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Talking with Margaret Throsby

Throsby, Margaret
Talking with Margaret Throsby
ISBN: 1741756154
Book Number: 50672
Allen & Unwin November 1, 2008 8vo softcover 384pp very good. For more than a decade Margaret Throsby has been talking each morning on ABC-FM to some of the most intelligent and interesting people on earth. These are conversations, not interviews. Unlike TV and newspaper interviews, they are not edited and tidied up-they are live to air and spontaneous. Because the participants are barely aware of their audience, the discussion is intimate and often very revealing. In picking the very best from the last decade, Margaret has chosen people as diverse as Gerry Adams, Oliver Sacks, Michael Leunig, Patricia Routledge, Paul Keating, Maureen Dowd, Jonathan Franzen, and Gretel Killeen, Jane Elliot, Pat Dodson, John le Carre, Bill Henson, Fiona Wood, Chris Patten, David Malouf, Lincoln Hall, Brenda Blethyn, Jeffrey Tate, Pauline Nguyen, Billy Bragg.
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Price: $12.00