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There are 14 books in this catalogue.
Berger, A. J. & Bruning, Nancy:  Lady Luck's Companion
Book Number: 4363
Harper & Row, New York 1979 First Ed. 4to. 280pp. Index, b/w illus. How to play, how to bet, how to win. Very good / good chipped d/w.
Keywords: gambling lady lucky play bet win lotto racing beat odds blackjack bingo lotteries sports betting
Price: $12.00

Einstein, Charles:  How to win at blackjack : the Einstein system
Book Number: 25923
Galahad Books 1974 8vo hardcover 93pp very good / good d/w.
Keywords: Entertainment Games Gambling Blackjack How to win at blackjack the Einstein system Einstein Charles
Price: $8.00

Gros, Roger:  How to Win at Casino Gambling
Book Number: 31265
The Book Company 1996 Small 4to. softcover. 160pp. colour illus. very good.
Keywords: How to Win at Casino Gambling
Price: $8.00

Glenn, Jim:  Programmed Poker: The Inside System for Winning
Book Number: 42019
Galley Press 1981 8vo. hardcover. 159pp. very good. / very good d/w
Keywords: Programmed Poker System Winning cards gambling
Price: $14.00

Dickson, Roy Ward:  How To Win At Roulette And Blackjack
Book Number: 48093
Wolfe, London 1975 8vo. hardcover. 192pp. b/w illus. Very good. / Good+, chipped d/w.
Keywords: casino gambling winning cards Roulette Blackjack betting
Price: $30.00

Sachar, David:  Compulsive Gamblers the Tragic Results
Book Number: 50513
The Oracle Press, Qld January 1, 2000 8vo softcover 191pp very good. According to statistics up to 82% of Australians gamble. Of these 333,000 experience gambling problems and 140,000 are considered to be compulsive gamblers. Australia has the dubious distinction of having 10% of the world's gambling machines. A small town in New South Wales has a poker machine for every 30 people. This book brings to light many heart rending stories of compulsive gamblers who have lost their money, their business, their families and their self-esteem. They have lost all hope of reconstructing their lives and many of them have become a burden to society. This human tradgedy gnaws at every corner of the land. The author is greatly concerned about the growth and proliferation of gambling machines and devices and says the government has a lot to answer for. The amount of revenue it collects from the gambling industry is enormous. The author doubts that any radical measures will be implemented to end the misery inflicted on gamblers and their families. It is David Sachar's fervent hope that potential gamblers who read this book will seriously consider the consequences of gambling and not take the risk.
Keywords: Compulsive Gamblers the Tragic Results Sachar David
Price: $12.00

Flanagan, T.:  Play the Horses and Win ! - The Inside Track on Betting
Book Number: 51175
Coles Publishing 1980 8vo. Softcover. 100pp. Good+. Contents includes, Form and the Past Performances, Date Month Year and Number of Race, Track, Track Condition, Distance, Time Handicapping, Classifying Horses Correctly, The Start and the Running Positions, The Jockeys, Weight Carried, Betting the Favorite, Conditions, Mud Marks, Color Sex Age Pedigree, Breeder Owner Trainer, Record of Starts and Earnings, At the Paddock, The Warm Up,
Keywords: Form, Track, Distance, Handicap, Start and running positions
Price: $12.00

McNally, Brian:  How to Play Poker and Win: The "Late Night Poker" Guide
Book Number: 51847
Channel 4 Books October 20, 2000 8vo softcover 192pp very good. po name on ffl. "How to Play Poker and Win" is a handbook for all card players from the budding card shark eager to learn the game from scratch to the practised poker bandit keen to unlock the secrets of poker-playing legends. With this detailed guide you can glean tips and information on: reading your opponent - what you can tell from the way a player handles their cards; what to do and what not - the rules and etiquette of the poker table; how to spot a maniac and avoid tap city with a glossary of poker parlance; and where to play - all the best casinos in the U.K., Europe and the U.S. are listed.
Keywords: How to Play Poker and Win The
Price: $16.00

Pollard, Jack:  Australain Horse Racing. A Racegoers Companion to the Australian Turf.
Book Number: 52082
Angus & Robertson 1988 8vo hardcover 762pp index, b&w and colour intext illus. very good / poor d/w with half the spine missing. Hundreds of entries are devoted tothe outstanding horses of the Australian turf pas and present, and these include detailed race-by-race career records in the case of major champions. Entries on trainers, jockeys, owners, administators, the heroes and villains, the bookmakers, broadcasters, leviathan punters, and prominent racecourse identities.
Keywords: Australain Horse Racing A Racegoers Companion to the Australian Turf Pollard Jack
Price: $15.00

Braithwaite, Julie:  Switching Suits - The Year I Became a Poker Shark
Book Number: 57431
Harper Collins 2012 Trade paperback. 264pp. Near fine. Inscribed by author. Clinical psychologist and mother of two Julie Braithwaite has a Glock pistol pointed at her head during an armed hold-up in a poker bar. After stumbling across a late-night episode of Celebrity Poker some months earlier, Julie′s conventional, middle-class life has taken a dramatic turn.
Price: $8.00

Scarne, John:  Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker
Book Number: 59919
Fireside / Simon & Schuster 1980. 8vo. softcover. 307pp. index. Good+, page edges browned.
Keywords: poker playing gambling
Price: $15.00

Scharf, Dave:  Winning at Poker : Essential Hints and Tips
Book Number: 59920
Arcturus, London, 2006. 8vo. softcover. 256pp. b/w illus. Good+, stain on fep.
Keywords: poker playing gambling
Price: $12.00

Henry, Ros and Brian Phillips:  Creative Poker - A Comprehensive introduction to the game of poker plus expert advice for those who think they know it all but wouldn't bet on it....
Book Number: 61196
Pan 1985 8vo. Softcover. 187pp. Very good. The rules of poker are simple and anyone can very quickly pick up enough knowledge to sit in a game. Based on the authors experience running a poker schook, it clearly explains the basic starting requirements, how the game works, proceeds, the betting systems, choosing your games, infringements and penalties, terminology and how to run a small game school. Includes detailed descriptions of over 100 games with expert tactical advice, sound guidelines and mathematical tables for those who want to base their understanding of poker on the laws of probability.
Price: $8.00

Majax,Gerard:  Secrets of the Card Sharps
Book Number: 63237
Kaye & Ward, London, 1977. 8vo. hardcover. 156pp. index, b/w illus. Very good. / Good+ d/w with a few small tears.
Keywords: playing cards cheeting
Price: $25.00