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Carpenter, David:  Yoga: The Indian Tradition
Book Number: 48597
RoutledgeCurzon March 2003 8vo Pictorial hardcover. 206pp. Index. Highlighting in two chapters otherwise new looking copy. What is distinctive about this volume is its attention to careful historical analysis, a focus on the practice of yoga, and critical philosophical reflection. The essays collected here provide a sense of the historical emergence of the classical system presented by Patanjali, a careful examination of the key elements, overall character and contemporary relevance of that system, as found in the Yoga Sutra, and a glimpse of some of the tradition's many important ramifications in later Indian religious history.
Keywords: Yoga The Indian Tradition Carpenter David
Price: $18.00

Kisen:  Yoga Pure and Simple
Book Number: 53267
Ebury & Vermilion November 30, 2001 Oblong 8vo softcover 160pp very good. Yoga has become enormously popular in recent years, with stars such as Madonna demonstrating the dramatic benefits in terms of well-being and physical looks. It has cast off its draughty church hall image to become instead a stylish, lifestyle activity. Kisen is the star name in yoga teaching - his client list includes everyone from Jerry Hall to Geri Halliwell, whose whole body shape he so dramatically transformed. Yoga Pure and Simple is his first book, and sets out his immensely effective programme, combining various schools of yoga to provide the most steamlined way of learning and practising. The book is superbly designed and photographed, providing a clear practical guide to all the sequences as well as inspiration that is guaranteed to get even the most reluctant practitioner completely hooked.
Keywords: Yoga Hatha Yoga Kisen
Price: $9.00

Desikachar, T. K. V.:  Religiousness in Yoga: Lectures on Theory and Practice
Book Number: 61105
University Press of America 1980. 8vo. softcover. 298pp. index, b/w illus. Very good.
Keywords: religion eastern yoga
Price: $75.00