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Callum's Cure - Includes DVD

Sykes, Shelley
Callum's Cure - Includes DVD
ISBN: 097752583X
Book Number: 50341
Beautiful Unlimited December 8, 2006 8vo softcover 272pp very good. Signed by Shelly. Illustrated with in-text photo's. This is an autobiographical inspirational story of magic and miracles despite life's set backs. This mum defies the odds of son born blind and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy after being involved in a car crash whilst pregnant. This phoenix rises out of the ashes of a broken marriage relationship, family feuds, financial ruin and still manages to create fun and laughter in a home for a boy that has to go through many surgeries and who now can see and run like his hero Forest Gump. It is a must read book for anyone feeling overwhelmed.
Keywords: Callum's Cure Sykes Shelley Cerebral Palsy
Price: $8.00