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The Classic Civil Aircraft Guide
Donald, David
Book Number: 31730
ISBN: 185605487X
Blitz Editions 1999 4to hardcover 111pp colour illus. very good, spine slanted / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Forever Farnborough: Flying the Limits 1904-1996
Cooper, Peter
Book Number: 43574
ISBN: 0951989936
Hikoki Publications 1996 4to softcover 174pp colour & b/w illus. very good, very light crease to top corner. From the early pioneering of aircraft to new technology in the missile age, hundreds of photographs tell the story of testing and development at Farnborough, the UK's center for aeronautical research. Topics include WWI-era, immortal aircraft types S.E.5a and F.E.2; groundbreaking experiments in the '20s and '30s; top-secret testing of WWII technology, both RAF and Luftwaffe; developments in the early jet era and the missile age; and the future of this legendary airfield.
Price: $35.00

FLYING THE ROYAL MAIL. The History of Australia's Airlines
BRIMSON, Samuel.
Book Number: 46296
ISBN: 0949825050
Dreamweaver Books. Sydney. 1986 reprint 4to. hardcover. 224pp. index, b/w illus. Good+, foxing to endpapers& outer page edgesd. / Very good d/w. The story of Australia's airlines together with some New Guinea services.
Price: $18.00

Jane`s Encyclopedia Of Aviation
Taylor,Michael J.H.(editor)
Book Number: 47350
ISBN: 1851703241
London: Studio Editions, 1993, 4to. hardcover. 964pp. + index. Colour & b/w illus. Good+ solid copy, outer page edges browned. / Good+ d/w with a few small tears.
Price: $35.00

Flight: The Five Ages of Aviation
Blake, John
Book Number: 47467
ISBN: 1856480577
PRC 1991 Folio hardcover in d/w. 151pp near fine copy in very good d/w. color/bw illustrations painted by the Guild of Aviation Artists. index. Foreword by HRH The Duke of York.
Price: $18.00

Round the Clock, The Experience of the Allied Bomber Crews who flew by Day & by Night from England in WWII
Kaplan, Philip & Currie, Jack
Book Number: 47473
ISBN: 0304345032
Cassell 1994 Square 4to. softcover. 234pp. indexcolour & b/w illus. Very good, bottom corner of cover and first few pages creased at tip, foxing to endpapers.
Price: $18.00

Lancaster at War
Garbett, Mike and Brian Goulding
Book Number: 47515
ISBN: 0711002258
London Ian Allan 1985 4to. hardcover. 144pp. b/w illus. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $18.00

Deighton, Len and Arnold Schwartzman
Book Number: 47535
ISBN: 022401384X
Jonathan Cape Ltd October 12, 1978 Oblong 4to hardcover in d/w. 72pp very good. An inspection of the Airship, its transatlantic flights, many years before airplanes could do the same.
Price: $15.00

Aces and Aircraft of World War 1
Campbell, Christopher
Book Number: 50422
ISBN: 0713709545
Blandford Press, Dorset, UK, 1981 4to. hardcover. 144pp. index, colour & b/w illus. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $18.00

Fighter and Bomber: Squadrons at War
Brookes, Andrew
Book Number: 55223
ISBN: 1856482464
Promotional Reprint Company, 1996. 4to. hardcover. 270pp. b/w illus. Very good+. / Very good+ d/w.
Price: $18.00

War in the Air 1914-45
Murray, Williamson
Book Number: 55226
ISBN: 0304352233
Cassell, London, 1999. 4to. hardcover. 223pp. index. colour & b/w illus. Very good+, owner's inscriptions on fep. / Very good+ d/w.
Price: $18.00

A Passion for Wings - Aviation and the Western Imagination 1908-1918
Wohl, Robert
Book Number: 56744
ISBN: 0300057784
Yale University Press 1994 4to. Hardcover in d/w. 320pp. Near fine. Index. Illustrations.
Price: $18.00

Hurricane, The Illustrated History
Birtles, Philip J.
Book Number: 56837
ISBN: 1852606045
Patrick Stephens, UK 2001 Small 4to. hardcover. 262pp. index, b/w illus. Very good+. / Very good+ d/w.
Price: $25.00

Meteorology and Flight. A pilot's guide to weather
Bradbury, Tom
Book Number: 57928
ISBN: 071365676x
A & C Black, London 1991. Large 8vo. softcover. 186pp. index, b/w illus. Very good.
Price: $15.00

Scotty Allan : Australia's Flying Scotsman
Allan, G. U. with Elizabeth Shearman
Book Number: 58689
ISBN: 909759022
Clarion, Australia, 1992. Large 8vo. hardcover. 191pp. b/w illus. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

I Still Call Australia Home The Qantas Story 1920 - 2005
Knox, Malcolm
Book Number: 58384
ISBN: 1920683615
Focus Publishing Pty Ltd, Sydney, 2005 4to. hardcover. 175pp. index, colour & b/w illus. Fine. / Fine d/w.
Price: $18.00

The Luck of the Draw: Horses, Spitfires and Kittyhawks
Sly, Edward 'Ted'
Book Number: 60491
ISBN: 1876439874
Australian Military History Publications 2003 8vo. lamionated boards hardcover 184pp index, colour illus. Fine. Signed by author.
Price: $45.00

Wings Across the Sea. The First Ever Complete History of Australian Naval Aviation, From the First World War to the Present
Gillett, Ross
Book Number: 60927
ISBN: 0958797803
Aerospace Publications, Sydney, 1988. 4to. softcover. 162pp. colour & b/w illus. Very good, owner's label on fep.
Price: $18.00

Our Fantastic Planet
Smith, Dick
Book Number: 61353
ISBN: 067084344X
Viking Australian Geographic 1991 Folio hardcover 255pp, colour illus. very good, owner's inscription verso fep. / very good d/w.
Price: $25.00

Walling and Hill
Book Number: 3390
Cambridge, 1942, first edition red cloth, illustrated with line drawings and math examples. 159 pp. Part 1, revisionary work and exercises within syllabus, part 2, exercises and problems of simple rules of algebra, geometry, logarithms, trigonometry, practical application.
Price: $25.00

Solo Woman :Gaby Kennard`s World Flight
Book Number: 6104
Sydney: Bantam Books, 1990 8vo. hardcover. 216pp. b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

The Airman & The Carpenter, the Lindbergh Case and the Framing of Richard Hauptmann
Kennedy, Ludovic
Book Number: 7001
London: Collins, 1985 8vo. hardcover. 438pp. index. + b/w plates. near fine. / Very good+ d/w with faded spine. A very nice copy.
Price: $18.00

No Longer an Island
Gollin, Alfred
Book Number: 24486
Heinemann 15 October, 1984 8vo. hardcover. 478pp. index, very good, owner's name on fep. / good d/w.
Price: $18.00

Airliners since 1946
Munson, Kenneth
Book Number: 24533
London Blandford Press 1967 Small 8vo. hardcover. 173pp. colour illus. very good, / very good d/w.
Price: $10.00

To Be a Pilot
Jerram, Mike
Book Number: 25086
ISBN: 1853102628
Airlife Publishing 30 April, 1991 8vo hardcover laminated boards. 148pp very good. Sets out in straightforward terms to explain the training procedures and licensing requirements for all civilian pilots, including Microlight Pilots Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots and Air Transport (Airline) Pilots, with realistic assessments of the costs involved and, for would-be professionals, the current employmwnt prospects. Those considering a career in military flying will find a guide to recruitment procedures for pilots in the Army, Royal Air Force , and Royal Navy, together with information on the Air Training Corps and University Air Squadrons, through which many youngsters begin their Service flying careers.
Price: $15.00

Skydiving The Art and Science of Sport Parachuting
Sellick, Bud.
Book Number: 25600
New York Prentice Hall Press 1964 8vo hardcover 248pp index, b/w illus. very good, owner's inscription on fep. / very good d/w.
Price: $18.00

Jungle Pilot: The Life and Witness of Nate Saint
Hitt, Russell T.
Book Number: 26394
London Hodder & Stoughton 1960. 8vo. hardcover. 112pp. b/w illus. good. / good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Hang Gliding
Hunt, Martin.
Book Number: 27152
ISBN: 0668042788
New York Arco 1977 4to hardcover 128pp colour & b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

World Aircraft. World War 11-Part 1
Angelucci, Enzo
Book Number: 27310
ISBN: 056200095X
Sampson Low, 1978 8vo hardcover 320pp index, colour illus. very good, owner's name stamped on fep. / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

World Aircraft World War 11-Part 11
Angelucci, Enzo
Book Number: 27311
ISBN: 0562000968
Sampson Low, 1978 8vo hardcover 320pp index, b/w illus. very good, owner's name stamped on fep. / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Hang Gliding Handbook: Fly Like a Bird
Siposs, George C.
Book Number: 27849
ISBN: 0830657762
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics 1975 8vo hardcover 210pp index, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Balloon Tytler
Fergusson, James
Book Number: 28830
London Faber and Faber 1972 8vo. hardcover. 160pp. index. b/w illus. very good. / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Popeye Lucas. Queenstown
Lucas, F.J.
Book Number: 31104
Wellington: A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1969. 8vo. hardcover. 188pp. b/w plates. very good. / good d/w. Signed by author.
Price: $18.00

Electrical and Wireless Equipment of Aircraft
Wybrow, S. G.
Book Number: 31933
Pitman1940 8vo. hardcover, light blue paper covered boards, black cloth spine. 181pp. b/w illus. very good, some foxing to cover, light foxing throughout.
Price: $18.00

Combat Ready: The Making of a Fighter Pilot
Mason, David
Book Number: 34174
ISBN: 0747502595
England Bloomsbury 1991 8vo hardcover 196pp b/w illus. very good, presentation bookplate on fep. / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

The Basics Of... Model Gliders
Gardiner, Chas
Book Number: 34813
ISBN: 185486114X
Nexus 1995 Small 4to softcover 60pp, b/w illus. very good.
Price: $10.00

Dew Line Doctor
Howard, Gareth
Book Number: 35072
London: The Adventures Club, 1962. 8vo. hardcover. 191pp. b/w plates. very good. /very good d/w.
Price: $18.00

White's flight : an Australian pilot's epic escape from Turkish prison camp to Russia's revolution
Brenchley, Fred
Book Number: 35141
ISBN: 1740311000
Milton, Qld. John Wiley & Sons Australia 2004 8vo softcover 252pp index, b/w illus. very good, front top cover corner creased.
Price: $15.00

Baughman's Aviation Dictionary & Reference Guide
Baughman, Harold E.
Book Number: 36278
Aero Publishers, California USA, 1942 8vo. green cloth hardcover. 906pp. index, b/w illus. very good.
Price: $28.00

The Greatest Adventure
Piccard, Bertrand
Book Number: 37413
ISBN: 0747271283
Headline Book Publishing Ltd 1999 8vo hardcover 308pp colour & b/w illus. very good+ / very good+ d/w. The balloonists' own account of the last great feat of endurance and adventure.
Price: $15.00

First Man. The Life of Neil Armstrong
Hansen, James R.
Book Number: 37471
ISBN: 0734291077
Simon & Schuster, 2005 Large 8vo softcover 768pp index, b/w illus. very good+.
Price: $18.00

Famous aircraft of all time
Munson, Kenneth
Book Number: 38356
ISBN: 0713707852
Poole Blandford Press 1976 8vo hardcover 189pp index, colour illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $8.00

Amelia Earhart: The Mystery Solved
Long, Elgen M.
Book Number: 39061
ISBN: 0684860058
New York, NY Simon & Schuster 1999 8vo hardcover 320pp index, b/w illus. very good, revoew copy bookplate on fep / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

A Light History of Hot Air
Doherty, Peter
Book Number: 42678
ISBN: 0522854079
Melbourne University Press 2007 Small 8vo. hardcover. 302pp. index. Fine apart from owner's inscription on fep. / fine d/w.
Price: $14.00

OBSERVER Memoirs of the R.F.C. 1915-1918.
Insall, A. J.
Book Number: 43731
William Kimber, London, 1970 8vo. hardcover. 208pp. index. Good, some foxing. / Fair, chipped d/w.
Price: $18.00

Airliners From 1919 to the Present Day
Book Number: 44372
Peerage 1982 8vo hardcover 352pp colour & b/w illus. very good+ / very good+ d/w.
Price: $15.00

Preserved Aircraft
March, Peter R
Book Number: 44409
ISBN: 0711009937
Ian Allan April 1980 8vo Hardcover in d/w. 160pp very good. This book takes a concise look at the history of aviation in the United Kingdom through the many types of aircraft that have een preserved in museums, collections and in the hands of private individuals.
Price: $15.00

Beyond the Blue Horizon
Frater, Alexander
Book Number: 44517
ISBN: 0140100652
Penguin Putnam trade July 30, 1987 8vo softcover 448pp very good. The romance and excitement of the legendary Imperial Airways Eastbound Empire Service, the world's longest and most adventourous scheduled air route, is relived over fifty years later in this hightly original travel book. Includes Maps of the air routes.
Price: $15.00

ACTION STATIONS 9. Military Airfields Of The Central South And South-East.
Ashworth, Chris
Book Number: 46782
ISBN: 1852603763
Patrick Stephens Limited, Cambridge England, 1990. Updated edition 8vo. hardcover. 329pp. index, b/w illus. very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $45.00

The Source Book of World War Two Aircraft
Emory, John M. G.
Book Number: 47330
ISBN: 071371722X
Blandford Press 1986 8vo hardcover 269pp index. very good, small pen mark on fep. / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

The Air War 1939-1945
Overy, R. J.
Book Number: 47614
ISBN: 0333444965
Papermac 1987 8vo softcover 263pp index, b/w illus. very good, crease on front cover, pages lightly tanned.
Price: $6.00

Hawker One of Aviation`s Greatest Names
Book Number: 47939
Auckland New Zealand: David Bateman Ltd. 1990. 8vo hardcover 232pp index, b/w illus. fine/ very good+ d/w.
Price: $28.00

Up here and down there
Witcomb, Nan.
Book Number: 48985
Brighton, S. Aust. N. Witcomb 1986 Large 8vo hardcover 339pp, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

Alone in the Sky
Batten, Jean
Book Number: 49951
ISBN: 0906393019
Technical Books NZ 1979 8vo. hardcover. 190pp. b/w illus. very good. / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

God 'elp All of Us. Three Great Flights.
Hooper, Meredith
Book Number: 50628
ISBN: 0454010044
Methuen Australia 1986. 1st edition 8vo. hardcover. 104pp. + b/w plates. very good, owner's name on fep. / very good d/w.
Price: $11.00

The Splendid Outcast: The African Stories
Markham, Beryl
Book Number: 54012
ISBN: 0091726042
Hutchinson October 8, 1987 8vo softcover 160pp near fine. Blue cloth with title stamped in red on spine. Tipped on Colour frontis, excellent copy in new condition. Stories from Kenya - Something I remember, The Captain and His Horse, The Splendid Outcast, Brothers are the Same, Appointment in Khartoum, Your Heart Will Tell You, The Transformation, The Quitter. 139pp
Price: $12.00

Billy Hart - Australia's First Licensed Pilot
Phillip Hart-Johnson JP
Book Number: 56516
ISBN: 0646211811
self published by author. 8vo. Softcover. 175pp. slight watermark to end pages, otherwise very good. Australia's greatest pioneer Aviator also known as Parramatta's Flying Dentist. Billy Hart whipped the arse of America's Top Gun aviator in the world's first air race - from Sydney to Parramatta. A memorial was erected in Parramatta Park and proved to the world that an airman down under could fly and beat the world's best.
Price: $14.00

Scotty Allan - Australia's Flying Scotsman
Allan, G. U. with Elizabeth Shearman
Book Number: 56600
ISBN: 0909759022
Clarion 1992 4to. Hardcover in d/w. 192pp. Very good in same d/w. He flew on the first airmail flights from Sydney to Brisbane with Charles Kingsford-Smith and from Sydney to Melbourne with Pat Hall. Following the collapse of ANA in 1931, Allan acted as co-pilot to both Kingsford Smith and Ulm on various long distance flights. In 1933 he flew with Ulm and P.G. Taylor on the record-breaking flight from England to Australia in Faith in Australia. In October 1934 he joined QANTAS on the DH86 service between Brisbane and Singapore, this time flying DH86 aircraft.
Price: $18.00

John Flynn : Of Flying Doctors and Frontier Faith
Rudolph, Ivan
Book Number: 56992
ISBN: 1863715940
Dove, Australia 1996. 8vo. softcover. 244pp. Very good.
Price: $8.00

The Fastest Man Alive. The Personal Life Story of the World-Famous American Rocket Plane Pilot
Everest, Lt. Col. Frank K.
Book Number: 57802
Cassell, London 1958 8vo. hardcover. 204pp. indexb/w illus. Good. / Fair, chiped d/w.
Price: $15.00

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