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Robertson, Hamish (ed.):  Correspondents report: Despatches from ABC foreign correspondents, 1993-1994
Book Number: 36633
Sydney, NSW Australian Broadcasting Corp 1994 8vo softcover 202pp, b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: Reference Writing Journalism Correspondents report Despatches from ABC foreign correspondents 1993 1994 Robertson Hamish (ed )
Price: $12.00

Johnson, Rob:  Cash for Comment: The Culture of Journalism (Media.Culture Series)
Book Number: 37497
Annandale, N.S.W. Pluto Press Australia 2000 8vo softcover 286pp index. very good, owner's name on fep.
Keywords: Reference General Cash for Comment The Culture of Journalism (Media Culture Series) Johnson Rob
Price: $8.00

Stewart, Ian:  Ambushed: A War Reporter's Life on the Line
Book Number: 40459
ABC Books 2003 8vo softcover 308pp very good, cover creased.
Keywords: Ambushed A War Reporter's Life on the Line Stewart Ian
Price: $10.00

Kiernan, Ben (Editor):  Burchett Reporting the Other Side of the World, 1939-1983
Book Number: 41906
Quartet Books 1987 8vo hardcover 315pp index. very good+ / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: Burchett Reporting the Other Side of the World 1939 1983 Kiernan Ben (Editor)
Price: $12.00

Sims, Norman (editor):  The Literary Journalists
Book Number: 44876
Ballantine Books, New York, New York, U.S.A., 1984. 8vo. softcover. 340pp. good+, cover sunned, corner slightly bumped.
Keywords: reportage travel reporting jounalist
Price: $22.00

McNicoll, David.:  Luck’s a Fortune
Book Number: 45903
Wildcat Press 1979 8vo. hardcover. 314pp. index, b/w illus. Very good, foxing to endpapers & outer page edges, spine slanted. / Very good d/w. Signed by author.
Keywords: australian jounalist history
Price: $18.00

Dunn, Jancee:  But Enough About Me - From Eighties Geek to Rock 'n' Roll Chic - Adventures in Celebsville
Book Number: 46672
Headline 2006 8vo Trade paperback 312pp very good. This is Jancee's tale of how she landed her dream job at Rolling Stone magazine and was promptly ushered behind the velvet rope of Celebsville. Packed full of Celeb encounters.
Keywords: But Enough About Me Dunn Jancee
Price: $10.00

Simpson, John:  Unreliable Sources
Book Number: 50545
Macmillan 2010 8vo softcover 593pp index, b/w illus. very good+. One of the greatest reporters of his day writes a brilliant and typically opinionated account of how the British press has reported key moments in our history. Through many decades of groundbreaking journalism, John Simpson has become not only one of the most recognizable and trusted British personalities, but has transferred his skill to books with multiple bestselling success. With his new book he turns his eye to how Great Britain has been transformed by its free press down the years. He shows how, while the press likes to pretend it's independent, they have enjoyed the power they have over the events they report and have at times exercised it irresponsibly. He examines how it changed the world and changed itself over the course of the last hundred years, from the creation of the "Daily Mail" and the first stockings of anti-German sentiment in the years leading up to the First World War, to the "Sun's" propping up of the Thatcher government, and beyond. In this self-analysis from one of the pillars of modern journalism some searching questions are asked, including whether the press can ever be truly free and whether we would desire it to be so. Always incisive, brilliantly readable and never shy of controversy, "Reporting the Twentieth Century" sees John Simpson at the height of his game as one of Britain's foremost commentators.nnAbout the AuthornJohn Simpson is the BBC's World Affairs Editor. He has twice been the Royal Television Society's Journalist of the Year. He has also won three BAFTAs, including the Richard Dimbleby award in 1991 and the News and Current Affairs award in 2000 for his coverage, with the BBC News team, of the Kosovo conflict. He has written three volumes of autobiography, Strange Places, Questionable People, A Mad World, My Masters and News from No Man's Land, The Wars Against Saddam, Days from a Different World and, most recently, Not the End of the World.
Keywords: Unreliable Sources Simpson John
Price: $15.00

McDonald, Lachie:  Bylines: Memoirs of a war correspondent
Book Number: 52013
Kangaroo Press 1998 8vo softcover 304pp very good. B&w plates. Australia, Britain, Indonesia, Malaya, The Pacific, Indo-China, Korea, China, Japan. Against a broad sweep of history, McDonald provides anecdotes, both amusing and poignant, concerning the personalities at the centre of events and the extraordinary people who reported on them. Bylines is also a record of journalism during the era when the newspaper was still king, before television and satellites would forever change the nature of both newsgathering and presentation.
Keywords: Bylines Memoirs of a war correspondent McDonald Lachie
Price: $10.00

Yeoman, Louise:  Reportage Scotland: History in the Making
Book Number: 52148
Luath Press Limited 2000 8vo softcover 489pp index. very good. Over 150 vivid eyewitness accounts form the backbone of this eclectic collage covering nearly 2000 years of Scottish history. Historian Louise Yeoman's rummage through the wonderful manuscript, book, and newspaper archives of the National Library of Scotland has yielded an astonishing range of material, from a letter to the king of the Picts right up to the late 20th century opening of the new Scottish Parliament. The result is compelling reading and includes many accounts rarely seen or known of.
Keywords: History World Reportage Scotland History in the Making Yeoman Louise
Price: $10.00

MacCallum, Mungo:  Plankton's Luck - a Life in Retrospect
Book Number: 53044
Hutchinson of Australia 1986 8vo hardcover 269pp. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Careers Plankton's Luck a Life in Retrospect MacCallum Mungo
Price: $12.00

Hayward, Anthony:  In the Name of Justice - the Television Reporting of John Pilger
Book Number: 53077
Bloomsbury 2001 8vo softcover 320pp very good. Index. Illustrated with photo's. Justice and human struggle around the globe have been the recurring themes throughout John Pilger's 30 years of making television documentaries. This work examines the journalist and his long career on the small screen, one unparalleled by others outside regular current affairs programs.
Keywords: Books Entertainment Television In the Name of Justice the Television Reporting of John Pilger Hayward Anthony
Price: $12.00

Conley, David:  The Daily Miracle: An Introduction to Journalism
Book Number: 55565
Australia, Oxford University Press, 2004 Large 8vo softcover 376pp index. very good, book covered in clear adhesive plastic.
Keywords: Language Journalism writing
Price: $12.00

Pilger, John:  Tell Me No Lies: The Best of Investigative Journalism
Book Number: 56810
Jonathan Cape 2004 8vo softcover 626pp index, b/w illus. very good, small crease on front cover corner. In this anthology, John Pilger presents 35 articles and book extracts published between 1945 and the present day that have exposed injustice and abuse of power, with topics ranging from Vietnam and Cambodia to East Timor and Palestine. Many of the pieces
Keywords: Poetry Drama Criticism Tell Me No Lies The Best of Investigative Journalism Pilger John
Price: $15.00

Bremner, Rory; John Bird; John Fortune:  You Are Here: An Updated Dossier
Book Number: 57911
Wiedenfeld & Nicolson, London 2004 8vo. hardcover. 274pp. b/w illus. Near Fine. / Near Fine d/w.
Keywords: interviews current affairs politics
Price: $10.00

Negus, George:  The World from Down Under : A Chat with Recent History
Book Number: 59382
HarperCollins 2010 8vo. softcover. 514pp. colour illus. Very good+
Keywords: australian jounalist
Price: $14.00

Fowler, Roger:  Language in the News: Discourse and Ideology in the Press
Book Number: 59864
Routledge, London 1993. 8vo. softcover. 254pp. index. Very good+.
Keywords: news newsapers journalism language
Price: $11.00

Read, Donald:  The Power of News: The History of Reuters. Second Edition.
Book Number: 63761
Oxford University Press, 1999. 8vo. hardcover. 540pp. index, b/w illus. Very good+. / Very good+ d/w.
Keywords: neew jornalism media
Price: $25.00

Tebbel, John:  Open Letter to Newspaper Readers
Book Number: 64960
Heineman Paperback, 1968. 8vo. softcover. 141pp. Good, some small chips on cover edge, small crease on cover corner, light foxing to endpapers.
Keywords: american united states politics
Price: $15.00