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The Aquarian Guide to African Mythology

Knappert, Jan
The Aquarian Guide to African Mythology
ISBN: 0850308852
Book Number: 29880
Northamptonshire Aquarian Press, 1990 Large 8vo softcover 272pp b/w illus. very good. This modest guide to African Mythology does not pretend to give more than an anthology of myths and mythological figures. There are many myths, legends and fables in the more than one thousand languages of Africa. In some entries a myth or fable is told as an illustration of the mysterious character of some animals, e.g. the frog. The reading list at the end of this book is likewise only a selection. The illustrations too, have been inspired by numerous sources. They represent works of traditional African art, some of them very old, so that in many cases not only the artist and his family, but his entire ethnic group have long since died. These art works are now safely stored in the museums of Europe and elsewhere.
Keywords: Mind Body Spirit The Aquarian Guide to African Mythology Knappert Jan
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