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SOTHEBY'S:  The Library of H.Bradley Martin: Highly Important English Literature,
Book Number: 1768
1990, New York, 4to., 792 lots, many coloured & plain plates, fine, A major sale catalogue and detailed bibliographical reference. Or. Green cloth with tipped in plate. Includes Auction Estimates insert.
Keywords: The English Literature section of this magnificent collection.
Price: $45.00

Sutherland, James, editor:  The Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes
Book Number: 2929
Book Club Asscociates 1976 1st edition., Fine in dust jacket., Literature topics index, names index, 382 pp
Keywords: Scott, james, wilde, shaw, bede hume, sterne, milton, shelley, stubbs,
Price: $15.00

Surtees, Robert Smith (Cyril Ray, Ed.):  Surtees: Scenes and Characters
Book Number: 22168
London: The Falcon Press, 1948 Small 8vo. hardcover. 96pp. very good, front baord slightly bent. / very good d/w.
Keywords: classical literature surtees scenes charcters
Price: $8.00

Balzac, Horore de, (translated by Henry Blanchamp:  The Tragedy of a Genius
Book Number: 22544
New York Brentanto's n.d. small 8vo. 303pp, red embossed cloth with slight wear to spine crease, embossed spine, Gilt not shiney, The Lotus Library. Cover and spine have 'Tragedy of a Genuis' embossed and title page has 'Tragedy of a Genius' printed
Keywords: french fiction - literature
Price: $25.00

Feng, Meng-lung:  The perfect lady by mistake and other stories
Book Number: 24826
London P. Elek 1976 8vo. hardcover. 183pp. very good ex-lib (just 3 small stamps). / very good d/w.
Keywords: Chinese fiction --Translations into English.China --Social life and customs--Fiction. The perfect lady by mistake and other stories Feng Meng-lung
Price: $15.00

Ainsworth, W. Harrison. illustrated by Herbert Butler:  Windsor Castle
Book Number: 28995
Collins Clear Type Press, London n.d. circa 1935 8vo. blue cloth covered limp covers in cloth covered slipcase, gilt titles. 410pp. b/w illus. very good+.' ' '' '
Keywords: fiction literature classics classical
Price: $11.00

Fairless, Michael. illustrated by Norman Hepple:  The Roadmender & The Gathering of Brother Hilarius
Book Number: 28996
Collins Clear Type Press, London n.d. circa 1935 8vo. blue cloth covered limp covers in cloth covered slipcase, gilt titles. 254pp. b/w illus. very good+.
Keywords: fiction literature classics classical
Price: $10.00

Mare, Walter de la; Lithographs by Barnett Freedman:  Ghost Stories
Book Number: 29122
London, The Folio Society 1960 8vo. Grey cloth hardcover. 234pp. illus. very good, faded spine.
Keywords: ghost stories fiction literature
Price: $15.00

Dawn and Morning;:  Dawn and Morning; Storm and Strees; In Paris; Journey''s End (4 volumes)
Book Number: 29933
London, William Heinemann, 1913-1926 8vos. hardcovers. good-, covers slightly worn and faded, some foxing. / no d/ws.
Keywords: french novel fiction john christopher jean chrisophe
Price: $25.00

Kipling, Rudyard:  The Light That Failed
Book Number: 35005
London Macmillan 1981. Centenary Edition 8vo hardcover 292pp. very good+. / very good d/w with faded spine.
Keywords: Fiction Kipling's India Kipling Rudyard
Price: $12.00

Kipling, Rudyard:  Limits and Renewals
Book Number: 35009
London Macmillan 1982. Centenary Edition 8vo hardcover 398pp. very good+. / very good d/w with faded spine.
Keywords: classical children Fiction Kipling's India centenary edition Kipling Rudyard
Price: $12.00

Kipling, Rudyard:  Debits and Credits
Book Number: 35015
London Macmillan 1982. Centenary Edition 8vo hardcover 416pp. very good+. / very good d/w with faded spine.
Keywords: classical children Fiction Kipling's India centenary edition Kipling Rudyard
Price: $12.00

Kipling, Rudyard:  Traffics and Discoveries
Book Number: 35016
London Macmillan 1982. Centenary Edition 8vo hardcover 393pp. very good+. / very good d/w with faded spine.
Keywords: classical children Fiction Kipling's India centenary edition Kipling Rudyard
Price: $12.00

Chaucer, Geoffrey:  Tales from Chaucer
Book Number: 36378
Oxford University Press, London, 1967. 8vo. hardcover. 239pp. colour illus by Majorie Walters. very good. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Tales from Chaucer
Price: $12.00

Mei, Chin P'ing; translated by Clement Egerton:  The Golden Lotus- 4 Volume Set
Book Number: 38736
London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1972 8vo hardcovers. very good+. / very good+ d/ws. A very nice set with just some very minor foxing to outer page edges. Approx 2 kilos, extra post may apply to international destinations.
Keywords: japanese literature classical
Price: $45.00

By the Author of:  The Stony Road: A Tale of Humble Life.
Book Number: 43937
London, T. Woolmer. N.D. Small 8vo. green dec. cloth hardcover. 172pp. + ads, b/w frontis with tissue guard. Very good, light rubbing to cover eges, light wear to cover corners, light foxing, mainly to first & last few pages, owner's inscription & very small stail on fep.
Keywords: fiction literature classics classical
Price: $20.00

Hocking, Silas K.:  Her Benny
Book Number: 43972
The Gallery Press 1968 Small 8vo softcover 200pp b/w illus. very good, owner's inscription on fep.
Keywords: liverpool classics literature Her Benny Hocking Silas K
Price: $6.00

Forster, John:  The Life of Charles Dickens Volume The First 1812-1847
Book Number: 44076
Chapman and Hall, London, N.D. 8vo. dec. red cloth hardcover. 313pp. b/w illus. Good, wear to cover corners & spine edges & ends. Front hinge cracke at top.
Keywords: Charles Dickens author biography
Price: $35.00

St. Aubin De Teran, Lisa:  The Slow Train To Milan
Book Number: 44691
Harper and Row 1984 8vo. Hardcover in d/w, both very good. She is sixteen he is 35, she falls in with his entourage of European travelers and South American Exiles. As they travel through Europe on the Slow Train incurring outrageous expenses, following every idle whim, Lisaveta soon questions her tolerance of these passionate, chaotic, arrogant individuals.
Keywords: Train from London to Milan
Price: $10.00

Butler, Samuel:  Ernest Pontifex or The Way Of All Flesh
Book Number: 45611
Methuen & Co, London, 1966, 8vo. hardcover. 365pp. Very good. / Very good, slightly foxed d/w.
Keywords: Way Of All Flesh
Price: $15.00

Unsworth, Barry:  Losing Nelson
Book Number: 54610
Penguin Books July 6, 2000 8vo softcover 312pp very good. Perched high atop his pedestal in London, Admiral Horatio Nelson has remained one of the loftiest icons of English nationalism. Now, however, he has been seriously rattled by Barry Unsworth's Losing Nelson, a gripping study of the dark side of heroism and hero worship. In the basement of his large, anonymous North London house, Charles Cleasby obsessively reenacts the admiral's every military maneuver: "Usually when we fought these battles I had a feeling of fulfilment, they brought me closer to him..." Cleasby's admiration also extends upstairs--to his life's work, a biography of the great man. His only assistant in his heroic struggle is Miss Lily (real name, Lilian Butler), a hired secretary who carefully transcribes his painstaking pages. Cleasby wants nothing better than to rescue Nelson from the revisionist clutches of unpatriotic academic cynics. Alas, his passion soon reveals a sinister side, as he declares that he is in fact the admiral's twin: I will say what I think angels are. They can be dark or bright, but they all have the gift of spontaneity, of creating themselves anew. This is a pure form of energy, and Horatio was winged with it. All the same, angels are not complete, they need their counterparts, the dark needs the bright, the hidden needs the open, and vice versa. Sometimes they meet and recognize each other. Sometimes, as with Horatio and me, the pairing occurs over spaces of time or distance. He became a bright angel on February 14, 1797, during the Battle of Cape St. Vincent. I became his dark twin on September 9, 1997, when I too broke the line. As the book builds to its inexorable climax--and Cleasby's only solace is his amanuensis--Losing Nelson confirms Unsworth as one of England's most elegant, understated novelists. His historical grasp of Nelson is outstanding. But his book really excels, and also profoundly disturbs, in its exploration of the tarnished angels of patriotism. --Jerry Brotton --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.nnFrom Publishers WeeklynUnsworth (Sacred Hunger; Morality Play) delivers another memorable tour de force in this tense portrait of a London man obsessed with Britain's greatest naval hero, Lord Nelson. Charles Cleasby lives by the "Horatio calendar," reenacting Nelson's battles with model shops on a glass table in his basement. In his mind they are joined: Nelson is a radiant angel, a hero of unstained virtue, and he is Nelson's other, shadow side: "I was his heir, I had inherited his being." For years Cleasby has been writing a book extolling Nelson's heroism, but has become blocked over a controversial incident in June 1799, when Nelson apparently tricked two fortresses of Neapolitan rebels into surrendering, under promise of a safe conduct, then turned them over to their murderous Bourbon king and queen for hanging. Unsworth's control of his material, and his artistic ingenuity, his narrative skill in what is essentially a highly literate suspense novel, are supreme here. By compressing the milestones of one man's lifetime into the calendar of another man's year, he creates a shuffled chronology of historical events that parallels his narrator's wavering state of mind. Paragraph by paragraph, Cleasby's sense of self shifts and dissolves; in one paragraph he describes the view of Nelson's ship entering Naples harbor, in the next "we" are standing at its prow, and in the next it's "I" onto whose arm Lady Hamilton is swooning. Cleasby's erotic stirrings for Emma Hamilton and his misadventures with London's Nelson Club are the stuff of high comedy, and it's hard to say exactly why this novel seems so unsettling and suspenseful. Unsworth holds open a door to normalcy in Cleasby's growing attraction to Miss LilyAhired to transcribe his manuscript to a word processorAwhose down-to-earth and very contemporary responses put Nelson on a more human scale. The book's surprise ending, held back to the final
Keywords: Fiction Losing Nelson Unsworth Barry
Price: $6.00

Hugo, Victor:  Conversations With Eternity: The Forgotten Masterpiece of Victor Hugo
Book Number: 48763
New Paradigm Books 1998 8vo softcover 260pp. b/w illus. Very good. The first translation into English ever of the most important of the transcripts of these sťances, with an introduction by Martin Ebon setting Hugo's channeling experiences in their historical context.
Keywords: france french literature historical dimensions and perspectives nonfiction victor hugo wake up calls Conversations With Eternity The Forgotten Masterpiece of Victor Hugo Hugo Victor
Price: $15.00

Lagerkvist, Par:  The Marriage Feast
Book Number: 49185
Hill & Wang January 1973 8vo softcover 222pp very good. Editorial This collection of stories written over a period of more than thirty shows the deep seriousness and astonishing versatility of Par Lagerkvist's imagination. From the commonplace charm of the title story, to the searing futuristic satire of "The Children's Campaign, " to the disquieting fantasy of "The Lift That Went Down to Hell, " we see that Lagerkvist admits no settled boundaries between fact and fable. In this he is a poet for whom fantasy permeates the actual and "reality" can take on the dimensions of the fabulous. Life is, to him, a system of dark paradoxes; but there is also the good -- "a quiet, everyday radiance that mankind always had difficulty noticing and setting a value on." --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.nnLanguage NotesnText: English, Swedish (translation) --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.
Keywords: The Marriage Feast Lagerkvist Par
Price: $10.00

Azzopardi, Trezza:  The Hiding Place
Book Number: 49386
Picador August 4, 2000 8vo softcover 278pp very good. The Gaucis' story is seen through the eyes of Dolores, the youngest daughter and the embodiment of bad luck in her father's estimation, condemned to bear the mark of a family that is rapidly singeing at the edges. Dolores presents an unsparing portrayal of the fear and hopelessness of childhood amid grim poverty and neglect, of children growing up without safety nets and on sunken foundations. Sustained by a tightrope tension and a stark, youthful wisdom, The Hiding Place conjures the coarse sensuality of life among the docks, the smoky cafes and bars, the crumbling homes and gambling rooms of Tiger Bay.
Keywords: The Hiding Place Azzopardi Trezza
Price: $8.00

Carr, Wooda N.:  The Other Detective Pulp Heroes
Book Number: 49683
Tattered Pages Press, Chicago 1992. 8vo. softcover. 96pp. b/w illus. Near Fine.
Keywords: pulp fiction detrective crime
Price: $8.00

Trollope, Anthony:  Cousin Henry
Book Number: 50557
London: The Folio Society 1993 8vo. hardcover. 166pp. b/w illus. Near Fine. / Near Fine slipcase.
Keywords: fiction literature folio
Price: $15.00

Trollope, Anthony:  The Warden
Book Number: 50558
London: The Folio Society 1993 8vo. hardcover. 172pp. b/w illus. Near Fine. / Near Fine slipcase.
Keywords: fiction literature folio
Price: $15.00

Alvarez, Julia:  How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
Book Number: 50656
Plume June 1, 1992 8vo softcover 290pp very good. Fifteen tales vividly chronicle a Dominican family's exile in the Bronx, focusing on the four Garcia daughters' rebellion against their immigrant elders.
Keywords: hispanic women writers spanish and latin american literature latina writers multicultural julia alvarez book club identity dominican republic fiction How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents Alvarez Julia
Price: $7.00

Naipaul, V.S.:  Letters Between a Father and Son: Early Correspondence Between V.S.Naipaul and Family
Book Number: 50662
Abacus September 7, 2000 8vo softcover 333pp very good. In 1949, aged 17, V.S. Naipaul left his native Trinidad to take up an Island Scholarship at University College, Oxford. This volume presents his letters to his father - a journalist with the "Trinidad Guardian" - over four years until his father's death from a heart attack in 1953, aged 47.
Keywords: v s naipaul east meets west literature nobel prize winners nonfiction classics literary memoirs correspondence interviews naipaul novel oriental perfumes Letters Between a Father and Son Early Correspondence Between V S Naipaul and Family Na
Price: $5.00

Singh, Jaspreet:  Chef
Book Number: 50663
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC March 15, 2010 8vo softcover 256pp very good. Kirpal Singh is travelling on the slow train to Kashmir. As India passes by the window in a stream of tiny lights, glistening fields and huddled, noisy towns, he reflects on his destination, which is also his past: a military camp to which he has not returned for fourteen years. Kirpal, Kip to his friends, is timorous and barely twenty when he arrives for the first time at General Kumar's camp, nestled in the shadow of the mighty Siachen Glacier that claimed his father's life. He is placed under the supervision of Chef Kishen, a fiery, anarchic mentor with long earlobes and a caustic tongue who guides Kip towards the heady spheres of food and women. 'The smell of a woman is thousand times better than cooking the most sumptuous dinner, kid,' he muses over an evening beer. Kip is embarrassed - he has never slept with a woman, though a loose-limbed nurse in the local hospital has caught his eye. In Srinagar, Kashmir, a contradictory place of erratic violence, extremes of temperature and high-altitude privilege, Kip learns to prepare indulgent Kashmiri dishes such as Mughlai mutton and slow-cooked Nahari, as well as delicacies from Florence, Madrid, Athens and Tokyo. Months pass and, though he is Sikh, Kip feels secure in his allegiance to India, the right side of this interminable conflict. Then, one muggy day, a Pakistani 'terrorist' with long, flowing hair is swept up on the banks of the river, and changes everything. Mesmeric, mournful and intensely lyrical, "Chef" is a brave and compassionate debut about hope, love and memory, set against the devastatingly beautiful, war-scarred backdrop of occupied Kashmir.
Keywords: Chef Singh Jaspreet
Price: $6.00

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