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Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This - A Biography
Meade, Marion
Book Number: 62811
ISBN: 0434462403
Heinemann, London, 1988. 8vo. hardcover. 460pp. index, b/w illus. Very good. / Very good d/w.
Price: $18.00

J.B. Priestley
Brome, Vincent
Book Number: 62812
ISBN: 024112560X
Hamish Hamilton, London, 1988. 8vo. hardcover. 512pp. index, b/w illus. Very good, owner's inscription on title page. / Very god d/w.
Price: $15.00

When a Crocodile Eats the Sun
Godwin, Peter
Book Number: 62796
ISBN: 0330444263
Picador, London 2006. 8vo softcover 352pp very good, page edges toned. After his father's heart attack in 1984, Peter Godwin began a series of pilgrimages back to Zimbabwe, the land of his birth, from Manhattan, where he now lives. On these frequent visits to check on his elderly parents, he bore witness to Zimbabwe's dramatic spiral downwards into the jaws of violent chaos, presided over by an increasingly enraged dictator. And yet long after their comfortable lifestyle had been shattered and millions were fleeing, his parents refuse to leave, steadfast in their allegiance to the failed state that has been their adopted home for 50 years. Then Godwin discovered a shocking family secret that helped explain their loyalty. Africa was his father's sanctuary from another identity, another world. WHEN A CROCODILE EATS THE SUN is a stirring memoir of the disintegration of a family set against the collapse of a country. But it is also a vivid portrait of the profound strength of the human spirit and the enduring power of love.
Price: $8.00

The Lost One : A Biography of Mary (Perdita) Robinson
Steen, Marguerite
Book Number: 62764
Methuen. London. 1937. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. 259pp. Very good, light foxing to endpapers. / Good, chipped d/w.
Price: $25.00

When the Bough Breaks
Jones, Joanne W.
Book Number: 53637
ISBN: 9781921462221
Finch Publishing, Australia 2011 8vo. softcover. 244pp. Near Fine.
Price: $9.00

Book Number: 60516
ISBN: 9780007197897
Harper Press 2007 8vo hardcover 200pp Very good. / Very good d/w. Examining centuries of myths, half-truths and downright lies, Bryson tries to make sense of the man behind the masterpieces. In a journey through the streets of Shakespeare's time, he brings to life the hubbub of Elizabethan England and a host of characters along the way. Bryson celebrates the glory of Shakespeare's language, his inventiveness gave us hundreds of now indispensable phrases, images and words.
Price: $12.00

Beneath Whose Hand - The Autobiography of R. M. Williams
Williams, R. M. and Olaf Ruhen
Book Number: 62391
ISBN: 0333380878
Macmillan 1984 8vo. Hardcover in d/w. Very good. 202pp. Index. Illustrated. Williams tells his story from being a camel-man in a two man expedition, to selling a saddle to Kidman and the beginnings of his bush clothing enterprise and other life time achievements.
Price: $18.00

The Girl in the Picture: The Remarkable Story of Vietnam's Most Famous Casualty
Chong, Denise
Book Number: 62398
ISBN: 0743207033
Scribner 2001 8vo softcover 392pp very good, page edges browned. One of the most famous photographs of the 20th century was taken in Vietnam by a photographer called Huynh Cong Ut - Nick Ut. It shows a nine-year old girl, Kim Phuc, naked and terribly burned by napalm after South Vietnamese pilots mistakenly bombed an innocent village. The picture went round the world in 24 hours, racking the conscience of the Western powers who supported the US action in Vietnam; it played a considerable part in America's withdrawal from the war and the consequent 'victory' of the Communists, who immediately began using Kim for propaganda purposes. This book is her personal story, recording her battle for survival, suffering 'the most intense pain known to human beings' as her burns were treated - pain which continued as she started studying to be a doctor. But the authorities had other plans, refusing to allow her to continue her studies (though she was encouraged to continue at university to study the greatness of Ho Chi Minh and the Communists' 'final great patriotic victory'). She was called to give interviews to the world press in support of the regime, an 'adviser' always at her side to prompt the right replies. After some years she was sent to Cuba, where her enforced propaganda interviews continued, and where diabetes developed to add to her physical difficulties. She was forced to refuse invitations to North America, for fear she might defect; but after her marriage to Toan (a rather shadowy figure in the story) she managed to escape from their honeymoon in Moscow to Canada, where she has settled - and where, at a rally, she met the pilot who had bombed her, now a Methodist minister; they fell into each others' arms. This is a curious, racking, inspiring and terrible story, told with tact and with great ingenuity in teasing information from a Vietnamese society still bent on concealing much of its recent history.
Price: $9.00

Anton Chekhov. Documents. Photographs
Chekhov, Anton
Book Number: 43985
Russia 1984 4to. brown cloth hardcover. 198pp. b/w illus. Text in Russian ecxept for last section on Memorial Sites which is in English & Russian. Near Fine. / Very good slipcase.
Price: $65.00

The Illustrious Dr. Matheus
MM. Erckmann-Chatrian
Book Number: 41189
Ward Lock Bowden & Co. n.d. The Rainbow Series c. 1880 12mo. Brown decorated cloth. 200pp. Illustrations by Pannemaker,Yon Perrichon and Emile Banyard. The boards are clean and bright, the copy is clean and bright, som of the stiching, the spine webbing and cardboard and glue has sort of disintigrated, otherwise very good. The story of Dr. Matheus and his journey spreading the word on his magnificent work, in sixteen volumes, entitled Palingenesis-Psychologico-Anthropo-Zoology, explaining spontaneous generation, the transformation of bodies, and the peregrination of sould, citing Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Isis and Orisris, Thales of Miletus, Heraclitus, Democritus...
Price: $120.00

High Sobriety: my year without booze
Stark, Jill
Book Number: 59949
ISBN: 9781922070227
Scribe Publications, 2013. 8vo. softcover. 307pp. Very good+.
Price: $12.00

The Diaries of Lord Louis Mountbatten, 1920-1922. Tours with the Prince of Wales
Edited by Philip Ziegler
Book Number: 2228
London: William Collins Sons & Co, (1987). 1st Edition, VG, dj. Mountbatten kept a diary of his tours of Australia, New Zealand, India and Japan with the Prince of Wales., Extensively illustrated with maps and photographs., Photographs & Maps,
Price: $10.00

TED EGAN. An Autobiography - The Paperboy's War
Ted Egan
Book Number: 2375
Kerr Publishing, Balmain. 1993. Excellent copy in same unclipped d/w. First edition. Illustrated with photographs, index.
Price: $12.00

Dog Team & School Desk
Phyllis M. Taylor
Book Number: 42130
London, England: Herbert Jenkins, 1960 First Edition. Hard Cover. Solid white copy with good d/w uncliped. Accepting the invitation of a pen-friend, the author took up the post of English teacher at Aklavik in Alaska, a fur-trading settlement 100 miles inside the Arctic Circle. Blue dress. 160 pages + map + 20 photographs. Good condition book and dust jacket, some wear to bottom edge of book, minor edge wear to dust jacket.
Price: $15.00

Wellington a Personal History
Hibbert, Christopher
Book Number: 48062
ISBN: 0246138157
Harper Collins Publishers April 7, 1997 8vo softcover 460pp index, b/w illus. very good. This single volume study of Wellington's life and times is based on modern research. Wellington achieved fame as a soldier fighting the Mahratta in India. His later brilliant generalship fighting the French in Spain was rewarded by a dukedom and a grant from the house of Commons which would today be worth some £8 million. After his defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo he embarked on his second career as a politician. He was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the army for life, became Prime Minister in 1827 and a byword for High Toryism while presiding over the emancipation of Roman Catholics and the formation of the country's first police force. Unhappily married, he had several mistresses and many intimate friendships with women.
Price: $15.00

Barrie,J.M., Illustrated by Hugh Thomson
Quality Street, A Comedy in Four Acts
Book Number: 32643
U.K: Hodder & Stoughton, 1901 Large 8bo. blue cloth, gilt titles on spine, gilt & stamped dec. on front panel. 198pp. b/w illus. tipped in colour plates with title covers. very good, foxing to endpapers, light foxing throughout.
Price: $95.00

Never a Dull... or Per Ardua Ad Altiora
Ian Esplin
Book Number: 59470
Self Published by Author 1998 8vo. Softcover. Illustrated throughout. Only 70 copies printed. Author lived through two world wars, flu epidemic, the Great Depression, studied at Sydney University, Oxford University, saw the coronation of King George, met the Beatles, became an Air Vice Marshal with the RAF.
Price: $95.00

Charles Perry, Bishop of Melbourne - The Chanlolenges of a Colonial Episcopate, 1847-76
A. de Q. Robin
Book Number: 652
University of Western Australia 1967 Excellent copy with maps on front and back ends, Illustrated with b&w photographs. D/w good.
Price: $10.00

Governor Macquarie and The Case for the Court-house Portrait.
Marjorie Wymark
Book Number: 3163
Hawkesbury Press 1975 wraps. Signed by author. Addendum Tipped in rear. 32pp. Good copy.
Price: $15.00

Life & Limb: the highlights and traumas of Bobby Limb's days in TV and show Biz
Judd, Judy.
Book Number: 3971
 Sydney. Horwitz Grahame. 1987 lge 8to. Soft cover. 140pp. +16pp. B/w plates. Very good+.
Price: $8.00

The Passionate Bibliophile. The story of Walter Stone, Australian bookman extraordinaire.
Stone, Jean
Book Number: 4530
Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1988 8vo. Hardcover. 380pp. Index. B/w illus. Very good , small bookseller pastedown inside front cover. Minor bottom of spine. / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Coming Clean
Kiernan, Ian and Jarratt, Phil
Book Number: 4693
Syandy, Macmillan, 1995. First edition. 8vo. Hard Cover. 237pp. + colour & b/w plates. Very good, minor wear to cornwers, small previous owner's inscription on fep. / very good d/w.
Price: $10.00

Breakfast With Beaverbrook Memoirs of an Independent Woman
Moyal, Ann
Book Number: 5739
Sydney: Hale & Iremonger, 1995 Hard Cover. First Edition. 8vo. 215pp b& w plates Ann Moyal's autobiography covering her life, work and education in England, USA and Australia. University, Griffith University, Independent education.
Price: $12.00

Blind Man's Bluff - Roger's Extraordinary Journey
Ayliffe, John Stephen
Book Number: 23419
Avalon Australia: Halbooks Publishing, 1997 Signed by author on half-title. 8vo. hardcover. 462pp. + b/w plates. near fine. / very good+ d/w.
Price: $25.00

Adam Lindsay Gordon
Hutton, Geoffrey
Book Number: 32477
ISBN: 0571109217
London ; Boston Faber and Faber 1978 8vo hardcover 217pp index. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

Miles Franklin
Barnard, Marjorie
Book Number: 32689
Melbourne.: Hill of Content. 1967 revised & enlarged 8vo. hardcover. 174pp. index, very good+. / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

Sex with Madonna - True Confessions of a Hired Gun in Tinseltown
Phelps, Peter
Book Number: 34434
ISBN: 0330356119
Pan Books 1994 8vo. 225pp. Toned page ends, faded spine, otherwise good.
Price: $15.00

Hal Porter: Man of many parts
Lord, Mary
Book Number: 36179
ISBN: 0091827949
Milsons Point, NSW ; New York Random House Australia 1993 8vo hardcover 330pp index, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $15.00

THE TREES WERE GREEN Memories of Growing Up After the Great War
DRAKE, Mary:
Book Number: 40800
Sydney. Hale & Iremonger. 1984. 8vo. Original cloth in dustwrapper. Illustrated. Author recalls her childhood in Sydney, in particular Mosman and Balmoral.very good, some foxing. / very good d/w/
Price: $8.00

Out of My Mind
Neville, Richard
Book Number: 41020
ISBN: 0140262709
Penguin Books Australia Ltd August 1, 1996 8vo softcover 216pp very good. RUPERT IN ECOTOPIA, Extract from Chapter 42. The rapid rise of Rupert Murdoch, and his affect on planetary culture, is usually greeted with acclaim. The tycoon is seen as a visionary, an electronic equivalent to Alexander the Great. Other visionaries, the ones without inordinate wealth and a media empire, must rely on the power of their ideas to reach a mass audience. In the future, what if opposing champions met face to face, as they once did in ancient Athens? Athens, 335BC: Alex, the most powerful man in the world, asked to be taken to meet a homeless derelict, nicknamed “the Dog”, found sprawled on the steps of the Parthenon. Towering over him, the General asked: “Is there anything I can do for you?” “There is”, snapped the beggar, “Stand out of my sun.” The General retreated, remarking to his companions. “If I was not Alexander the Great, then I would be Diogenes, the Dog.” Diogenes, the famous Cynic, dressed in rags and slept in a clay pot . In reaction to an age of vulgarity and love of wealth, his teachings stressed voluntary simplicity, conveyed by personal example. Sold as a slave, he scolded the powerful, (including Plato, a “sell-out”) and regarded himself the one free man in Athens. It is recorded that these two men - the one who had everything and the one who had nothing - died on the same day.
Price: $8.00

My Steve
Irwin, Terri
Book Number: 43411
ISBN: 0731813332
Simon & Schuster January 2007 8vo softcover 271pp very good. Steve Irwan, Crocodile Hunter, was the man who brought wildlife to the world. Family man, environmentalist, this is the story of the work Terri and Steve carried out together.
Price: $12.00

Bowden, Tim
Book Number: 43869
ISBN: 1741140269
Allen and Unwin 2003 8vo softcover 346pp very good. Illustrated with b&w photo's. Just how the eager young cadet journalist from Tasmania took on the world to become a foreign correspondent in Southeast Asia and North America and one of the ABC's most distinguished television and radio producers.
Price: $12.00

Against the current : the story of Adeline Keating
Hellegers, Joan.
Book Number: 43999
Melbourne Dent 1987 8vo hardcover 233pp, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $10.00

Mary Martin: A Double Life. India 1915-1973
Lewis, Julie
Book Number: 44654
ISBN: 0702227250
University of Queensland Pr 1997 8vo softcover 280pp very good. Signed by author with dedication on title page. Also bookplate with Julie Lewis on half-title. Mary Martin is best known for the bookshops that still bear her name. In postwar Adelaide, her bookshop became a gethering place for inellectuals and radicals attracted by her unconventional views, her warm manner and her freshly brewed coffee. In the 1960's Mary Martin began a new life in India, determined to encourage an intellectual and artistic awareness betwwn Eastern and Western cultures. She worked with Dr Narasimhan among the tribespeople of the Nilgiri Hills while supporting herself and her staff through her international booksilling operation.
Price: $8.00

Ursula: A Voyage of Love and Drama
Naseby, Eileen
Book Number: 45015
Murdoch Books Pty Limited 2006 8vo softcover 288pp very good. This is the true story of a woman who lived through extraordinary times. Its author is the oldest of Ursula's six children. Born in Germany, fleeing to Palestine, Laurens van der Post, Scandal, England and Australia all feature in this moving true story.
Price: $12.00

Searching for Charmian : the daughter Charmian Clift gave away discovers the mother she never knew
Chick, Suzanne
Book Number: 45634
Chippendale, N.S.W. Pan Macmillan 1994 8vo hardcover 361pp index, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w. Includes bibliographical references.
Price: $15.00

Desirelines: An unusual family memoir
Wherrett, Peter
Book Number: 48171
ISBN: 0733609511
Hodder Headline 1998 8vo softcover 324pp b/w illus Very good.
Price: $8.00

The Best Is Yet To Be - The Life Story of Effie Winsome Wallace
Wallace, Effie Winsome
Book Number: 49869
Self Published 1992 8vo. blue printed wraps. Effie Winsome Wallace's life story, and that of her family.
Price: $20.00

A Kick to the Head
Winn, Rhylle
Book Number: 54229
ISBN: 0733613020
Hodder 2000 8vo softcover 240pp very good. At 46 years of age Rhylle thought life was pretty good until he was told he had a brain tumor. This is the story of how his natural optimism and ability to face his fears helped him recover.
Price: $8.00

Out in the Open: An Autobiography
Dutton, Geoffrey
Book Number: 55155
ISBN: 0702228109
Australia Univ of Queensland Press 1994 8vo softcover 528pp index, b/w illus. very good, front cover creased.
Price: $12.00

A Lady in a Thousand: Eliza Davies a biography
Ward, Barbara
Book Number: 58032
ISBN: 064621697X
Self-Published: Fast Books / Wild & Woolley 1994 8vo softcover 128pp good. Illustrated with line drawings and a map. Signed by Author with dedication on half-title. Po name sticker of ffl. This is the story on an indomitable and independent woman who in the 1800's was a pioneer educator in Australia. Eliza Davies, member of the Sturd desert expedition, was a unique adventurous woman whose life and career are recorded in this prize winning biography.
Price: $15.00

Ion Idriess.
Eley, Beverley [Ion Idriess]
Book Number: 60914
ISBN: 1875892087
An Imprint Book, Victoria, Australia, 1995. Large 8vo. softcover. 382pp. index. Very good small bump to bottom front corner, owner's stamp on fep.
Price: $30.00

Spirit of Survival
Sheehy Gail
Book Number: 21190
New York: William Morrow and Co, 1986 First Edition cream cloth spine on cream boards, excellent copy in clipped d/w with a little yellowing at the top and bumped extremes, otherwise good. large 8vo. Story of struggle to survive pol pot's takeover of Cambodia. refugee camps, guilt of survival.
Price: $15.00

JOHN WREN GAMBLER His Life and Times
Book Number: 22280
Melbourne. Hill Of Content. 1976. reprint 8vo. softcover. 259pp. index. Illustrated. good, pages browned Biography of Melbourne gambler, businessman, labour party stalwart of Irish Catholic descent. Frank Hardy based a novel on him
Price: $12.00

Being Jordan, My Autobiography
Katie Price
Book Number: 34565
ISBN: 1844540634
John Blake 2004 4to. Hardcover. Good copy in same d/w - unclipped. Page 3 Model, Brest implants, desire to succeed, Single mother, blind child, Peter Andre.
Price: $15.00

So I Hit Him. Surviving life as an institutionalised alien
Whatham, Mick
Book Number: 61604
ISBN: 9781922132284
Big Sky Publishing, Newport, Australia, 2013 8vo. softcover. 273pp. Very good+.
Price: $12.00

A Venomous Life
Struan Sutherland
Book Number: 2346
Melbourne, Hyland House, 1998. Illustrated wraps. Interesting biography of ground breaking professor, who developed many new science techniques that are still ignored today.
Price: $18.00

Baron Marks of Woolwich: International Entrepreneur, Engineer, Patent Agent and Politician (1856-1938)
Lane, Michael R.
Book Number: 20349
Quiller Press, London. 1986 1st Edition. 8vo., very good in very good dust wrapper, illustrated in black & white, with genealogy. 146pp. Index. George Croydon Marks, Edwar Marks, Dugald Clerk, pioneer, Cliff Railways and Steep incline Tramways, two-stroke internal combustion engine, Thomas Edison, gramaphone and recording industry.
Price: $15.00

The Exile: A Life of Ivy Litvinov
Carswell, John
Book Number: 22350
London Faber & Faber 1983. 8vo. hardcover. 216pp. index. + b/w plates. very good. / very good d/w.
Price: $10.00

Pretty good for a woman : the enigmas of Evelyn Scott
Callard, David Arthur.
Book Number: 29018
ISBN: 0224020390
London Cape 1985 8vo hardcover 202pp index, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w. A portrait of a literary enigma and her generation focuses on her radicalism which extended to almost every strand of American intellectual life in the interwar years.
Price: $8.00

Point Last Seen. A Woman Tracker's Story
Nyala, Hannah
Book Number: 31652
ISBN: 0733605745
Sydney Hodder 1997 8vo softcover 168pp index, b/w illus. very good. Having escaped an abusive marriage, Hannah Nyala and her children were chased by her husband across the country. When her husband abducted the children, Hannah joined a National Park and searched for meaning to her life, using the tracking skills she had
Price: $6.00

Life With Jackie. The personal story of Jacqueline Susan
Mansfield, Irving and Block, Jean Libman
Book Number: 34698
ISBN: 0553050206
Toronto ; New York Bantam Dell Pub Group 1983 8vo hardcover 276pp, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

Another place at the table : a story of shattered childhoods and the healing power of family / Kathy Harrison.
Harrison, Kathryn
Book Number: 35295
ISBN: 174114096X
Crows Nest, N.S.W. Allen & Unwin 2003 8vo softcover 224pp good+.
Price: $11.00

Dorothy: The Memoirs of a Nurse, 1889-1989
Moriarty, Dorothy
Book Number: 35568
ISBN: 0283060026
Sidgwick & Jackson 1989 8vo hardcover 180pp, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w. Dorothy Bishop was born in 1889, just two years after Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee. A hundred years later, she tells her story, of how 'a bit of Victoriana' shocked the expectations and escaped the constraints of her large and unusual family to become a nurse in the London of the First World War and the Cairo of the early twenties. A happy childhood in London and Kent during the Edwardian Golden Age is brought to life in visits to the circus, holidays at the seaside and the eccentric behaviour of the Bishop household. Dorothy's was not a conventional family and the close relationship which existed between her charming but remote mother and Richard Austin Freeman - doctor, artist and celebrated detective novelist - created a strange manage a trois which coloured her childhood. And then came the War. 'Hell' for her three brothers who volunteered for the front, but it set Dorothy free from waiting at home for suitable marriage offers. This is the first book to tell how a training nurse survived in the days before antibiotics and unions: when surgeons baptised babies before operating; when cockroaches in the ward were an everyday hazard; and when nurses worked fourteen-hour days for #8 a year. After qualifying, a brief spell of private nursing left Dorothy disillusioned, until her sense of adventure took her to Cairo - exotic, eye-opening and full of romance. Today, Dorothy Moriarty lives in Camberley in Surrey. She has contributed to the Help the Aged handbook, "Take Care of Yourself" (1988), and has recently broadcast on 'Woman's Hour' and American TV. An annuitant of the Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association, she herself is an example of their motto - 'Independent When Elderly'.
Price: $15.00

Hamlet's Dresser A Memoir
Book Number: 35946
ISBN: 0743231783
Simon & Schuster Australia 2002 8vo softcover 288pp. very good, One library stamp on fep.
Price: $8.00

The Secret of Individuality - Reflected in a Hundred Historical Lives Volume 1
Weiss, Richard
Book Number: 37731
Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1957 8vo. hardcover. 505pp. index, b/w plates. very good. / very good d/w. Volume 1 only.
Price: $15.00

Alias Olympia
Book Number: 38906
ISBN: 0684194171
New York Scribner 1992 8vo hardcover 181pp index, b/w illus. very good / very good d/w.
Price: $12.00

Ann the Word - The story of Ann Lee - Female Messiah - Mother of the Shakers - The Woman clothed with the Sun
Francis, Richard
Book Number: 39200
ISBN: 1857029704
4th Estate 2000 8vo. Paperback. 388pp. Index. remainder stipe at bottom page edges otherwise very good. Ann Lee's transformation from illiterate Mancunian blacksmith's daughter to soveriegn pontiff of a thriving New England sect is one of the more bizarre and fascinating byways of Anglo-American history. These heady days of Shakerism are unlikely to be better depicted than in this book, with its meticulously researched account of the heroic, indomitable, mesmerising, chastity-obsessed and ultimately rather ghastly woman.
Price: $11.00

The Story of Thomas Moore
Farrow, John
Book Number: 39361
Collins 1956 8vo. Red cloth hardcover. 256pp. illlus. good+, owner's name on fep. / no d/w.
Price: $15.00

Dress Codes - of three girlhoods - My Mother's, My Father's and Mine
Howey, Noelle
Book Number: 39665
ISBN: 0312269218
Picador May 2002 First Edition 8vo. Hardcover in very good condition. 332pp. Illustrated end pages. As Noelle copes with a turbulent adolescence, futher confused by the male and felmale role models she had as a girl, her father begins to metamorphose into the loving parent she had always longed for - only now outfitted with pedal pushers and pink lipstick. Could becoming a woman make her father a completely different person?
Price: $12.00

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