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Designer Beadwork: French Beaded Designs (Designer Beadwork)

Dickt, Donna DeAngelis
Designer Beadwork: French Beaded Designs (Designer Beadwork)
ISBN: 1402716036
Book Number: 35240
Sterling/Chapelle April 1, 2005 4to hardcover 128pp near fine / Very good. d/w. It's amazing that objects so beautiful come from such simple techniques! These French beaded flowers sparkle, shine, and surprise, and yet they're made just by stringing beads on wire and wrapping them around to form stems and petals. Some of these flowers serve as eye-catching ornaments; others are sublimely practical, such as napkin rings and tiebacks. Follow the well-illustrated instructions to craft wildflowers, roses, daisies, tulips, anemones, and hydrangeas. For each one, there's a "What You Need to Know" and "What You Will Learn" box as guidance. The dazzling items include Black Tie Candleholders, Forsythia Urn, Lamp Shade, Tulip Tin, Clay Pot Critters, and Mistletoe Ball. A Selection of the Crafters Choice Book Club.
Keywords: Home Garden Crafts Hobbies Beadwork Designer Beadwork French Beaded Designs (Designer Beadwork) Dickt Donna DeAngelis
Price: $25.00