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There are 58 books in this catalogue.
Smith, Anthony:  A Persian Quarter Century
Book Number: 3620
London, Hodder, 1979, 1st ed. Cloth 191pp. 8to. Illust end maps. Signed by author. A very good signed copy in a a good price clipped d/w with worn edges.
Keywords: persia travel
Price: $9.00

Barbier, Jean Paul:  TOBOLAND: The shreds of tradition
Book Number: 3995
 Monographies published by the Barbier-Muller Museum, Geneva 1983 Wrpps, 4to. 237pp. 207 plates and illustrations, (30 in colour), 3 maps, fold out genealogical chart. biblio., index. Very Good condition, light crease on front cover, crease on fold out chart. Light foxing to endpapers. Small crease on rear cover, light edgewear.
Keywords: Toba Northern Sumatra culture travel carving sculpture architecture religion sumatra pardapur malim batak huta bolon jabat holbung lumban agama malim aek natolu asahanbalige barus damanik manik lontung manurung magic
Price: $25.00

Brooks, Michael & Codrington, Stephen:  Australia's Pacific Neighbours
Book Number: 4312
Action for World Development & The Geography Teacher's Assoc. of NSW. 1989 small 4to. Softcover. 193pp. Good condition, informative text with b/w maps, photos, tables and diag.
Keywords: australia indonesia papua new guinea pacific south new caledoina iraian jaya fiji timor
Price: $35.00

Russell Braddon:  The Other 100 Years War Japan's bid for supremacy 1941-2041
Book Number: 4447
Collins first 1983 8vo. hardcover. very good. / very good d/w. 245pp, index.
Keywords: discusses a hundred year war which was started with fighting and enduring with industry exports. Honda, Sony, Hitachi, Toyota, economy.
Price: $15.00

OSBORNE, Milton:  Sihanouk: Prince of Light, Prince of Darkness
Book Number: 6251
Australia: Allen and Unwin, 1994 Blue boards. Good/Good. First Edition.
Keywords: asian leader, cambodia, french puppet
Price: $12.00

Allen, Benedict:  Hunting the Gugu; in search of the lost ape-men of Sumatra.
Book Number: 21126
London, Macmillan, 1989. 8vo. hardcover,191pp. + colour plates. very good=. / very good d/w with one small tear.
Keywords: Hunting the Gugu; in search of the lost ape-men of Sumatra.
Price: $10.00

Calder, Kent:  Asia's Deadly Triangle
Book Number: 21452
London, Brealey, 1996 8vo. hardcover. 253pp. index. b/w map. near fine. / very good d/w.
Keywords: asia korea china japan taiwan nuclear weapons war threat
Price: $8.00

Warren, William:  The Regent: A Window on Thailand
Book Number: 21802
Singapore: Editions Didier Millet Pte Ltd, 1993 Square 4to. hardcover. 96pp. colour illus. very good. / no d/w.
Keywords: thailand culture asia art traditions history craft food cuisine religion
Price: $15.00

Basche, James:  Thailand: Land Of The Free
Book Number: 21822
Robert Hale London 1971, 8vo. hardcover. 273pp. index. + b/w plates. good. / good, chipped d/w.
Keywords: thailand travel asia
Price: $15.00

SHEARS, Richard & GIDLEY, Isobelle:  Kingdom of Illusions - The William Sinclair Story: A 65-year-old man's fight for survival in a Bankok prison
Book Number: 22131
Greenhouse Publications Melbourne 1982 Paperback VG 332pp. Story of the man who faced the longest narcotic trial in the history of Thailand. po stamp un ffl.
Keywords: singapore, bangkok, heroin, black market, lifestyle
Price: $8.00

Schrieke, B.:  Indonesian Sociological Studies. Selected Writings of B. Schrieke. Part Two: Ruler and Realm in Early Java
Book Number: 24057
W. Van Hoeve Publishing Ltd, The Hague, 1957 8vo. hardcover. 493pp. index, fold-out map in pouch inside rear cover. front endpaper map. very good+, minor foxing to edges, small bookseller stamp on fep. / good d/w with sunned edges and a small hole on spine.
Keywords: indonesian history javanese
Price: $25.00

Jennings, Christian:  Across the Red River: Rwanda, Burundi and the Heart of Darkness
Book Number: 28052
Gollancz 2000 8vo hardcover 350pp, b/w illus. good, wear to bottom edge / good d/w with wear to bottom edge. Christian Jennings is not a man to rest on his laurels. Not content with the rigours of the French Foreign Legion (documented in his first book, A Mouthful of Rocks, he flew to Rwanda in August 1994 with a rucksack of provisions, The Day of the Jackal, and a self-confessed ignorance of the country beyond the knowledge that 850,000 people had just been slaughtered in brutal acts of genocide. Also, he had a television producer on her way who wanted to find the people responsible within the five-day span of her trip. Apart from the miraculous completion of that programme, the other thing to emerge from this immersion into the landscape of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, was a fascination with Central Africa that saw Jennings return again and again. He was to report for Sunday Telegraph and Reuters in Rwanda, its sibling-in-horror Burundi, and the former Zaire with fearful bravery, but in the impressive Across the Red River he navigates the territory between reportage and memoir. Cleverly matching his learning curve to the reader's, he moves from his virtual ignorance of Rwanda and its mesh of tragedy to a deeper understanding of the weave and durability of that net, achieved with a flowing and refreshing candour. If there are two lines of war journalism, with writers such as Michael Ignatieff providing a more intellectual overview from the hills, Christian Jennings is on the frontline with souls such as Maggie O'Kane, Eve-Ann Prentice and Anthony Loyd. As with the latter's My War Gone By, I Miss It So, Jennings is able to unbridle his sense of self to stirring effect and show the mundane tedium as well as the brutal tension of reporting from, and surviving in, war. Occasionally angry, more often darkly funny, his book proves an unsettling yet riveting critique of the unimaginable effects of genocide, those who feed off its corpse and the few, like Jennings, who live to open our eyes. --David Vincent nn Book Descriptionn A devastating account of the Central African nightmare, in the tradition of Anyone Here Been Raped and Speaks English and We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families
Keywords: Society Politics Philosophy History Across the Red River Rwanda Burundi and the Heart of Darkness Jennings Christian
Price: $12.00

Roeder, O. G.:  The Smiling General: President Soeharto of Indonesia
Book Number: 28577
Djakarta: Gunung Agung 1970 8vo. hardcover, laminated boards. 290pp. b/w illus. very good, owner''s inscription on fep.' ' '
Keywords: The Smiling General: President Soeharto of Indonesia
Price: $12.00

Dan, Nguyen Trieu:  A Vietnamese Chronicle. Twelve Generations on the Banks of the Hat River
Book Number: 28938
McFarland & Company, Inc. 1991 Large 8vo. red cloth hardcover. 390pp. index. very good+. Inscription on half title.
Keywords: Twelve Generations on the Banks of the Hat River Vietnamese Chronicle.
Price: $25.00

Riboud, Marc:  Face of North Vietnam
Book Number: 29158
Holt, Rinehart & Winston, n.d. 4to softcover 121 b/w photos. fair, water damage to bottom edge, mainly on text pages at rear. most plates very good. Scarce.
Keywords: Face of North Vietnam Riboud Marc war military photography
Price: $15.00

Shearer, Alistair:  Thailand: The Lotus Kingdom
Book Number: 30815
John Murray, 1989. 8vo. hardcover. 278pp. index. b/w illus. very good. po. inscriptions on fep / very good d/w.
Keywords: thailand
Price: $12.00

Thieman, Leann:  This Must Be My Brother
Book Number: 31536
Chariot Victor Books 1995 8vo hardcover 173pp b/w illus. very good / very good d/w. Two housewives who had never been out of Iowa, Thieman and Dey were officers in the Iowa chapter of Friends of Children of Vietnam (an organization that, during the Vietnam War, raised money and supplies for Vietnamese orphans and also processed adoptions). In early April 1975, they were asked to fly into Vietnam and bring back six babies for adoption. As the fall of Saigon became imminent, however, President Ford approved a massive baby lift, and the six babies became two hundred.
Keywords: History Asia Vietnam General This Must Be My Brother Thieman Leann
Price: $20.00

Winchester, Simon:  Pacific Nightmare
Book Number: 31778
London Sidgwick & Jackson 1992 8vo hardcover 302pp index. very good / very good d/w. The year is 1999. As Hong Kong collapsed in the years leading up to 1997, Asia became dangerously unstable. Civil war breaks out in China between North and South, Shanghai against Szechuan. A new North Korean leader follows in his father's footsteps and invades the prosperous miracle country of South Korea. The Western allies, committed to defending South Korea, are reluctantly drawn into a conflict not of their own making. Watching patiently nearby is Japan, the giant that is not slow to see the imperial possibilities of this state of chaos. But if Japan strikes, the result will be a total and devastating "Pacific Nightmare". The way events in the Far East could develop towards a full-blown World war.
Keywords: Society Politics Philosophy History Pacific Nightmare Winchester Simon
Price: $12.00

Casino, Eric S.:  The Jama Mapun: a Changing Samal Society in the Southern Philippines
Book Number: 32208
Casino, Eric S 8vo. softcover. 160pp. index, colour illus. very good.
Keywords: The Jama Mapun: a Changing Samal Society in the Southern Philippines
Price: $25.00

Adulyadej, King Bhumibol:  King Bhumibol Adulyadej: Thailand''s Guiding Light
Book Number: 32729
The Post Publishing, Bangkok, 1997 Folio. hardcover. 180pp. colour illus. near fine. / near fine d/w.
Keywords: King Bhumibol Adulyadej Thailand royalty royal
Price: $75.00

Krohn, William O:  In Borneo jungles: Among the Dyak headhunters (Oxford in Asia paperbacks)
Book Number: 33579
Singapore ; New York Oxford University Press 1991 8vo softcover 327pp index, b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: Borneo Description and travel In Borneo jungles Among the Dyak headhunters (Oxford in Asia paperbacks) Krohn William O
Price: $28.00

Rees, David:  A Short History of Modern Korea
Book Number: 34645
Hippocrene Books 1991 8vo softcover 196pp index, b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: Travel Travel Guides Europe Eastern A Short History of Modern Korea Rees David
Price: $8.00

Various:  Days with HO CHI MINH
Book Number: 36358
Foreign Languages Publishing House 1962 Hanoi 8vo. Softcover. 236pp. Solid reading copy. Library stamp on front cover. No other library marks. Ho Chi Minh, father of the Viet Nam Revolutionary Army. Vietnam. Contents include, His native village and his childhood. in Paris, In Canton and Thailand, in the Soviet Union, in Yunnan, Kunming to Pac Bo, Notes.
Keywords: Ho Chi Minh, father of the Viet Nam Revolutionary Army, Vietnam
Price: $10.00

Jocano, F. Landa:  Sulod Society: A Study in the Kinship System and Social Organization of a Mountain People of Central Panay.
Book Number: 37724
University of the Philippines Press, Quezon City, 1968. 8vo. hardcover. 303pp. index. Very good, owner's stamp inside front cover. / very good d/w. Monograph series No.2 Institute of Asian studies.
Keywords: Sulod Society Study Kinship System Social Organization Mountain People Central Panay philippines
Price: $22.00

Hutchinson, Greg.:  Hot money, warm bodies : the downfall of president Joseph Estrada
Book Number: 38432
Pasig City, Philippines Manila : Anvil 2001 8vo softcover 258pp colour illus. very good.
Keywords: Political corruption Philippines Hot money warm bodies the downfall of president Joseph Estrada Hutchinson Greg
Price: $15.00

Broinowski, Alison:  The Yellow Lady: Australian Impressions of Asia
Book Number: 39074
Melbourne Oxford University Press, 1992 4to hardcover 280pp index, colour & b/w illus. very good / very good d/w. Named after a notorious Norman Lindsay impression of Asia, this work traces the history of Australians' perceptions of their Asian and Pacific hemisphere from pre-colonial time to 1991. The book adopts a roughly chronological approach, from Aboriginal contacts with Indonesia, through thencolonial period when responses to both Asia and the Pacific depended on whether artists considered themselves attached to the European past or to the regional present, to a period when increasing numbers of Asians migrate to Australia and Asia's financial dominance becomes unavoidable.
Keywords: Cultural studies The Yellow Lady Australian Impressions of Asia Broinowski Alison
Price: $15.00

Chin, Lucas:  Cultural Heritage of Sarawak
Book Number: 43948
Kuching, Sarawak Museum, 1980 Square 4to. softcover. 105pp.colour & b/w illus. Very good.
Keywords: Cultural Heritage of Sarawak indonesia asia
Price: $25.00

Schwarz, Adam:  A Nation in Waiting - Indonesia in the 1990's
Book Number: 44960
Allen & Unwin September 1, 1994 8vo softcover 384pp very good.
Keywords: A Nation in Waiting Schwarz Adam
Price: $10.00

Challis, Roland:  Shadow of a Revolution - Indonesia and the Generals
Book Number: 45336
Sutton Publishing 2001 8vo hardcover 260pp index, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w. Shadow of a Revolution offers unique eyewitness accounts of this seminal event and describes the influence of the West in the overthrow of Sukarno.
Keywords: Revolution Indonesia overthrow of Sukarno generals Challis Roland
Price: $18.00

Sihanouk, Norondom and Wilfred Burchett:  My War With the C.I.A. : Cambodia's Fight for Survival - The Memiors of Prince Norodom Sihanouk
Book Number: 45621
Penguin April 30, 1974 8vo softcover 272pp very good. The Prince's memoirs of Cambodia's fight for independence, first against France and then against the United States.
Keywords: My War With the C I A Cambodia's Fight for Survival Sihanouk Norondom
Price: $10.00

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