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Williams, Maslyn:  Dubu A Novel of New Guinean Conquest
Book Number: 25170
New York William Morrow & Co. 1971 8vo. hardcover. 253pp. very good. / very good d/w.'
Keywords: Novel of papua New Guinean Conquest fiction
Price: $15.00

Ludwig, Myles Eric:  Golem
Book Number: 25171
1969 Weybright & Talley 8vo. hardcover. 277pp. very good. / very good d/w with faded spine.'
Keywords: fiction novel jewish
Price: $8.00

Symons, Julian:  The Man Who Lost His Wife
Book Number: 25283
NY: Harper and Row: 1970 first edition 8vo hardcover 214pp very good / very good, slightly sunned d/w.
Price: $8.00

Cleary, Jon:  The faraway drums
Book Number: 25360
London Collins 1981 8vo hardcover 288pp very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: The faraway drums Cleary Jon
Price: $8.00

Lund, Robert:  Daishi-San
Book Number: 25992
London, Cassell, 1962. first UK edition. 8vo. hardcvoer. 350pp. very good. / good, clipped d/w. '
Keywords: fiction novel historical
Price: $18.00

Wolfe, Michael:  The Two-Star Pigeon
Book Number: 27642
Harper & Row 1974 8vo hardcover 244pp. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: The Two Star Pigeon Wolfe Michael
Price: $8.00

Hanff, Helene:  Underfoot in Show Business
Book Number: 28048
Deutsch, 1980 8vo hardcover 182pp. very good, spine slightly slanted. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Underfoot in Show Business Hanff Helene
Price: $12.00

Rhodes, Richard:  Last Safari
Book Number: 30242
Deutsch 1980 8vo hardcover 349pp. very good, small owner's name on fep. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Last Safari Rhodes Richard
Price: $15.00

Dickens, Monica:  Flowers on the Grass
Book Number: 30448
London: Michael Joseph, 1949 8vo. hardcover. 304pp. very good, foxing to edges. / good d/w missing small piece top of spine.
Keywords: Dickens, Monica
Price: $8.00

Fullerton, Lady Georgiana:  Too Strange Not to Be True A tale
Book Number: 30716
Philadelphia: John Joseph McVey, 1910 8vo. maroon cloth hardcover. 476pp. b/w illus. very good, cover a little specked. / no d/w.
Keywords: fiction novel Fullerton, Lady Georgiana
Price: $28.00

Smith, Dodie:  The New Moon With the Old
Book Number: 31979
Heinemann London 1963. First edition. 8vo. hardcover. 374pp. very good, light foxing. / very good d/w.
Keywords: fiction novel hundred one dalmations
Price: $12.00

Reynolds, Bonnie Jones:  Truth About Unicorns
Book Number: 32488
Garnstone P 1974 8vo hardcover 370pp, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Truth About Unicorns Reynolds Bonnie Jones
Price: $10.00

Landery, Charles.:  Mr Smith Goes to Washington - The Novel of Frank Capras Columbia Picture
Book Number: 32846
London: J.M. Dent, 1940. 8vo. hardcover. 178pp. b/w illus. very good, light foxing to endpapers & outer edges. / good d/w with a few small tears & sunned spine.
Keywords: Mr Smith Goes to Washington - The Novel of Frank Capras Columbia Picture
Price: $65.00

Raymond, Ernest:  We, the Accused
Book Number: 37749
Cassell 1935. First edition. 8vo. blue cloth hardcover. good, spine slanted. / no d/w.
Keywords: fiction novel
Price: $12.00

Norfolk, Lawrence:  In the Shape of a Boar
Book Number: 38850
Weidenfeld & Nicholson 2000 Trade paperback. 322pp. Very good. A mesmerizing novel of Love and betrayal, of ancient myths and modern horrors, In the Shape of a Boar begins in the pre-dawn of history and reverberates through the darkest events of the twentieth century. First hunted in ancient Greece, the Boar of Kalydon returns three thousand years later in human guise. The modern hunt leads from 1930's Romania to wartime Greece anf finally to Paris in the 1970's where the secret of the hunt is exposed.
Keywords: Old Myths and modern Horrors
Price: $8.00

Dangor, Achmat:  Bitter Fruit: A Novel
Book Number: 41126
Black Cat March 10, 2004 First American Edition 8vo softcover 288pp very good. French flaps, rough page edges. Early in Dangor's embittered second novel about his native South Africa, aloof, independent 19-year-old Mikey comes to the realization that "history has a remembering process of its own, one that gives life to its imaginary monsters." This understanding of the past informs the thoughts and actions of the characters, which the author of Kafka's Curse explores in meticulous detail. Mikey's parents, Silas and Lydia Ali, are members of the black middle class in postapartheid South Africa. But when Silas, a lawyer for the Justice Department, encounters the white police lieutenant who raped his wife two decades before, old wounds open in his and Lydia's already strained marriage. Mikey discovers that he may be the product of his mother's violation and sets out to explore his familial roots, taking a type of "apartheid heritage route" that leads him to Silas's father's mosque. Here, he learns of his grandfather's own struggle with colonialism in India a generation earlier. Dangor's novel, a Man Booker Prize finalist, interrogates the forgiving attitude of people like Archbishop Tutu, and, as Silas puts it, "the namby-pambying of God's ferocious legions." In this environment, where even incestuous transgressions can be rationalized away, Mikey finds vengeance as a way to order the decayed social structures around him.
Keywords: man booker long list 2004 mightlike multiracial south africa torment Bitter Fruit A Novel Dangor Achmat
Price: $8.00

Banville, John:  The Sea
Book Number: 43166
Knopf 2006 8vo Hardcover in d/w. 208pp very good. Max Morden has reached a crossroads in his life, and is trying hard to deal with several disturbing things. A recent loss is still taking its toll on him, and a trauma in his past is similarly proving hard to deal with. He decides that he will return to a town on the coast at which he spent a memorable holiday when a boy. His memory of that time devolves on the charismatic Grace family, particularly the seductive twins Myles and Chloe. In a very short time, Max found himself drawn into a strange relationship with them, and pursuant events left their mark on him for the rest of his life. But will he be able to exorcise those memories of the past?
Keywords: booker prize irish literature contemporary fiction novel literary 2005 booker book novel books 2 read contemporary fiction good novel The Sea Banville John
Price: $8.00

Renault, Mary:  The King Must Die
Book Number: 43600
Longmans, Green & The Book society. 1958 8vo. hardcover. 373pp. very good. / no d/w.
Keywords: fiction novel greece crete athens
Price: $12.00

Book Number: 43856
PENGUIN 1974 8vo softcover 304pp very good. War Baby is a panoramic novel about English life in the last 35 years (from 1974).
Price: $6.00

Book Number: 44809
Minerva 1994 8vo softcover 292pp very good, page edges browned, crease on cover corner.
Keywords: THE END OF VANDALISM Drury Tom
Price: $8.00

Briscoe, Joanna:  Skin - The Beauty Myth Redefined
Book Number: 45320
Weidenfeld & Nicholson February 10, 1997 8vo softcover 288pp very good. Adele's career as an author of erotic novels is on the wane, as are her legendary looks. In an attempt to defy age, she retreats into a series of cosmetic surical procedures that, as her fear builds, become increasingly abusive and disturbing. After each operation, a layer of Adele's complex life is peeled away, exposing her most private passions and fears, until they young, brilliant girl is revealed, already sowing the seeds of her destiny.
Keywords: Skin Briscoe Joanna
Price: $8.00

Julavits, Heidi:  The Uses of Enchantment: A Novel
Book Number: 45865
Anchor January 8, 2008 8vo softcover 368pp very good. On November 7, 1985, Mary Veal, 16, a not especially distinguished upper-middle-class girl, disappears from New England's Semmering Academy. A month later she reappears at Semmering, claiming amnesia, but hinting at abduction and ravishment.
Keywords: heidi julavits literary fiction psychological The Uses of Enchantment A Novel Julavits Heidi
Price: $6.00

Cunningham, Sophie:  Geography
Book Number: 47828
Text Publishing January 1, 2004 8vo softcover 208pp very good. An evocation of a woman losing herself to the idea of love. It will remind you how easy it is to cross the line and how hard it can be to get back.
Keywords: Geography Cunningham Sophie
Price: $5.00

Christensen, Lars Saabye:  The Model
Book Number: 48677
Arcadia Books June 2, 2007 8vo softcover 329pp very good. The painter Peter Wihl - a celebrated success early in his career - is about to turn fifty. The prospect is stifling his creativity and jeopardising his preparations for major new exhibition intended to revive his reputation. In a cruel twist of fate, he discovers that he has an incurable eye condition and will be blind in six months.
Keywords: norwegian The Model Christensen Lars Saabye
Price: $12.00

Williamson, Henry:  Young Phillip Maddison (Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, Vol 3)
Book Number: 49013
Alan Sutton Publishing, 1997. 8vo. softcover. 416pp. Very good.
Keywords: Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight
Price: $12.00

Murkoff, Bruce:  Waterborne
Book Number: 49200
VINTAGE January 1, 2005 8vo softcover 416pp very good. From various directions three lives converge on Boulder City and the Boulder Dam, the most ambitious engineering project of its day and a beacon of hope for and America crippled by the Great Depression.
Keywords: Waterborne Murkoff Bruce
Price: $6.00

Brett, Lily:  You Gotta Have Balls
Book Number: 49905
Picador October 1, 2005 8vo softcover 304pp very good. Ruth Rothwax, the heroine of Lily Brett's Too Many Men, is back. The proprietor of a successful letter-writing business, Ruth has just branched out into a new greeting-card line. But it's not easy. Her father, Edek, is driving her crazy at the office. And the very people she thought would be most supportive -- other women -- are not. Instead of acting in one another's best interests, the women are catty and competitive, behaviors Ruth swears that she will never imitate. Until she meets the one woman who turns her aspirations of sisterly solidarity -- and her life -- upside down. Fresh off the plane from Poland, Zofia is a buxom, sixty-something femme fatale with a talent for making balls. Meatballs, that is. When Edek asks his savvy daughter to fund his friend Zofia's restaurant, how can Ruth say no? But Ruth knows that gleam in Zofia's eye, and it means trouble is on the way for all of them. An unforgettable, heartwarming story of embracing life, You Gotta Have Balls is a funny, moving triumph from the highly inventive Lily Brett.
Keywords: You Gotta Have Balls Brett Lily
Price: $12.00

Endicott, Marina:  Good to a Fault
Book Number: 50090
Allen & Unwin 2009 8vo. Softcover. French flaps. 440pp. When Clara Purdy takes a dreamy turn in her car and ends up plowing into the lives of the Gage family, her low-impact, nine-to-five life in the suburbs is transformed into heady, noisy chaos.
Price: $10.00

Brown, Sandra:  Rainwater
Book Number: 50239
Simon & Schuster 20010 large 8vo. softcover. Fine.
Keywords: fiction novel trexas
Price: $8.00

Hegi, Ursula:  The Vision of Emma Blau : A Novel
Book Number: 50597
Touchstone January 16, 2001 8vo softcover 432pp near fine. Stefan Blau, flees Burgdorf in Germany and goes to America in search of the vision he has dreamed of. Hegi creates a fascinating picture of immigrants in America.
Keywords: germany family saga historical fiction new hampshire ursula hegi contemporary american fiction family sagas immigrant experience The Vision of Emma Blau A Novel Hegi Ursula
Price: $8.00

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