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Works of M. de Voltaire translated from the french with notes, historical and critical

Smollet, T.; Francklin, T.; and Others. [Voltaire]
Works of M. de Voltaire translated from the french with notes, historical and critical
Book Number: 64015
Printed for Newbery, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, S. Crowder, T. Davies, J. Coote, G. Kearsley, and B. Collins, London, 1761-1774 38 volume set. 12mo. hardcovers, bound in leather. Gilt title & dec. on spine. Very good condition some rubbing to cover edges, some books have wear to spine ends, some have owner's inscriptions on prelims. Vol.1 & 2: The second edition 1762. Vol.3 & 4: The second edition 1763. Vol.5 & 6: The second edition 1766. Vol.7,8 & 9: The first edition 1761. Vol.10 &11: The first edition 1762. Volume 12: The Dramatic Works Vol.1 first edition 1761. Volume 13: The Dramatic Works Vol.2 first edition 1761. Volume 14: The Dramatic Works Vol.3 first edition 1762. Volume 15: The Dramatic Works Vol.4 first edition 1762. Volume 16: Prose works vol.12 first edition 1762. Volume 17: Prose works vol.13 first edition 1762. Volume 18: The Dramatic Works Vol.5 first edition 1762. Volume 19: Prose works vol.14 first edition 1762. Volume 20: Prose works vol.15 first edition 1762. Volume 21: Prose works vol.16 first edition 1762. Volume 22: Prose works vol.17 first edition 1762. Volume 23: Prose works vol.18 first edition 1762. Volume 24: "The Henriade Canto the First" first edition 1762. Volume 25: The Dramatic Works Vol.6 first edition 1763. Volume 26: Prose works vol.19 first edition 1763. Volume 27: The Dramatic Works Vol.7 first edition 1763. Volume 28: Prose works vol.20 first edition 1763. Volume 29: Prose works vol.21 first edition 1763. Volume 30: Prose works vol.22 first edition 1763. Volume 31: Prose works vol.23 first edition 1764. Volumes 32 & 33: "Miscellaneous Poems", first editions. Volume 34: Prose works vol.24 first edition 1764. Volume 35: Prose works vol.25 first edition 1765. Volume 36: Prose works vol.26 first edition 1769. Volume 37: The Age of Louis XV Vol.1. First edition 1774. Volume 38: The Age of Louis XV Vol.2. First edition 1774.
Keywords: french prose literature drama
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