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Evans, Hilary & Dik,:  BEYOND THE GASLIGHT - Science in Popular Fiction 1895-1905.
Book Number: 229
London 1976. With illustrations from the Mary Evans Picture Library. Excellent copy in excellent d/w.
Keywords: Science Jules verne wells doyle victorians
Price: $12.00

Hardison O.B. Jr:  Disappearing Through The Skylight Culture And Technology In The Twentieth Century
Book Number: 2659
Viking Penguin Ny 1989. Excellent copy in new condition. Illustrated by Photos And Plates. Cloth spine.
Keywords: lifestyle, technology, change, growth, effect
Price: $15.00

KILGOUR, O.F.G. & McGARRY, Marguerite:  An Introduction to Science and Hygiene for Hairdressers.
Book Number: 3526
London UK: William Heinemann Ltd, 1966 cloth, poor d/w, An essentioal manual for students and practising haridressers, based on syllabus issued by the city of london institute for basic and advanced craft exams.
Keywords: Physics, Chemistry, anatomy, physiology, hygine. First aid
Price: $12.00

Lyons, John W:  Fire
Book Number: 3860
NY Scientific American Books 1985. Sm. Square 4to. 170pp. Index. Colour & b/w illustrations & diagrams. Fine/fine
Keywords: fire
Price: $15.00

Messel, H & Butler, S.T. (eds):  Solar Energy
Book Number: 4075
 Shakespeare Head Press, Sydney 1974. Hardcover. 8vo. 336pp. B/w photographs, diag., schematics, charts, graphs, maps. A course of lectures contributed in the 17th International Science School for High School Students, sponsored by the Science Foundation for Physics within the University of Sydney at the University of Sydney, August 26, September 6, 1974. Near fine / very good.
Keywords: science solar energy power lectures sydney university
Price: $15.00

Hazen, Robert. M:  The Break-Through : The Race for the Superconductor
Book Number: 4797
Summit, NY, 1988 First Edition. 271pp. + b/w plates. Index. Very good / very good, lightly chipped d/w.
Keywords: science super conductor physics energy
Price: $12.00

Newquist, Harvey:  The Brain Makers. Genius, Ego, And Greed In The Quest For Machines That Think
Book Number: 5645
Sams Publishing 1994 Indianapolis Large 8vo. hardcover. 488pp. index. very good. / very good d/w.
Keywords: computers brains robots thinking machines weapons fbi politics ethics technology
Price: $15.00

Eiseley, Loren:  The Invisible Pyramid
Book Number: 5915
Rupert Hart-Davis - London 1971First UK edition. 8vo. hardcover. 169pp. index. woodcuts by Walter Ferro. very good. / very good, lightly chipped d/w.
Keywords: woodcuts by Walter Ferro space time science evolution polution conservation philosophy
Price: $15.00

Shedlin, Michael & David Wallechinsky & Saunie Salyer:  Laughing Gas Nitrous Oxide
Book Number: 20065
USA. And/Or Press, 1973 1st edition Limited to 5000 copies. 8vo. softcover. 90pp. b/w illus. very good+. minor edgewear.
Keywords: Laughing Gas Nitrous Oxide drugs get high anesthesia
Price: $18.00

Friedman, Stanton:  Top Secret / Majic
Book Number: 6560
NY: Marlowe 1996. First Edition 8vo. hardcover. 272pp. index. + b/w plates. near fine. / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: nuclear physics atom bombs arms weapons science roswell incident aliens ufo space aliens visitors
Price: $8.00

Barrow, John D.:  Theories of Everything: The Quest for Ultimate Explanation
Book Number: 6563
London. BCA. 1991 8vo. hardcover. 223pp. index. b/w drawings, graphs, charts. very good+. / very good d/w.
Keywords: science physicsuniverse space outer nature theories
Price: $15.00

Jones, Frederic Wood:  The Ancestry Of Man, Douglas Price Memorial Lecture, No. 3
Book Number: 6952
Brisbane, Gillies 1923 8vo. softcover. 35pp. good, spine chipped top and bottom,
Keywords: The Ancestry Of Man, Douglas Price Memorial Lecture, No. 3 evolution monkeys
Price: $25.00

Fagg, C.C:  An Introduction to Regional Surveying
Book Number: 6970
Cambridge University Press Cambridge 1930 8vo. green cloth hardcover. 150pp. index. b/w frontis b/w maps, chartd, diag. very good, light wear to top of spine, minor wear to other corners. , light foxing to endpapers. A very nice copy. / no d/w. Scarce.
Keywords: An Introduction to Regional Surveying land atlas mapping geology geography
Price: $25.00

Binns, W:  The Second Course of Orthographic Projection..with The Teeth of Wheels, Machinery
Book Number: 7019
E & F N Spon: London, 1869 8vo. cloth hardcover. 180pp. + fold-out plans. b/w illus. a good solid copy, cover & endpapers marked.
Keywords: toothed wheels propellers gears circles curves spirals staircase geometry screws drawing springs design plans technical
Price: $25.00

Berner, Jeff:  The Innerspace Project
Book Number: 20186
World Publishing USA 1972 1st Printing 8vo. hardcover. 304pp. b/w illus. very good. /good, chipped d/w.
Keywords: innerspace outerspace martians anthropology ecology philosophy information
Price: $12.00

Garnett Alice:  The Geographical Interpretation of Topographical Maps
Book Number: 7356
George Harrap,1930 first A comprehensive guide. Brown cloth, good condition, foxing on endpages otherwise very good copy. 8vo, 303pp. Ills with b/w diagrams. Principles of Map-interpretation, Landscape studies through map reading, geological facts, laws of erosion, rock types, wealden types, drawing geological sections, river work, rejuvenation, glacial phenomena, valley settlements and communications, town-site analysis, human geography in glaciated regions, means of estimating seasonal movements, studies of coastal types, Index.
Keywords: Map-interpretation, Landscape studies through map reading, geological facts, laws of erosion, rock types, wealden types, drawing geological sections,
Price: $15.00

Jervis.W.W:  The World in Maps - A Study in Map Evolution
Book Number: 7357
George Philip.1936 1st. This is a study in map evolution from earliest times to the present. illustrations in black and white and 24 maps in colour. Preface by the author. Good in original grey cloth with yellowed spine. scale and distance, direction on the map, projection, detail on the map, representation of relief, lettering, middle ages, great map-makers, modern map production, topographical maps, chronological order of ancient, mediaeval and modern maps, bibliography index, the world according to Herodotus, eratosthenes, strabo, mela, ptolemy, fra mauro globe, andreas benincasa, ruysch, da vinci, hauslab, schoner's globe, diego ribero, hylaco milus, go. Gastaldo, ortelius. Includes 12mo advertisement for the frame of the ancient greek maps.
Keywords: scale and distance, direction on the map, projection, detail on the map, representation of relief, lettering, middle ages, great map-makers, modern map production, topographical maps, chronological order of ancient, mediaeval and modern maps, bibliography
Price: $44.00

Clarke, Arthur C.:  The Promise of Space.
Book Number: 20428
New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1968. First edition. Large 8vo. hardcover. 325pp. index/. b/w illus. very good+/very good+ d/w. '
Keywords: space exploration exploring outer science
Price: $25.00

Gibbs, F. W. ; [Priestly, Joseph]:  Joseph Priestly Adventurer In Science And Champion Of Truth.
Book Number: 20667
London, Nelson, 1965 8vo. hardcover. 258pp. + b/w plates. near fine. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Joseph Priestly Adventurer Science biography
Price: $25.00

Jeffares A. Norman. & Davies M. Bryn.:  The Scientific Background.
Book Number: 21413
London. Sir Issac Pitman & Sons Ltd. 1958. First Edition. 8vo. hardcover. 306pp. index. very good, owner's signature on fep. / very good d/w.
Keywords: science
Price: $18.00

Maarse, H. & Belz, R.:  Isolation, Separation and Identification of Volatile Coumpounds in Aroma Research
Book Number: 21482
Reidel, 1981 Small 4to. hardcover. 290pp. index. 90 figures & 86 tables. near fine. / good+ d/w with lightly chipped top edge & small tear at top of spine.
Keywords: aromas isolation indentification chromatography smells filtering indentifying seperating
Price: $55.00

Palmer, Roy.:  The Water Closet. A New History.
Book Number: 21544
A.H. & A.W. Reed; Wellington, Sydney, Auckland; 1973 8vo. hardcover. 141pp. index. b/w plates. very good+. / very good d/w, chipped top right corner. PO inscription on fep.
Keywords: toilets loos water closets wc plumbing flushing history
Price: $28.00

Brand, Stewart, Ed.:  Space Colonies
Book Number: 22035
San Francisco: Whole Earth Catalog, 1977. First edition. 4to. softcover. 160pp. b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: space outer living colonies colony stations
Price: $15.00

Robinson, Arthur and Sale, Randall and Morrison, Joel:  Elements of Cartography
Book Number: 22036
New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1978 4to. illustrated boards, hardcover. 448pp. index. b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: cartography map reading airial photography mapping areal
Price: $15.00

Norman K. Wessells (introduction by):  Vertebrate Adaptations: Readings from Scientific American
Book Number: 22125
San Fransisco, W. H. Freeman & Co. 1968 4to. softcover. 368pp. index. colour & b/w illus. very good, owner's name on fep, light tape marks inside covers.
Keywords: Vertebrate Adaptations skeletons animals backbones zoology anatomy physiology
Price: $15.00

Asimov, Isaac:  Extraterrestrial Civilizations.
Book Number: 22716
New York. Crown Publishers. 1979. 8vo. hardcover. 282pp. index, very good. / good, chipped d/w.
Keywords: Extraterrestrial Civilizations ufos aliens
Price: $10.00

Callahan, Philip S.:  A Walk in the Sun
Book Number: 23177
Kansas City, Acres U.S.A. 1988. 8vo. softcover. 241pp. index, b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: science travel philosophy agriculture entamology biophysics insects bioelectronics energy
Price: $12.00

Colborn, J.G.:  The Thermal Structure of the Indian Ocean. (International Indian Ocean Expedition Oceanographic Monographs Number 2.)
Book Number: 23366
Honolulu, Univ. Hawaii Press, 1975. 4to. hardcover.173pp. b/w illus. very good. / good d/w with large tear on front (repaired).
Keywords: indian ocean temperature thermal structures antarctica science Expedition Oceanographic Monographs Number 2
Price: $15.00

Benthall, Jonathan and Ted Polhemus. (eds.):  The Body as a Medium of Expression
Book Number: 23535
London, Lane, 1975. First edition. 8vo. hardcover. 339pp. index, b/w illus. + b/w plates. very good. / very good d/w.
Keywords: human body communication expression mechanisms shapes symbols cociology anthopology verbal language interaction
Price: $15.00

Albus, James S.:  Brains, Behavior, and Robotics.
Book Number: 24621
New York, Mc Graw Hill, 4to. hardcover. 128pp. good, missing title page. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Science robotics robots Brains Behaviour
Price: $25.00

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