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Enigmas Celtic

Ly, Maguy; Masson, Nicole; Caudal, Yann; Martin, Pierre
Enigmas Celtic
ISBN: 9781741968217
Book Number: 65813
Murdoch Books. Small 8vo. hardcover, padded illustrated boards, Fine. over a hundred enigmas to solve, as well as logical puzzles, magic squares, brain teasers, riddles and more to wake up, perk up and bend your grey matter. Thrown deep into the fascinating and mysterious world of the Celts, will you, Reader, be capable of foiling the traps of these tricky games and enigmas? There s no magic sickle or druid s potion to help you, rather a (hopefully) alert mind, a little reflection and a lot of cunning will be needed to get to the bottom of these Celtic enigmas.
Keywords: puzzles enigmas logic magic squares brain teasers riddles crosswords
Price: $12.00