is not who, or what, you think. It does not live outside of you, but dwells within your own present mind. nnWithout your knowledge, invisible psychological characters inhabit your inner being and make choices for you - choices that work against your real life interests. Applying this book's Higher Principles to your life helps you to expose and dismiss these self-compromising characters and reveals the Truth about who you really are. The freedom you've longed for follows. You'll learn to align yourself with Life's secret direction, which invites the greatest power in the Universe to take your side. nnWelcome to the most extraordinary adventure of your life. You are about to meet and defeat the intimate enemy. Victory is guaranteed!
Keywords: Business Investing Careers Intimate Enemy Finley Guy
Price: $8.00

Lewis, David:  How to Master Your Memory
Book Number: 37347
Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, Texas, 1962. 8vo. hardcover. 174pp. b/w illus. very good. / poor, chipped & torn d/w.
Keywords: memory improve improving
Price: $15.00

Rushkoff, Douglas:  Playing the Future: How Kids' Culture Can Teach Us to Thrive in an Age of Chaos
Book Number: 37993
New York Harpercollins 1996 8vo hardcover 279pp index. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Health Mind Body Relationships technology
Price: $15.00

Robert Bitzer:  Collected Essays of Robert Bitzer
Book Number: 38854
DeVorss - Mentors of New Thought Series 8vo. Very good. Paperback 186pp. Many short essays on Metaphysics. Essays include Control Thought, Principles never change, but your experiences do. Keep Growing, Each Idea hs its time, Make up your Mind. It is your Reward. You Create your world.
Keywords: Control Thought, Principles never change, but your experiences do. Keep Growing, Each Idea hs its time, Make up your Mind. It is your Reward. You Create your world.
Price: $25.00

Cleary, Dianne:  Perfect People
Book Number: 39688
Glass House Press 2004 8vo. Softcover. 268pp. Very good. In it, Dianne goes behind the spin doctors and publicity machines to track down over 100 of Australia’s most successful and famous people, and, through candid interviews, reveals some of their dreams, fears, imperfections, blunders and gaffs—all in the name of giving us advice on what comprises “success” in contemporary society.
Keywords: Ian Thorpe, Elle Macpherson, Alan Jones, Lisa McCune, Pat Rafter, Glenn Robbins, Richard Glover, Cathy Freeman, John Singleton, Phillip Adams.
Price: $12.00

Clarke, Ron:  The Measure of Success
Book Number: 39770
Lothian Books 2004 Trade paperback. Very good. 299pp. Illustrated with b&w photo's. In this intimate autobiography, Ron Clarke shares his inspriational journey from his formative family days and the highs and lows of his record breaking athletics career, through to his international business ventures and current philanthropic and community interestrs. He illustrates his personal formula for success and encourages readers to strive to achieve their best, both as individuals and as a community.
Keywords: business, self improvement, community.
Price: $12.00

Midson, Sandie:  Unfolding Spirit - Spirituality, Sexuality and Success.
Book Number: 45300
Sydney Enhanced Life Management 1997 8vo softcover 200pp very good.
Keywords: Unfolding spirit Midson Sandie
Price: $12.00

Anderson, Carolyn; Roske, Katharine:  The Co-Creator's Handbook: An Experiential Guide for Discovering Your Life's Purpose and Building a Co-creative Society
Book Number: 54585
Global Family, 2001. 4to. softcover. 275pp. Near Fine.
Keywords: psycology groups society
Price: $22.00

Book Number: 49892
P/B 1989 8vo softcover with d/w. 112pp very good. pages toned.
Price: $8.00

Sisson, C.:  Breath Intergration Made Easy - Rebirthing
Book Number: 50799
Not Specified 1987 8vo softcover 217pp near fine. Breath Interation Made Easy is your personal guide on the journey Home. the waking up to your True Self where you may discover, if you so choose, the hidden dimensions of your Powers and Abundance. It describes the process of connecting with your Power and Inner Greatness. Not power of domination and control over others, but power of your own consciousness.
Price: $8.00

Davies, Justine:  An Inconceivable Notion: Stories of Coping with Infertility and Childlessness
Book Number: 53631
Finch Publishing, Australia, 2010. 8vo. softcover. 214pp. Near Fine.
Keywords: Coping Infertility Childlessness
Price: $8.00

Sharma, Robin S.:  The Greatness Guide 2 - 101 Ways to Reach the Next Level
Book Number: 54170
Non Basic Stock Line November 30, 2008 8vo softcover 224pp very good.
Keywords: Business Economics / Management Science Greatness Sharma Robin S
Price: $10.00

Edited by Vallee, Martine.:  Great Shift, The: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond
Book Number: 54507
Weiser Books February 1, 2009 8vo softcover 256pp very good. highlighting in some chapters. Featuring Lee Carroll & Kryon, Tom Kenyon & The Hathors & Mary Magdalen, Cotricia Cori and The High Council of Sirius
Keywords: Sociology Great Shift The Co Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond Carroll Lee
Price: $16.00

Baron, Hyacinthe Kuller:  Seeking the Silent Stranger: Drawing Your Way into the Deeper Self
Book Number: 54736
Commune-a-Key March 1998 8vo softcover 175pp very good. Seeking The Silent Stranger is an individual approach to unlocking one's inner self through visualization and drawing.
Keywords: Charcoal drawing Seeking the Silent Stranger Drawing Your Way into the Deeper Self Baron Hyacinthe Kuller
Price: $12.00

Ozelsel, Michaela Dr. - Foreword by Annemarie Schimmel:  Forty Days - The Diary of a Traditional Solitary Sufi Retreat With an Accompanying Scientific Commentary
Book Number: 54929
Threshold Books 1996 8vo. Pictorial Laminated Boards. 224pp. Very good.
Keywords: sufism, psychology, Spirituality
Price: $15.00

Cowley, James:  I Need a Balance in My Life: Achieving the Dream of the 21st Century
Book Number: 56052
Richmond, Australia 2003 8vo softcover 224pp index. very good+. From the Publisher: This book provides a range of down to earth strategies for achieving a work-life balance that often seems so far out of reach for executives both stretched and stressed. it also provides valuable insights for the manager searching for ways to create a thriving but happy business environment.
Keywords: Business Life Achieving success
Price: $8.00

Hablitzel, William E. MD:  Dying was the Best Thing that ever Happened to Me - Stories of Healing and Wisdom Along Life's Journey
Book Number: 57309
Hachette 2007 8vo. Softcover. 237pp. Very good. These stories teach the secrets of a life filled with meaning, of wisdom and of extraordinary journeys. They are lessons that will benefit us all and teach us the power of living life in the moment.
Price: $8.00

Pilkington, J. Maya and The Diagram Group:  MIND OVER MATTER, Discover how your Mind can Overcome the Physical World
Book Number: 59408
Guild Publishing 1989 4to. hardcover in d/w. 160pp. Very good. Modern scientific discoveries and ancient knowledge will bring you into a new age of human capability. After using this book, you will never be the same again.
Price: $18.00

Chidvilasananda, Swami:  Enthusiasm
Book Number: 60388
Siddha Yoga Foundation, USA 1997 8vo. softcover. 220pp. index, colour frontis. Very good.
Keywords: Religion god Enthusiasm energy
Price: $12.00

Dass, Ram & Gorman, Paul:  How Can I Help ? Stories and reflections on service
Book Number: 61107
Alfred A. Knopf. New York 1987. 8vo. softcover. 243pp. Very good+.
Keywords: helping people
Price: $11.00

Paul, Anthea:  Girlosophy 2: The Love Survival Kit
Book Number: 61117
Allen & Unwin May 1, 2002 8vo softcover 264pp very good. A handbook on Love, Relationships and Spiritual Growth.
Keywords: love Girlosophy 2 The Love Survival Kit Paul Anthea
Price: $15.00

Griffin, Forrest:  Got Fight?: The 50 Zen Principles of Hand-To-Face Combat
Book Number: 61225
IT Books 2009. 8vo. softcover. 190pp. colour & b/w illus. Very good.
Keywords: fighting fight combat
Price: $14.00

Dyer, Dr. Wayne and Kristina Tracy:  I Am - Why Two Little Words Mean So Much
Book Number: 62270
Hay House 2012 Square 4to. Hardcover in d/w. Near fine. Dyer's Children's book, taken from Wishes Fulfilled teaches children that God's love can help them reach their potential.
Price: $15.00

Wilson, Elisabeth:  Goddess - Be the Woman you want to be
Book Number: 62323
Woodslane 2006 sq. 8vo. Softcover. 490pp. Very good. 149 Inspirational and practical ideas. Insider advice from over 30 expert authors. Quizzes throughout to help you on your way.
Price: $15.00

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