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Poole, Keith B.:  Ghosts of Wessex
Book Number: 24974
Newton Abbot ; North Pomfret, Vt. David & Charles 1976 8vo hardcover 127pp very good.
Keywords: Ghosts England Wessex. Ghosts of Wessex Poole Keith B.
Price: $10.00

Ward, C.A.:  The Oracles of Nostradamus
Book Number: 26739
Dorset 1986. 8vo hardcover 375pp index. very good / good d/w with faded spine.
Keywords: Mind Body Spirit History The Oracles of Nostradamus Ward C A future predicting prediction
Price: $12.00

Wizard of New Zealand staff:  My Life as a Miracle: The Wizard of New Zealand
Book Number: 27208
Canterbury University Press January 1998 4to softcover 168pp colour & b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: My Life as a Miracle The Wizard of New Zealand Wizard of New Zealand staff
Price: $18.00

Schwaller de Lubicz, Isha:  Her-Bak. Volume 1
Book Number: 28695
Baltimore Penguin Books 1972 8vo softcover 466pp b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: Her Bak
Price: $8.00

Jain, Thru:  The Book of Harmony Squares Volume One
Book Number: 30693
Byron Bay, Jain 1990 Folio. softcover. 160pp. illus. very good,cover edges faded and rubed in a couple of spots, front corners bumped. Limited edition of 1000 copies, this copy 370. Signed by author.
Keywords: harmony squares religion spiritual
Price: $55.00

Lewis, James R.:  Seeking the Light: Uncovering the Truth About the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and Its Founder John-Roger
Book Number: 31442
Los Angeles, Mandeville Press 1998 8vo hardcover 237pp, b/w illus. very good+ / very good+ d/w. Lewis' case study of MSIA is pioneering a maturing phase of the study of New Religious Movements. By combining insights from a generation of studies by sociologists historians and comparative religion scholars he has produced a thorough and balanced study of an important new religion though one little known apart from the several public controversies in which it has been involved nnBook DescriptionnSince the popular media tends to deal with sensationalism and sound bites there has never been any follow up to the allegations about the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MISA) and what repercussions they had on the organization and its students. It was enough for them to lay the body bare make the incision then turn to their next item of interest without really examining what had been revealed. In researcher and expert in nontraditional religions James R. Lewis explores MSIA from the inside out. His comprehensive study looks at MSIA under a microscope examines the religious and spiritual heritage of MSIA and presents from an expert's viewpoint the truth about this so-called controversial movement. He examines its roots its history its activities its leaders and its members-current and past.
Keywords: Religion Spirituality New Age General Seeking the Light Uncovering the Truth About the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and Its Founder John Roger Lewis James R
Price: $15.00

McCool, Claire.:  The oracle of the bones
Book Number: 31903
East Roseville, N.S.W. Simon and Schuster Australia 1994 8vo softcover 128pp index, b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: Oracle bones Divination Handbooks manuals etc The oracle of the bones McCool Claire
Price: $8.00

Lip:  Chinese Geomancy
Book Number: 32142
Times Books 1991 8vo laminated boards hardcover 124pp colour & b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: Fortune telling divination Chinese Geomancy Lip
Price: $15.00

Poinc, Eugene:  Imagination: The Illusions of Eugene Poinc
Book Number: 34822
Micky Hades Publications, 1981. 4to softcover 101pp, b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: illusions magic spiritual
Price: $28.00

Thomas, William:  Book of Talismans
Book Number: 34989
Bracken Books 1993 8vo hardcover 292pp index, b/w illus. Fine / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: Occultism Book of Talismans Thomas William
Price: $12.00

Skinner, Stephen:  Millennium Prophecies. Predictions for the year 2000 and beyond
Book Number: 35367
The Book Company 1994 4to hardcover 160pp index, illus. very good+ / very good+ d/w.
Keywords: illennium Prophecies. Predictions for the year 2000 and beyond
Price: $18.00

David Christie-Murray:  Reincarnation - Ancient Beliefs and Modern Evidence
Book Number: 35419
Prism Press 1988 8vo. paperback. 287pp. Index. Po name on feb. good.
Keywords: Reincarnation
Price: $12.00

Karlsen, Carol F.:  The Devil in the Shape of a Woman: Witchcraft in Colonial New England
Book Number: 36992
New York W W Norton & Co Inc 1987 8vo hardcover 360pp index. very good / very good d/w.
Keywords: Health Mind Body Psychology Counseling The Devil in the Shape of a Woman Witchcraft in Colonial New England Karlsen Carol F
Price: $18.00

West, Peter:  Graphology
Book Number: 40257
Element 1999 8vo. Pictorial boards in d/w. Very good.
Keywords: handwriting analysis
Price: $6.00

Mason, Keith:  Medicine for the Twenty-First Century: The Key to Healing With Vibrational Medicine
Book Number: 41296
Element Books July 1992 8vo softcover 180pp very good.
Keywords: Medicine for the Twenty First Century The Key to Healing With Vibrational Medicine Mason Keith
Price: $15.00

Hale, Gill:  The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui
Book Number: 41688
London. Anness 1999 4to. softcover. 256pp. index. colour illus. very good
Keywords: Feng Shui chinese china eastern home house energy
Price: $10.00

Creme, Benjamin:  Maitreya's Mission Volume Two
Book Number: 44093
Share International Fdn September 1994 8vo softcover 753pp Very good+. This inspiring and heart-warming book offers new hope and guidance to a suffering world on the threshold of a golden age. It presents the teachings of Maitreya--the Christ and World Teacher for this age--on both outer (worldly) and inner (spiritual) levels, His uniquely accurate forecasts of world events, and His miraculous appearances to people throughout the world. It also contains a series of interviews with the Master of Wisdom whom author Benjamin Creme has been associated for more than 40 years. These interviews throw new light on some of the greatest problems facing humanity. More insightful information is offered on such diverse topics as the growth of consciousness, psychology, nuclear weapons, the environment, AIDS, the stock market, and science and technology in the New Age. Transcripts of Creme's lectures on
Keywords: oprah book club relationships louise hay healing dating exercise dating advice new age love spirituality Maitreya's Mission Creme Benjamin
Price: $18.00

Fontbrune, Jean-Charles De:  Nostradamus. Countdown To Apocalypse
Book Number: 44142
Hutchinson 1983 8vo hardcover 453pp index, b/w illus. very good. / Very good d/w. Four hundred years ago, the prophet Nostradamus wrote his famous predictions. Ever since that time, people have tried to decode his meanings-usually with little success. Too often the true significance of Nostradamus is discerned only after the fact when we can observe a correlation between prophesy and event. Bardo Kidogo has cracked the code. the result is a breakthrough-and it could not have happened at a better time. the predictions of Nostradamus can bring clarity to the choices we make as individuals and as part of all humankind.
Keywords: Nostradamus Countdown To Apocalypse Fontbrune Jean Charles De
Price: $12.00

Lorie, Peter:  Nostradamus The Millenium & Beyond. The Prophecies to 2016.
Book Number: 45183
Simon & Schuster 1993 Large square 8vo. hardcover. 224pp. colour illus. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Keywords: Prophecies future telling predict predicting prediction Nostradamus
Price: $15.00

Landry, Dale A.:  Seth Creative Expression
Book Number: 45205
3rd Eye Publishing October 2000 8vo softcover 147pp very good. Inscriptions on dedication page.
Keywords: Creative Expression Landry Dale A
Price: $10.00

Greenwood, Susan:  Contemporary Magic and Witchcraft
Book Number: 46101
Southwater June 25, 2003 4to softcover 96pp near fine. Index. Illustrated throughout with colour photographs. A Comprehensive examination of modern Western Magic. Charts the development of modern magic and witchcraft. Shows how ancient mythologies such as Atlantis, The Norse Legends, the Arthurian legacy and Egyptian cults inspired today's modern magical societies. Examines the influence of prominent magicians, including Crowley, Fortune, Gardner, Valiente, Sanders and Buckland. Analyses the position magic holds within our modern society, and how it can help us to understand more about our cultural inheritance.
Keywords: Contemporary Magic and Witchcraft Greenwood Susan
Price: $18.00

Branden, Victoria:  Understanding Ghosts
Book Number: 46133
Littlehampton Book Services Ltd January 1980 8vo softcover 160pp very good. Understanding Ghosts is the layman's guide to psychokinesis, doppelgangers, poltergeists, apparitions and other phenomena. The author's belief is that all phenomena stem from our own bodies and minds and that psychic powers are entirely natural and very common, and only vary in degree from person to person.
Keywords: Understanding Ghosts Branden Victoria
Price: $10.00

Storr, Will:  Will Storr Versus the Supernatural
Book Number: 46382
Ebury Press 2006 8vo softcover 311pp. very good+.
Keywords: ghosts Supernatural Storr Will
Price: $12.00

Blofeld, John:  I Ching [ILLUSTRATED] The Book of Change
Book Number: 47908
Allen & Unwin November 1968 second edition. 8vo softcover 228pp good. Book of Chinese wisdom, used as a living oracle.
Keywords: I Ching [ILLUSTRATED] Blofeld John
Price: $8.00

Joshi, Kireet and Matthijs Cornelissen (eds.):  Consciousness, Indian Psychology and Yoga (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization: Volume XI, Part 3)
Book Number: 48526
entre for Studies in Civilizations, New Delhi 2004 4to. hardcover. 495pp. index. Very good, four pages have highlighting, smal stain on outer page edges. / Very good d/w.
Keywords: Philosophy Culture Indian Civilization yoga eastern religion
Price: $18.00

Cheung, S. T.:  Man Mo Temple: Fortune stick predictions
Book Number: 50302
Board of Directors, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, [Hong Kong], 1982. Large 8vo. hardcover. 114pp. very good. / very good d/w.
Keywords: sayings chinese furtune telling predctions philosophy
Price: $18.00

Yeffeth, Glenn (Editor):  Navigating The Golden Compass: Religion, Science And Daemonology In His Dark Materials
Book Number: 51399
Benbella Books 2004 8vo softcover 185pp near fine. A critical investigation of Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials Trilogy", and the insights it offers to today's world. A UK and American best-seller as well as the basis for a major film to be released in 2007, "His Dark Materials" trilogy is an unusual sort of young adult series: one that appeals to adults as much as (if not more than) to their children thanks to its richly imagined world, rigorously explored cosmology and unflinching confrontation of the modern answers to the Big Questions.
Keywords: his dark materials fantasy Navigating The Golden Compass Religion Science And Daemonology In His Dark Materials Yeffeth Glenn (Editor)
Price: $10.00

Forster, Catherine:  The Blue World. The Hem of his Garment
Book Number: 51551
Hamer, Melbourne 8vo. softcover, blue paper & cloth. 23pp. Very good, cover faded near spine.
Keywords: australian spiritual art travel poetry
Price: $15.00

Kaa, Sri Ram:  2012 Atlantean Revelations: Becoming a Mystic in a 9 to 5 World
Book Number: 54528
TOSA Publishing July 1, 2007 8vo hardcover 326pp very good / very good d/w. From the moment you first see the cover, until the last page of the book, 2012 Atlantean Revelations: Becoming a Mystic in a 9 to 5 World, is a multidimensional, consciousness-shifting, ride of reawakening.
Keywords: New Age 2012 Atlantean Revelations Becoming a Mystic in a 9 to 5 World Kaa Sri Ram
Price: $15.00

Welfare, Simon, Arthur C. Clarke, John Fairley:  Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World
Book Number: 54931
HarperCollins, 1991 4to softcover 217pp index, colour & b/w illus. very good.
Keywords: Religion Spirituality Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World Welfare Simon
Price: $12.00

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