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Francesco, Gabrieli:  The Arab Revival
Book Number: 20819
Published Thames and Hudson in Great Revolutions series 1961 8vo. hardcover. 178pp. index. b/w illus. very good, covers slightly bent, owner's signature on fep. / very good d/w.
Keywords: middle east history arabs revolutions
Price: $10.00
Chamish, Barry.:  The fall of Israel
Book Number: 25384
Edinburgh Canongate Publishers 1992 8vo hardcover 314pp very good+ / very good+ d/w. From Choice: The author is thorough in collecting well-known old scandals and new onesas well as policy failures. {His book} is a polemic whose sincerity and indignation are diminished by a certain stylistic flippancy. In addition, the eagerness to express disgust with the entire Israeli system leads the author to fail, for example, to make a distinction between personal corruption and political party corruption. The result is a volume that indicts without analysis and without remedy. It is also true, however, that such a candid portrayal of Israeli shortcomings is rare.nnFrom The EconomistnBarry Chamish describes himself as an Israeli patriot and war veteran, with no intention of adding to the 'long and ignorant series of Israel bashing by enemies of that country'. He makes no apology for, and appears to support, Israel's position vis-a-vis the Arabs. Yet his book is a ferocious assault onIsrael; not for its foreign policy but for its internal corruption and incompetence. The Israeli people, he says, are decent and caring but exploited by venal politicians and bureaucrats. As a result, those who can afford it are fleeing the country in droves. . . . {The book} is an opinionated and sometimes outrageous whirl through a rogues' gallery of unsavoury politicians, together with potted histories of the more egregious scandals to have rocked the countryin recent years. No area of public life--not even the revered armed forces--emerges without taint.nnFrom David Langsam - New Statesman & SocietynUnfortunately, Chamish's inability to separate fact from fiction and factfrom opinion destroys his book's credibility. He tells readers not to mistake his 'irreverent' style for flippancy, but it is a flippant work. . . . Too many Israelis believe the kind of twaddle that Chamish has woven into his accounts of corruption. They argue in the same way, mixing truth and fiction to suit their case. . . . Chamish shows his real weakness when he ventures on to unfamiliar ground: Arabs in general, Palestinians in particular, and the intifada. . . . He writes like someone whose expectations have not been met. A Canadian who emigrated in 1975, Chamish takes a somewhat hyperbolic approach to theproblems of his adopted country. A more sober account might have been more effective.
Keywords: Israel Politics and government 1948 Israel Economic conditions Israel Social conditions The fall of Israel Chamish Barry
Price: $25.00
Kiernan, Thomas:  Yasser Arafat
Book Number: 26080
London Sphere 25 March, 1976 8vo softcover 223pp good+.
Keywords: Yasser Arafat Kiernan Thomas
Price: $15.00
Elon, Amos.:  Between enemies; a compassionate dialogue between an Israeli and an Arab, by Amos Elon and Sana Hassan.
Book Number: 27801
New York 1974 8vo hardcover 151pp. very good, pastedown on fep. / good d/w.
Keywords: Jewish Arab relations Hassan Sana Between enemies a compassionate dialogue between an Israeli and an Arab by Amos Elon and Sana Hassan Elon Amos
Price: $15.00
Dodwell, Christina:  A Traveller on Horseback: In Eastern Turkey and Iran
Book Number: 32780
New York Walker & Company 1989 8vo hardcover 191pp colour plates, b/w maps. very good, plates bound upside down. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Travel Middle East Iran A Traveller on Horseback In Eastern Turkey and Iran Dodwell Christina
Price: $15.00
Yapp, M.E.:  The Near East Since the First World War
Book Number: 33595
London Longman Group United Kingdom 1991 8vo softcover 526pp index. very good, remainder mark on bottom edge.
Keywords: History Middle East The Near East Since the First World War Yapp M E
Price: $18.00
Azadi, Sousan:  Out of Iran: One woman's escape from the Ayatollahs
Book Number: 35829
London Macdonald 1987 8vo hardcover 327pp. very good, outer page edges browned. / very good d/w.
Keywords: History Asia Out of Iran One woman's escape from the Ayatollahs Azadi Sousan
Price: $12.00
Moore, Robin:  Task Force Dagger : The Hunt for Bin Laden
Book Number: 37309
Pan MacMillan 2004 8vo softcover 456pp colour illus. very good. Recounts America's War on Terror, from the first top-secret meetings of the task force in Tampa on the afternoon of 11 September 2001, through to the liberation of Kabul 62 days later and the tragedies of Operation Anaconda - as seen through the eyes of the Green Berets on the ground.
Keywords: History Middle East General Task Force Dagger The Hunt for Bin Laden Moore Robin
Price: $8.00
Penzer, N. M.:  The Harem. An Account of the Institution as it existed in the palace of the Turkish sultans, with a history of the Grand Seraglio from its foundation to the present time.
Book Number: 37433
Spring Books, London 1967 8vo. hardcover. 277pp. index, b/w illus. very good. / very good d/w.
Keywords: harems sultans turkey middle east history
Price: $25.00
Laden, Carmen Bin:  Veiled Kingdom
Book Number: 37526
Virago Press 2004 8vo softcover 209pp colour illus. very good+.
Keywords: Biographies middle east muslims Osama Al-Qaeda Memoirs Veiled Kingdom Laden Carmen Bin
Price: $6.00

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