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Golinkoff, Roberta Michnick:  How Babies Talk: The Magic and Mystery of Language in the First Three Years of Life
Book Number: 42650
Plume 2000 8vo softcover 256pp index. very good.
Keywords: child development infant development How Babies Talk The Magic and Mystery of Language in the First Three Years of Life Golinkoff Roberta Michnick
Price: $11.00
Ward, Sally:  BabyTalk
Book Number: 42662
Century 2000 4to softcover 307pp, b/w illus. very good. The ability to use language well is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. Helping them to communicate, to listen and to understand, establishes the foundation of all their future learning. BabyTalk is a revolutionary new program based on groundbreaking research by leading language therapist Dr. Sally Ward. After thirty years as a therapist, Dr. Ward has identified three factors directly responsible for the development of a child's ability to speak: background noise, the amount of time parents or caregivers spend talking to a child, and the way in which a parent speaks to a child. These three factors form the basis of the BabyTalk program which has had extremely positive results, results which have far exceeded Dr. Ward's expectations. The BabyTalk program takes just half an hour of playtime a day. It is simple, stress-free, and can be easily followed by any parent, caregiver or childcare professional. Best of all, it's a lot of fun!
Keywords: memoir facist hypocrite dysfunctional family personal finance book club finance dogs dog training scrap cloth BabyTalk Ward Sally
Price: $18.00
Sharkey, Ruth:  Fertile Fathers.
Book Number: 42718
Nerang. Qld, Ruth Sharkey, 2002 8vo. softcover. 202pp. index. very good.
Keywords: human reproduction babies pregnancy fathers
Price: $8.00
Elkind, David:  The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon
Book Number: 43632
Perseus Books January 21, 1988 8vo softcover 240pp very good. The Hurried Child dates from 1981 and was revised in 1988; now it appears in a third edition. The basic premise remains the same: parents have pushed their children emotionally and intellectually too far, too fast. Today's parents think of their kids as Superkids, so competent and so mature that they need adults very little. Why? Because parents, who are building careers, blending families, or struggling as single parents, have no time for child rearing. Having a competent Superkid relieves these parents of guilt, but it places too much stress on the children themselves. This new edition is fully revised, with new sections on peer-group parent pressure, i.e., the pressure parents feel to go along with the Superkid image out of fear that their own children will lag behind, and on organized sports, the Internet, and software for infants.
Keywords: business business development careers fund raising grants investments mba money non fiction small businesses The Hurried Child Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon Elkind David
Price: $10.00
Bailey, Jacqui:  Sex, Puberty and All That Stuff
Book Number: 45268
Franklin Watts Ltd August 12, 2004 4to. Pictorial Laminated Boards. 112pp very good. Po inscription on ffl. This comprehensive and inclusive guide is packed with useful information, presented in a way that teenagers will find user-friendly and appealing. The advice on a wide range of sensitive topics is sensible and non-patronising and the illustrations are streetwise. It has been checked by expert consultants.
Keywords: Sex Puberty and All That Stuff Bailey Jacqui
Price: $12.00
Berman, Annarosa:  Sex at 6pm: A Personal Journey Through IVF
Book Number: 48922
New Holland Publishers, 2006 8vo softcover 320pp very good. Sex at 6pm is an honest, heart-breaking and sometime humorous journal of the anxiety of fertility treatment. It is the true story of a 39 year old journalist who assumed that it was fine for women to start a family in their late 30s and early 40s, only to discover that having a baby on the dark side of 35 is far more difficult that she had imagined. A poignant and moving tale covering an increasingly growing concern for many of today's women.
Keywords: ivf babies fertility Sex at 6pm A Personal Journey Through Ivf Berman Annarosa
Price: $10.00
Balaskas, Janet:  Preparing for Birth with Yoga: Exercises for Pregnancy and Childbirth
Book Number: 49954
Element, London 1984 Small 4to. softcover. 224pp. index, b/w illus. Good+.
Keywords: Yoga Exercises Pregnancy Childbirth
Price: $15.00
Sykes, Shelley:  Callum's Cure - Includes DVD
Book Number: 50341
Beautiful Unlimited December 8, 2006 8vo softcover 272pp very good. Signed by Shelly. Illustrated with in-text photo's. This is an autobiographical inspirational story of magic and miracles despite life's set backs. This mum defies the odds of son born blind and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy after being involved in a car crash whilst pregnant. This phoenix rises out of the ashes of a broken marriage relationship, family feuds, financial ruin and still manages to create fun and laughter in a home for a boy that has to go through many surgeries and who now can see and run like his hero Forest Gump. It is a must read book for anyone feeling overwhelmed.
Keywords: Callum's Cure Sykes Shelley Cerebral Palsy
Price: $8.00
Lynn, George T with Joanne Barrie Lynn:  Genius - Nurturing the Spirit of the Wild, Odd and Oppositional Child - Revised Edition
Book Number: 52185
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2006 8vo. Softcover. 271pp. Underlining on some pages. Index. Genius! is an inspiring guide to nurturing the remarkable abilities of "attention different" (AD) children diagnosed with conditions such as autism, Asperger Syndrome, AD/HD, bipolar disorder, or Tourette Syndrome (TS). Drawing on their experiences with their own son, who has TS, George T. Lynn and Joanne Barrie Lynn offer a positive parenting philosophy and successful strategies for creating an affirmative social and emotional environment that unlocks the potential genius in 'neurologically eccentric' children. The authors emphasize the importance of identifying the signs of giftedness, providing the necessary care and mentoring, and using medication with due consideration of its benefits and limitations. They also acknowledge the need to confront the 'dark side' of atypical neurology - obsessiveness, self-centredness and hyperactivity - and offer helpful advice on ensuring parents' and carers' own emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. This book will be an essential tool for parents and carers to help bring out the best in their AD child and help him explore his full potential in life. This revised edition also includes additional material on working with older age groups.
Keywords: Attention Different, ADD. ADHD.
Price: $12.00
Stone, Stacie Cockrell; Julia:  Baby-proofing Your Marriage: How to Laugh More, Argue Less and Communicate Bette
Book Number: 52199
HarperCollins Publishers Canada, Limited 2007 8vo softcover 288pp very good. The Babyproofers are three women who wouldn't trade their roles as mothers for anything, and they love their husbands deeply. But after living through it and hearing the stories of hundreds of other couples, they know that with young children in the house, you need to block the stairs with baby gates, put plastic covers over the outlets, AND take the necessary steps to safeguard your marriage. Babyproofing Your Marriage is the warts-and-all truth about how having children can affect your relationship. The transition to parenthood can be a tough adjustment for any couple, but the good news is: you are not alone. Better yet, there are hundreds of simple but effective ways you can stay connected as husband and wife and still be good parents. The authors' evenhanded approach to both sides of the marital equation allows spouses to understand each other in a whole new way. With loads of humor, compassion, and practical advice, the Babyproofers will guide first-time parents and veterans alike around the rocky shores of the early parenting years.
Keywords: Marriage relationships Baby proofing Your Marriage How to Laugh More Argue Less and Communicate Bette Stone Stacie Cockrell Julia
Price: $8.00

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