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Zuma's Bastard: Encounters With A Desktop Terrorist

Essa, Azad - Foreword by Ferial Haffajee
Zuma's Bastard: Encounters With A Desktop Terrorist
ISBN: 9781920137311
Book Number: 61735
 8vo. Softcover. 173pp. Very good. With writing adapted from and inspired by the Accidental Academic--a provocative thought-leader blog that challenged the assumptions of contemporary South Africa--this book tackles race and religion, provides an alternative take on the enigma of Julius Malema, tosses fresh insight into the Israel-Palestine conflict, and vents the frustrations and fears of the next generation. It is a collection of critical, irreverent and insightful writings from a man who belongs to "the next generation" - the generation of South Africans who have lived their lives largely outside of apartheid in a democratic country. It expresses the frustrations and concerns of this generation. But it also offers up an incredible amount of hope and positivity - it's like a breath of very welcome and long overdue fresh air.
Price: $14.00