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Iridology : how to discover your own pattern of health and well-being through the eye
Hall, Dorothy (Dorothy Graeme)
Book Number: 65714
ISBN: 0170055582
Nelson Australia 1980 8vo softcover 241pp index, b/w illus. Very good+.
Price: $18.00

Iridology : how to discover your own pattern of health and well-being through the eye
Hall, Dorothy (Dorothy Graeme)
Book Number: 65715
ISBN: 0170055582
Nelson Australia 1986 8vo softcover 241pp index, b/w illus. good, book covered in clear adhesive plastic, some underlining in pencil, top edge of text block foxed.
Price: $12.00

Knots: An Illustrated Practical Guide to the Essential Knot Types and Their Uses
Adamides, Andrew
Book Number: 65716
ISBN: 9781841936482
Arcturus London, 2007. Thin 8vo Laminated boards, hardcover 159pp., b/w illus. Fine.
Price: $12.00

Kundalini Yoga (illustrated)
Sivananda, Sri Swami
Book Number: 65685
Divine Life Society, Rishikesh (Himalayas) 1950 8vo. softcover. 286pp. b/w illus. fair, piece missing from top of spine, covers foxed, first few pages creased on corner.
Price: $15.00

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan. How to Kick the Sugar Habit and Lose Weight
Gillespie, David
Book Number: 65686
ISBN: 9780670074440
Penguin 2010 8vo. softcover. 266pp. index. Very good, very light toning to page edges.
Price: $12.00

The Autism Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know about Diagnosis, Treatment, Coping, and Healing
Exkorn, Karen Siff
Book Number: 65662
ISBN: 9780060859756
Harper 2006. 8vo. softcover. 416pp. index. Very good+.
Price: $25.00

Reader's Digest Family Guide to Alternative Medicine
Reader's Digest
Book Number: 51822
ISBN: 0864382367
Sydney Reader's Digest (Australia) Pty Ltd 1992 4to laminated boards, hardcover 399pp index, colour illus. very good.
Price: $10.00

Health & Survival In The 21st Century
Horne, Ross
Book Number: 65460
Margaret Gee, Sydney, 1992. 8vo softcover 316pp. index. Very good, page edges lightly toned.
Price: $25.00

A Way of Doctoring.
Meares, Ainslie
Book Number: 65057
ISBN: 0855721502
Hill of Content, Melbourne, 1986. 8vo. softcover. 152pp. Very good.
Price: $10.00

The Bates Method for Better Eyesight without Glasses
Bates, W. H.
Book Number: 64709
ISBN: 0805002413
Henry Holt, New York 1981. 8vo. softcover. 199pp. b/w illus. Very good, fep clipped. Includes folding eye chart.
Price: $8.00

Reader's Digest Foods That Harm Foods that Heal - An A-Z guide to safe and healthy eating.
Sanders, Tim (editor)
Book Number: 63764
ISBN: 0864490259
Reader's Digest 1997 4to. Hardcover in very good conditon. Ribbon marker. 400pp. Index and A-Z guide.
Price: $18.00

Foundations of Massage. Second Edition
Stelfox, David, Tuchtan, Vicki, Tuchtan, Charles
Book Number: 63712
ISBN: Churchill Livingston
Churchill Livingstone, 2004. 4to. softcover. 323pp. index, b/w illus. Very good+.
Price: $28.00

T'ai Chi 37 Steps to Happiness Peter Chin
Choy, Kean
Book Number: 63621
ISBN: 1856264017
Kyle Cathie, London 2001. 8vo. softcover. 192pp. index, colour illus. Very good.
Price: $12.00

Adventure in Movement (A New Approach to Physical Traning)
Hughes, Thea Stanley
Book Number: 63602
The Commercial Printing Company, Australia, 1953. 8vo. hardcover. 142pp. Very good. / poor d/w.
Price: $10.00

Rub it in : "Secrets" of Well-Known Cures
J.G.W. (preface)
Book Number: 63565
Melbourne : Barker & Cousins 1916. 8vo. stapled wraps. 16pp. good, some foxing, cover creased.
Price: $35.00

Hatha Yoga: Or The Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being
Ramacharaka, Yogi
Book Number: 63545
Fowler & Company, London. 8vo. hardcover. 255pp. Very good, owner's name on fep.
Price: $15.00

The Wandering Mind: What the Brain Does When You're Not Looking (Paperback)
Corballis, Michael C.
Book Number: 63379
ISBN: 022623861x
University of Chicago Press 2015. 8vo. hardcover. 173pp. index. Fine. / Fine d/w.
Price: $14.00

Keep Your Brain Stronger for Longer
Vojtkofsky, Tonia
Book Number: 63380
ISBN: 9781780722849
Short Books, London 2016 8vo. softcover. 280pp. Fine.
Price: $10.00

Chinese Medicine. The Web That Has No Weaver
Kaptchuk, Ted J.
Book Number: 60711
Rider & Co 1985 8vo softcover 402pp index, b/w illus. very good.
Price: $10.00

Guide to Medicinal Plants
Schauenberg, Paul and Paris, Ferdinand
Book Number: 63052
ISBN: 0879831618
Keats Publishing, USA 1977 8vo. hardcover. 349pp. + colour plates at rear. index, b/w illus. Very good, owner's name on fep. / Very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Potter's New Cyclopedia of Botanical Drugs and Preparations.
Wren, R. C.
Book Number: 63022
ISBN: 0850320097
Health Science Press, UK 1980 8vo. hardcover. 400pp. b/w illus. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $25.00

Healing Reiki: Reunite Mind Body and Spirit with Healing Energy
McKenzie, Eleanor
Book Number: 62901
ISBN: 0600595285
Hamlyn, London, 1998. 4to. hardcover. 128pp. index, colour illus. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Natural Home Pharmacy: A Concise Reference Guide to Natural Therapies and Self-help Treatments for You and Your Family
Scott, Keith & Linda
Book Number: 62907
ISBN: 1840673397
Caxton Editions, UK 2002. 4to. hardcover. 144pp. index, colour illus. Fine. / Very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

The Essential Guide to Natural Remedies
Ody, Penelope
Book Number: 62908
St. Leonards, N.S.W. Dorling Kindersley 1993 Small 4to, hardcover 256pp index, colour illus. very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

Massage : The Ultimate Illustrated Guide
Maxwell-Hudson, Clare
Book Number: 62910
ISBN: 0751306649
Dorling Kindersley, 1999. 4to. laminated boards, hardcover.168pp. index, colour illus. Near Fine. / Very good d/w.
Price: $18.00

Diet for Dancers: A Complete Guide to Nutrition and Weight Control
Chmelar, Robin D.
Book Number: 50978
ISBN: 0916622894
Princeton Book Company / Dance Horizons November 1, 2002 8vo softcover 164pp very good, front cover creased. The first diet book based on research with dancers, this guide provides information about proper dietary procedures that will enable people to reach and/or maintain their optimal body weight for dancing. Areas discussed include weight control, individual differences in metabolism, and body composition.
Price: $8.00

The Candida Albicans Yeast-Free Cookbook: How Good Nutrition Can Help Fight the Epidemic of Yeast-Related Diseases
Connolly, Pat
Book Number: 57519
ISBN: 0658002929
Keats 2000 - Second Edition 8vo. Softcover. 229pp. Very good. Includes questionnaire, 150 recipes, meal plans.
Price: $15.00

The New Yoga for People over 50
Francina, Suza
Book Number: 62657
ISBN: 1558744533
Health Communications Inc. USa 1997 8vo. softcover. 286pp. index, b/w illus. Very good.
Price: $12.00

The Clinical Medicine Guide: A Holistic Perspective
Gascoigne, Stephen
Book Number: 59988
ISBN: 0952218933
Jigme Press, Ireland 2001. 4to. softcover. 451pp. index, b/w illus. Very good, owner's signature on fep.
Price: $75.00

Fabulously Fit Forever
Zane, Frank
Book Number: 55513
ISBN: 1560251379
United States, Thunder's Mouth Press,1975 8vo softcover 334pp, b/w illus. very good. Fabulously Fit Forever Expanded (revised 2nd edition) is a detailed instructional exercise guide for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. But it is more than a book about lifting weights, stretching, and aerobics. Frank gives intimate details of his personal struggles which led him to the pinnacle of competitive bodybuilding and then beyond it into an exploration of mind/body interaction. You will learn how to use motivation, stress reduction, visualization, and deep relaxation techniques along with sensible nutrition to slow down the aging process, improve sleep, prevent and heal injuries, and enhance sexuality.
Price: $22.00

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