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Curle Adam:  Mystics and Militants: A Study of Awareness, Identity and Social Action
Book Number: 21462
London: Tavistock Publications, 1972 8vo. hardcover. 121pp. index. very good. / very good d/w.
Keywords: Mystics Militants A Study Awareness Identity Social Action self awareness perception human behaviour peace violence
Price: $25.00
Skultans, Vieda.:  Madness and morals : ideas on insanity in the nineteenth century
Book Number: 26846
London ; Boston Routledge & Kegan Paul 1975 8vo hardcover 260pp index. very good / very good d/w with faded spine & front top edge.
Keywords: Psychiatry Great Britain History Skultans Vieda Madness and morals ideas on insanity in the nineteenth century Skultans Vieda
Price: $30.00
Sulloway, Frank J:  Freud, Biologist of the Mind: Beyond the Psychoanalytic Legend
Book Number: 27021
Fontana, 1980 8vo softcover 612pp index, b/w illus. very good, page edges browned.
Keywords: Society Politics Philosophy Freud Biologist of the Mind Beyond the Psychoanalytic Legend Sulloway Frank J
Price: $10.00
Sara, Dorothy:  Handwriting Analysis
Book Number: 33647
Castle Books 1983 8vo hardcover 158pp, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w. book & jacket covered in clear adhesive plastic.
Keywords: Health Mind Body Self Help Handwriting Analysis Handwriting Analysis Sara Dorothy
Price: $12.00
Simpson, Diane:  The Analysis of Handwriting: Personality and Character (Miscellaneous)
Book Number: 33696
A & C Black 1985 Small 4to softcover 144pp index, b/w illus. very good. Covered in clear adhesive plastic.
Keywords: Health Mind Body Self Help Handwriting Analysis The Analysis of Handwriting Personality and Character (Miscellaneous) Simpson Diane
Price: $10.00
Re:Public. (editor):  Planet Diana : cultural studies and global mourning.
Book Number: 37511
University of Western Sydney 1997 8vo softcover 163pp index. very good.
Keywords: global mourning Planet Diana cultural studies and global mourning No Author
Price: $18.00
Carroll, John:  Break-out from the Crystal Palace: The anarcho-psychological critique; Stirner, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky
Book Number: 40600
Routledge & K. Paul 1974 8vo hardcover 188pp index, b/w illus. good, underlining / very good d/w.
Keywords: Break out from the Crystal Palace The anarcho psychological critique Stirner Nietzsche Dostoevsky Carroll John
Price: $25.00
Lloyd, Lyle E. (editor):  Communication Assessment and Intervention Strategies
Book Number: 41865
University Park Press 1976 8vo hardcover 904pp index. very good, owner's details on fep / good d/w.
Keywords: Communication Assessment Intervention Strategies
Price: $18.00
Newton, Michael:  Savage Girls and Wild Boys: A History of Feral Children
Book Number: 42308
Faber & Faber 2002 8vo hardcover 284pp index, b/w illus. very good+ / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: politics children child abuse
Price: $10.00
Fletcher, Alan:  The Art of Looking Sideways
Book Number: 42711
Phiadon 2003 4to. laminated boards, hardcover. 534pp. colour & b/w illus. very good, cover slightly sunned. The Art of Looking Sideways is a primer in visual intelligence, an exploration of the workings of the eye, the hand, the brain and the imagination. An inexhaustible mine of anecdoted, quotations, images, curious facts and useless information, oddities, serious science, jokes, memories all concerned with the interplay between verbal and visual, and the limitless resources of the human mind.
Keywords: art design graphic illusions philosophy signs symbols esoteric new age mysteries advertising humour language
Price: $28.00

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