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There are 56 books in this catalogue.
John Winston Howard - The Biography
Errington, Wayne; Onselen, Peter Van [John Howard]
Book Number: 60964
ISBN: 9780522853346
Melbourne University Press, 2007. 8vo. hardcover. 458pp. colour illus. Very good+. / Very good+ d/w.
Price: $15.00

Curtin's Gift: Reinterpreting Australia's Greatest Prime Minister
Edwards, John K.
Book Number: 65562
ISBN: 1865087041
Allen & Unwin, Sydney 2005. 8vo. hardcover. 198pp. index, b/w illus. Very good, foxing to page edges. / Very good d/w with faded spine.
Price: $12.00

Phillip Adams the Ideas Man: A Life Revealed
Luker, Philip
Book Number: 65565
ISBN: 9780987073464
Jojo Publishing, Australia 2011, 8vo. softcover. 337pp. index, colour illus. Very good+.
Price: $15.00

Stay on Message: Poetry and truthfulness in political speech
Clark, Tom
Book Number: 65566
ISBN: 9781921875670
Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2012. 8vo. softcover. 146pp. index. Very good.
Price: $25.00

Tales from the Political Trenches
McKew, Maxine
Book Number: 65567
ISBN: 9780522862218
Melbourne University Press 2012. 8vo. softcover. 250pp. b/w illus. Very good.
Price: $10.00

After Words: The Post-Prime Ministerial Speeches
Keating, PJ
Book Number: 63224
ISBN: 9781742377599
Allen & Unwin, 2011. 8vo. hardcover. 628pp. index. Very good. / very good d/w with small tear at bottom of spine(repaired).
Price: $12.00

Abbott, Tony
Book Number: 62369
ISBN: 9780522856064
Melbourne University Press, Carlton, 2009. 8vo. softcover. 206pp. index. Very good.
Price: $10.00

Supreme Federalist: The Political Life of Sir John Downer
Bannon, J. C.
Book Number: 65479
ISBN: 9781862548350
Wakefield Press, Adelaide 2009, 8vo. hardcover. 256pp. index, b/w illus. Very good. / Very good d/w. Inscribed & signed by author.
Price: $15.00

Politics, society, self : occasional writings
Gallop, Geoff
Book Number: 65508
ISBN: 9781742583426
UWA Publishing, 2012. 8vo. softcover. 325pp. Very good, light foxing to edges, cover faded. Owner's inscription on fep.
Price: $25.00

The Dismissal. Where Were You on November 11, 1975?
Nolan, Sybil (editor)
Book Number: 65510
ISBN: 0522851991
Melbourne University Press 2005. First edition. 8vo. softcover. 166pp. Very good, edges toned, small crease on corner of fep.
Price: $25.00

Ashbygate : The Plot to Destroy Australia's Speaker
Jones, Ross
Book Number: 65481
ISBN: 9780994403308
Independant Australia, 2015. 8vo. softcover. 359pp. Very good+. Inscribed & signed by author.
Price: $75.00

King O'Malley
Henderson, Rowan (curator)
Book Number: 65482
ISBN: 9780980784039
Canberra Museum & Gallery, Canberra 2012. 4to. softcover. 64pp. colour & b/w illus. Very good+. Exhibition catalogue.
Price: $15.00

The Truth of the Matter
Whitlam, Gough
Book Number: 65476
ISBN: 0522862165
Melbourne University Press 2005. 8vo. hardcover. 303pp. index. Very good+, light toning to top edge & very light toning to page edges. / Very good+ d/w. Signed by author.
Price: $250.00

Letters to My Daughter
Menzies, Sir Robert. Edited by Henderson, Heather
Book Number: 63308
ISBN: 9781742662497
Pier 9, Murdoch Books, 2011. 8vo. hardcover. 281pp. Fine. / Fine d/w.
Price: $10.00

Watching Brief: Reflections on Human Rights, Law and Justice
Burnside, Julian
Book Number: 65450
ISBN: 9781921372360
Scribe, Melbourne, 2007 8vo. softcover. 310pp. Good+, some foxing.
Price: $12.00

Ratbags and Rabblerousers: A Century of Political Protest, Song and Satire
Fahey, Warren
Book Number: 65452
ISBN: 0868196347
Currency Press, Sydney, 2000. 8vo. softcover. 389pp. index, b/w illus. Very good.
Price: $9.00

The Good, the Bad & the Unlikely
MacCallum, Mungo
Book Number: 65324
ISBN: 9781863955539
Black Inc., Melbourne, 2012 8vo. softcover. 213pp. Very good, some light foxing.
Price: $10.00

The Decisions of the Right Hon. Arthur Wellesley Peel, Speaker of the House of Commons (Jan 27 1887 - Aug 30 1889)
Blackmore, Edwin Gordon.
Book Number: 5946
Adelaide: Government Printer, 1890 8mo. grey cloth hardcover. 131pp. Signed inside front cover ", from the author Dec 1st 1890" . good, cover soiled wear to edges, spine wrinkled. foxing, page 39/40 has small chip & 4 small pen marks. South Australian politics. Scarce
Price: $25.00

Menzies' Child: The Liberal Party of Australia 1944-1994
Henderson, Gerard
Book Number: 57808
ISBN: 1863737472
Allen & Unwin 1994 8vo. softcover. 382pp. index, b/w illus. Very good. Signed by Heather Henderson on fep. / Inscribed & signed by author on title page. Includes CD of Menzies Speech.
Price: $12.00

The Governors Of New South Wales 1788-2010
Clune, David & Ken Turner (editors)
Book Number: 63325
ISBN: 9781862877436
The Federation Press, Sydney, 2009. 8vo. hardcover. 666pp. index, colour & b/w illus. Fine. / Near Fine d/w.
Price: $75.00

Optimism: Reflections on a life of action
Brown, Bob
Book Number: 62706
ISBN: 9781742707662
Hardie Grant Books, Melbourne, 2014. 8vo. hardcover. 373pp. index. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $10.00

Fighting for the Republic. The Ultimate Insiders Account
Turnbull, Malcolm
Book Number: 62708
ISBN: 1864981075
Hardie Grant Books, 1999. 8vo. softcover. 252pp. index, colour illus. Very good, page edges toned, owner's stamp on title page. Scarce.
Price: $200.00

Bob Carr: The Reluctant Leader
Dodkin, Marilyn
Book Number: 62709
ISBN: 0868407577
University of New South Wales Press; 2003, 8vo. softcover. 291pp. index, b/w illus. Very good, page edges toned.
Price: $10.00

Thoughtlines: Reflections of a public man
Carr, Bob
Book Number: 62705
ISBN: 0143001345
Penguin Books 2002 8vo softcover 403pp index, b/w illus. very good, page edges toned.
Price: $10.00

Overacker, Louise
Book Number: 3796
 New Haven, Yale Univ. Press, 1952. Cloth, endpaper map, pp. xiii, 373. Index. Very good/good. D/w has several small tears & small missing pieces, clipped.
Price: $12.00

Axis of Deceit
Wilkie, Andrew
Book Number: 53848
ISBN: 0975076922
Black 2004 8vo softcover 200pp index. very good. How a former intelligence officer became a whistleblower on a collision course with his country's government. On 11 March 2003, Andrew Wilkie resigned from Australia's senior intelligence agency, the Office of National Assessments, in protest over the looming Iraq war. He was the only serving Intelligence Officer from the Coalition of the Willing--the US, UK and Australia--to do so, and his dramatic action was reported throughout the world. In Axis of Deceit, Wilkie offers timely insights into the world of international intelligence and details of his life as a spook, in the lead-up to a controversial and divisive war. Wilkie's pre-war statements have proven remarkably accurate: he was convinced Iraq did not pose a serious enough security threat to justify a war. In particular, he assessed nn* Iraq's military to be weak nn* Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction program to be disjointed and contained nn* no evidence of Iraq's active co-operation with al Quaida Wilkie assesses how the case for war was made in Washington, London and Canberra and explains how the three governments routinely skewed, spun and fabricated the relevant intelligence.
Price: $8.00

Backroom briefings: John Curtin's war
Smith, Frederick T
Book Number: 37095
ISBN: 0642106886
Canberra National Library of Australia 1997 Large 8vo softcover 244pp index, b/w illus. very good. Transcription of Smith's notes of briefings given by Curtin to a select group of Canberra Press Galley journalists covering much of World War II. Includes bibliographical references and index.
Price: $30.00

The road to St. Kilda Pier: George Orwell and the politics of the Australian left
Milner, Andrew
Book Number: 37329
ISBN: 095904860X
Westgate, Stained Wattle Press 1984 8vo softcover 92pp very good. Bibliography: p. 83-90.
Price: $6.00

What Goes Up: Behind the 2007 Election
Stuart, Nicholas
Book Number: 46619
ISBN: 1921215860
Scribe Publications Pty Ltd. September 19, 2008 8vo softcover 288pp very good. The Liberal Government led by John Howard and contested by Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party.
Price: $12.00

Sir Ninian Stephen, a Tribute
McCormack, Timothy L. H.
Book Number: 47967
ISBN: 0522851029
Melbourne University Press/Miegunyah Press 2007 8vo Hardcover in d/w. 320pp fine. Index. Complied in honour of Sir Ninian Stephen, Sir Ninian Stephen: A Tribute is a collection of essays by Australia's most respected legal, political and diplomatic figures. The essays celebrate Sir Ninian's contribution to Australian public life: the High Court, the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the International Criminal Tribunal. Contributors include Hon. Sir Anthony Mason, Professor Geoffrey Lindell, Professor Kim Rubenstein, Doug Laing, Rt Hon. Sir Kenneth Keith, Professor Hilary Charlesworth, Professor Antonio Cassese and Professor Steven Ratner.
Price: $18.00

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