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The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon

Elkind, David
The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon
ISBN: 0201073978
Book Number: 43632
Perseus Books January 21, 1988 8vo softcover 240pp very good. The Hurried Child dates from 1981 and was revised in 1988; now it appears in a third edition. The basic premise remains the same: parents have pushed their children emotionally and intellectually too far, too fast. Today's parents think of their kids as Superkids, so competent and so mature that they need adults very little. Why? Because parents, who are building careers, blending families, or struggling as single parents, have no time for child rearing. Having a competent Superkid relieves these parents of guilt, but it places too much stress on the children themselves. This new edition is fully revised, with new sections on peer-group parent pressure, i.e., the pressure parents feel to go along with the Superkid image out of fear that their own children will lag behind, and on organized sports, the Internet, and software for infants.
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